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Golden Shepherd

Golden shepherd dog breed

Golden Shepherd is a hybrid breed. It is a cross between the German shepherd and Golden Retriever. Golden shepherd is an also know as a German shepherd Golden Retriever Mix. German shepherd golden retriever mix expected to live between 10 to 14 years and falls into the breed groups herding and sporting.

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History of Golden Shepherd

golden shepherd

golden shepherd@elelur.com

The Golden Shepherd is a mixed breed also known as a hybrid. This hybrid dog is very popular nowadays and in very high demand from people that love both the German shepherd and the Golden Retriever. The Golden Shepherd Was First Seen in 2009

In 1825, Lord Tweed mouth mated his “Yellow” sporting dog to a Tweed spaniel one of the ensuing offspring was mated to a different Tweed spaniel the offspring of that was mated back once more.

It’s reported that a sleuth-hound was another, alongside a sheep dog from an organization of acting Russian circus dogs, with that his Lordship became smitten and acquired. And therefore today’s retriever evolved.

The hope with a Golden Shepherd, is to create a puppy with the alertness, courage and quickness of the German shepherd while getting the retrieving ability and gentle nature of a Golden Retriever. Here is a look at the parent breeds.

The German shepherd

The German shepherd is a strong, athletic and intelligent breed. Known for its loyal, protective, and versatile nature, the German Shepherd is among the most popular dog breeds worldwide, 2nd in the United States and 4th in the United Kingdom. During the first war he worked as a rescuer, guard, sentry, and Red Cross dog and supply carrier.

The Golden Retriever
This is a large-sized breed of dog bred as gun dogs to retrieve shot waterfowl such as ducks and upland game birds during hunting and shooting parties and were named ‘retriever’ because of their ability to retrieve shot game undamaged.

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. The breed’s friendly, tolerant attitude makes him a fabulous family pet, and his intelligence makes him a highly capable working dog.


Different names

golden shepherd dog pictures

golden shepherd dog pictures @pintrest

All names

  • German shepherd Hybrid Dog
  • German shepherd golden retriever mix
  • Golden Retriever

Misspellings: Golden shepherd, Golden Sheppard, Golden Sheppard

Recognized Names

  • Designer Breed Registry- DBR
  • International Designer Canine Registry- IDCR


The German shepherd, Golden Retriever Mix dog isn’t recognized as an official dog breed, it is however, recognized as a designer mixed-breed by the following entities.

  • American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC)
  • International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR)
  • Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA)

Appearance & Characteristics

The Golden Shepherd is a medium sized dog with a German Shepherd body, a head like a Golden Retriever. Golden Shepherd appearance is very good she looks like a German shepherd and Golden Retriever.

Breed basic characteristics

Adult golden mix photo

Adult golden mix photo @Spock The Dog

Country of Origin: Germany
Size: Large: 35-55 lbs
Lifespan: 10 to 14 years
Trainability: Easy to train
Friendliness: good
Coat type:  
Rough, long, dense, or soft and smooth
Exercise Needs: Fairly high
Activity Level: Fairly highly active
Grooming: Moderate to high
Space Requirements: House with Yard
Puppy Price:
  $200 to $500


Height: 20 to 26 inches

Weight: 60 to 85 pounds


The Golden Shepherd is a laid back dog that really loves attention and to be close to his people. They are protected if they sense trouble. They are an active, intelligent dog and fantastic companions for the entire family. The Golden Retriever, German Shepherd mix will enjoy an active family and a good dog.

Size, Proportion, Substance

Size: This cross breeds much like its German shepherd parent, is a fairly large-sized dog that weighs anywhere from 60-80 lbs and is 20-25 inches in height.


Serious Faults:


The golden shepherd head  is a straight back. The ears can flop or stand up at will.

german shepherd and golden retriever

german shepherd and golden retriever @Spock The Dog

Muzzle: The muzzle of the German Shepherd retriever mix is long and strong forming a wedge-shape with firmly fitted lips.
Eyes: The almond-shaped eyes are deep.
Ears: Golden Shepherd has short, droopy ears like the golden retrievers hanging down close to the cheeks.
Teeth: The Golden Shepherd jaws are very strong, containing 42 very strong teeth that meet in scissors bite.

Neck, Topline, Body

Neck: The neck of a German Shepherd is long, clean-cut, strong and muscular free from any loose folds of skin.
Top line: The golden shepherd withers are higher than and sloping to the level back. The back is straight, very strongly developed without sag or roach, and relatively short.
Body: The body of the golden shepherd dog is longer than it is tall, with the most desirable length to height ratio being 10 to 8½.
Serious Faults:


Golden Shepherd Forequarters shoulder blades are long and obliquely angled, laid on flat and not placed forward. The forequarters of the Golden Shepherd are much like that of a German Shepherd with a thick chest.


Golden Shepherd Hindquarters of the thigh, viewed from the side, is broad, with both upper and lower thigh well muscled, forming as nearly as possible a right angle.
Tail: The bushy tail of a German Shepherd mix is set smoothly into the croup with the last vertebra extended past hock joint.


