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Family friendly dogs

There are hundreds of dog breeds and they come in all shapes and sizes – and with different personalities and character traits. But what kind of dog is the right for you and your loved ones? The options range depending on what you’re looking for, what your kids want, and what you want your family’s newest addition to be. And with all the dog breeds out there, choosing the perfect pooch can be challenging. So which one is right for you and your family?

You can see here the top 10 Family Friendly Dogs breeds that are known to be ideal for families.


List of top 10 family-friendly dogs



1. Golden Retriever

Golden retriever

The golden retriever is a confident, smart, Active, energetic and friendly, kind, and loyal dog. Goldens are intelligent, eager to please and love to play and run with children. You’ll often find that the fun-loving golden retriever is affectionate and obedient, as well, meaning your kids will fall in love instantly.

An extremely obedient dog that takes naturally to training, retrievers are loyal and perfect for families. Their rich coats do require plenty of grooming and you better be ready for a near-tireless companion, but if you can handle all that activity, it’s hard to top these dogs for your family.

These dogs aren’t known to be excessive barkers. It’s one of the least destructive dogs and one of the most playful.


2. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever hd image

This is one of the most popular dog breeds and versatile breeds. the Labrador retriever is playful, patient, loving, protective, and reliable. very intelligent but equally comical, the Labrador makes a fun addition to the family with a great sense of humor and adventure.

They are affable dogs that get along well with other animals and pretty much everyone they meet, plus their short coats mean they only really need a weekly combing to keep them clean and healthy.

Labrador retrievers are also easy to train and love to be active. This dog can quickly learn the rules of the household. Labs love to play. Labrador retrievers will play with your kids for hours. they just expect love in return, so be prepared to give out extra belly rubs.


3. Poodle


The poodle also happens to be a very smart and gentle dog. The breed is available in both miniature and standard sizes, meaning you can choose the specific poodle size that best matches your living environment.

Miniature poodles tend to be very high strung and not suitable for families with children. standard poodles are smart and gentle, and are good for children with allergies, as they do not shed as much as other breeds. They’re great for kids with allergies, as they shed very little.

They are a working breed keen to get involved with family activities and their low-shedding coats can actually be quite low maintenance with regular clipping. they are good-natured, and make excellent playmates for children.


4. Irish Setter

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is an active, aristocratic bird dog, rich red in color, playful, energetic, loves being around people, and plays well with children. In fact, this breed loves being with their family so much that they hate to be alone, which means they’re on their best behavior when surrounded by their loved ones.

A better choice for families with yards because of their energy, Irish Setters are wonderful with children, because they are playful and energetic. the Irish Setter is a swift-moving hunter; at home, a sweet-natured, trainable companion.


5. Vizsla


Its need for regular exercise, it’s actually one best dog breeds for active and energetic families with older kids. The breed is also obedient, confident and smart, forming close bonds with family and able to learn new tricks quickly.

The Vizsla is considered an excellent option for families with young kids. Loyal and loving, they’re also smart and obedient. Also, its short coat makes it relatively low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. It does require a lot of exercises not a problem if you have energetic children. If you want to teach your children by teaching them to train dogs, then this breed is a good choice.


6. Newfoundland


Another one most family-friendly dog breed is the Newfoundland. The Newfoundland is considered one of the most intelligent breeds in the world, and they just happen to love children and are very protective of them. Basically, they are gigantic, loveable furballs who desire nothing more than to keep watch on their pack members.

The Newfoundland is also a great swimmer and has been known to save lives in emergency situations. They are easily trained and are quite task-oriented, so don’t be afraid to provide them with stimulation that requires a little further work on their part.

This dog would love nothing more than to pull around the kiddos in a sled on the snow. while they can drool and shed a lot, and suit a family with large open spaces, they will also tend to wind up wherever the family is.


7. Collie

Border Collie

Collies get along great with children and love to please their owners and protect their family. they are strong, loyal, affectionate, responsive and fast. The rough-coated collie has a beautiful long coat. These elegant dogs are legendary for their herding and protecting abilities.

The breed requires regular grooming to keep its coat in tip-top shape. A sensitive and intelligent breed, Collies are both gentle and stubborn, so keep obedience training in mind.

They will play with your kids, but also protect them. If you’re looking for a dog that will interact with your family and be affectionate, a Collie may not be the best choice.


8. Beagle

beagle temprament

Beagles are sturdy, energetic, smart, friendly and mostly child-proof, and your kids will wear out before they do. The Beagle’s small size and calm temperament make him a great choice for families, and if your kids. Smart, friendly, and happy, the beagle usually gets along with other pets, too.

Beagles are a sturdy breed that loves to rough and tumble, with endless energy for play time. They also make good nannies that can help you herd the young ones at bedtime, and have endearingly humorous habits, like howling, which can be very amusing in small doses.

They were bred to hunt in packs, so they enjoy the company of other dogs and of people as well. Beagles love to follow their noses, which can sometimes get them into sticky situations.

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9. Bulldog

Victorian Bulldogs Male

Photo By: lee hetherington

The Bull Dog has a sturdy build that is perfect for kids who like to roughhouse. they can take anything that rambunctious kids throw at them, while they’re not very energetic.

A docile, friendly, and loyal dog, the Bull Dog gets along well with other pets and dogs, too. Their smaller size makes them suitable for both large houses and small apartments, as well.

This is a gentle creature that wants to be loved and loves to be around the family. They’re independent pets that require plenty of grooming but are also known for forming close bonds with kids and being protective of their families.

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10. Pug


Pugs are ideal for families with children, as they are generally patient with children and love to play games. They are recognized for their even-tempers, playful personalities, and their outgoing, loving dispositions. A popular companion dog, the pug also excels in the show ring.

Pugs are best suited to people who have a lot of time and love to give as the breed thrives on human affection. Pugs are exuberant, alert and show great affection for their owners and everyone else!

The pug is as friendly as friendly could be. With tongue lolling, she would greet an intruder, show them where the safe was and roll over for a good belly scratch.

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