This cross-breed coat is quite long, and the most common colors that come in the coat of this dog are black, cream, yellow, tan, white, golden and blue. The color of a very common coat is as gold as this dog. The Golden Shepherd has golden head and soft wavy coat, the smooth coat meets in different colors

Color and Markings

The golden shepherded is common colors are black, cream, yellow, tan, white, golden and blue.

Gait: Depending on speed, the Golden Shepherd canters like a German Shepherd but does not run flat out often.

Personality and Temperament


This is a very good personality dog breed. This dog is one of the most intelligent dogs, such as his parents, the Golden Retriever and the German Shepherd Dogs. The Golden Retriever is a loving companion and a wonderful family dog.

The Golden shepherd could be a smart family dog also. They’re much more protecting than the Golden. If vulnerable they will be quite aggressive. These dogs are going to be handsome animals with a broad chest and strong legs. Their ears are usually folded down though can pick up when alert.


The German shepherd, Golden Retriever mix may have some of the qualities of German shepherd and some of the Golden Retriever. Both parents of the Golden Shepherd have a good, alert and unique temperament.

This dog loves to play around with young children that are as energetic and full of life as they are, as well as other household pets you may have at home that they will most certainly make immediate friends with. This breed is a very good nature.

golden shepherd black puppy

golden shepherd black puppy @youtube

Activity Requirements

This dog is a very active dog who likes to play in outside places, like her golden retriever parents, especially when it comes to enjoying children and other domestic pets.

Like a Golden retriever, the Golden Shepherd loves to be running but is also content to sit around the house. They have been a popular breed for companion dogs, search and rescue and other working dog jobs.

Behavioral Traits

Separation is a common concern of this breed. They love and want to have friendly relationships and once left alone, they will become depressed or worried, so that they can explain by barking, shouting and destructive chewing.

Proper Body Exercise Your golden shepherd dog will be facilitated before you allow home, and fellow dogs will have prevented anxiety from ever establishing. You should not leave your dog alone for a few hours at a time.


They are an intelligent breed and take good training. They, like all dogs, have obedience training and are well socialized. This very good breed perfect for family and children.

Health & problems

In this topic we will provide the best information about golden shepherd health and the problem. So you can read carefully and enjoy with your lovely golden retriever mix.

The average life span of the golden shepherd is 10 to 14 years. Generally the Golden Shepherd is healthy, but some of the health problems that are common in larger dogs.

This includes hip dysplasia and allergies to fleas and ear mites. If you want to keep your Golden Shepherd healthy, the information given below may help you.

Health Problems of  golden shepherd

Some of the health problems of golden shepherd

In the Golden Shepherd’s case this includes OCD, Von Willebrand’s Disease, epilepsy, cancer, bloat, Degenerative Myelopathy, EPI, joint dysplasia,  allergies, eye problems and hyperthyroidism.

Feeding Plan

golden shpherd cute puppy photo

golden shpherd cute puppy photo @ Holidog Times

Feeding plan is very important for every dog’s health. So you need to give ¾ to 1½ cups of dry dog food, divided into halves, is enough for a day. Choosing a high-quality dog food product for your golden shepherd puppy. The powerful breed the golden shepherd dog needs a diet formulated for large breeds. As an adult, your  dog should be fed 3-4 cups of top quality dry dog food daily

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Living conditions

The Golden Shepherd can live in an apartment, it should be given enough time for exercise. Golden Shepherds are normally inactive and they need a large yard to run. Living conditions are very useful for dog health, although we suggest that it is very necessary to have a warm, cold and windy place to keep the dog.

How to take care

Caring for every dog breed is most important, similarly it is also important for this dog. If you are interested in adopting the golden dog so this is very useful information for you.

You can see here best and useful information  How to take care of pets?


First of all, we will discuss exercise because exercise is most important part of the taking care. This dog needs daily exercise, and running at least 60 minutes per day is beneficial for health. Playing time, jogging or hiking along with its owners is necessary.

This breed is very active and is good for playing ball or staying with family members for hours. To keep this dog from a regular exercise like heart disease, preventing some types of cancer, stroke, arthritis, hip dysplasia etc. It helps.

Grooming & Bruising

The Golden Shepherd coat is long, thick, soft and smooth it means she will need daily brushing to try and keep on top of the loose hairs and to keep her coat looking shiny and healthy.

German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies @German Shepherd Puppies

Dental Health check up

The Golden Shepherd has very good dental health and loves to chew. The Golden Shepherd has very good bones and flexibility. They may be prone to developing small fat tumors.

Love & affection

Love and affection for every dog are important, if you give love and affection to your golden dog, dogs will love you too, and your golden shepherd dog is a member of your family, so give your dear puppy a lot of love and affection. Most importantly, spend time with your dog because your dog needs love and affection.

Give a toy for your dog

The toy is important for dog exercise. In this day there are many different types of toy available in the market so you can give a good toy for your dog and stay healthy.

Feed Healthy food

Feeding healthy meals is the most important in a dog’s life. Feeding your golden shepherd milk as well as a good diet will be so necessary, so feed best and healthy food for your dog. In this day there are many healthy foods are available in the market so you can choose any healthy food for your lovely dog. Because healthy food is the most important for dog health.

Best food for Golden Shepherd


Like the people, Golden Shepherd needs a vaccine. Because vaccination for your pet helps to live a healthy life for a long time. And it is considered to be one of the easiest ways to stay healthy. Puppies are usually vaccinated for 8 and 10 weeks, your young Golden German mix should be given booster for 12 hours after the first vaccination because it is very useful for caring for any pet.

Puppy information

The Golden Shepherd puppy is a mix breed dog with Golden Retriever and German Shepherd influencing its look and personality. The Golden Retriever is a sweet dog, very kind and gentle, and the German Shepherd puppy is fearless and protective.

Puppy Training

Puppy training is a must for the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix. While it does have a mild temperament this dog will perform better if it understands.

Training should consist of the basic commands of sit, stay, and come, but being an intelligent animal you can even add on some other commands. To socialize puppies, take them places with you, and allow them to meet and interact with as many other people and animals as possible, always taking care to keep your puppy safe from negative experiences.

Training crate

crate training golden puppy

crate training golden puppy @Greenfield Puppies

The crate is used for various reasons, giving a puppy or dog a roof. Dogs have an instinctive tendency to keep their girth clean, which means that you can take full advantage of this fact. First of all, understand that crate training is not cruel. In spite of what some people may have told you, breeders and veterinarians recommend using a crate for your dog from a young age. Crate training is most useful for every dog care.

Behavioral training

Behavioral training is very important for any dog. At some point in time all of us dog owners need to administer some dog behavior training. Behavioral training is very helpful for taking care of the dog.

First of all, if you want to train your puppy to Behavioral training so find out some common behavioral issues like barking, aggression, food guarding, howling, mouthing and chewing, separation anxiety, etc and stop this behavioral issues and train your dog easily.

Obedience training

This is a one of the basic and most important trainings for any dog. There are 3 methods of training that you can use with your golden shepherd, all begins with a strong foundation in the core 5 obedience commands: come, sit, stay, heel, down.

Every dog should know these 5 basic obedience commands. Golden shepherd dog puppy in an obedience class as soon as possible, and train your dog thoroughly in basic obedience because obedience training is a most useful for every dog.

Puppy price

Average new Puppy Price $200 to $500
Annual Medical Expense $485 – $600
Average Annual Non-Medical Expense $920 – $1050

Find a dog or puppy

If you are buying a Golden Shepherd puppy then it is important to make sure that you only buy a healthy dog with a respected breeder.

Find golden puppy for sale

Things to consider adopting a golden Shepherd

Health Concerns With Golden Shepherd Puppies and Dogs

Before buying or adopting any Golden Shepherd puppy, there are a few health issues that you need to be aware of. For starters, these dogs live an average of ten years. These dogs commonly experience elbow and hip dysplasia, which may lead to arthritis in the affected joints.

Check environment

Are you interested in adopting golden shepherds so check environment of your home? Because of some of the bad publicity of Golden Shepherds, neighbors may have some concerns regarding your new pet; it may be well to explain your goals for your pet before purchasing one. German Shepherd mix has a tendency to be vocal; be prepared to train your dog when and where it may bark.

Where should the Golden Shepherd adopt for sale

When buying for your new golden shepherd puppy, you typically have 2 choices. You can go to the Native Humane Society or animal shelter, and adopt a puppy, otherwise, you will go to a stock breeder WHO makes a specialty of golden puppies for sale.

About the Humane Society or the animal shelter might prevent some cash within the close to term on low cost or maybe free golden shepherd retriever puppies for adoption, however, if you get or adopt from there.

Golden Shepherd Puppy Price

Golden Shepherd’s price typically ranges from $500 to $800 but can go all the way up to $1500.

Advantages of Dog

  • Great Working Dogs
  • Come In Many Different Types and Colors
  • Great Show Dogs
  • Highly Intelligent And Trainable

Disadvantages of Dog

  • Common Genetic Health Problems
  • Temperament Can Lead To Problems
  • They Require Your Time
  • Big Financial Investment

Photo gallery

Golden shepherd by juno

Golden shepherd by juno
Our german shepherd cross gooden retriever

Golden puppy hd photo

Golden puppy hd photo @pintrest

golden shepherd black puppy

golden shepherd black puppy @youtube

golden shepherd

golden shepherd@elelur.com

puppy hd photo

puppy hd photo @dogtime

If you have a golden shepherd, then we want to share your photos, so upload your lovely dog or puppy photo and we will show your dog photos in our Dog Gallery.

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  3. A golden shepherd entered in my home in may ‘2018, he was three monts old.
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