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Top 10 Benefits Of Having A Pug dog


The pug is a small size, short-muzzled face, and curled tail dog breeds. The coat is fine, smooth, soft, short and glossy, neither hard nor woolly. The Pug dog breed is also known by Chinese Pug, Dutch Bulldog, Dutch Mastiff, Mopsi, Mops, Carlin, Doguillo etc.

If you still want to purchase a puppy from a breeder, you will have to do more research. Here we provide the top 12 benefits of having a pug dog to get a pug dog.

Here is a list of Top 12 Benefits Of Having A Pug dog

1). Funny Personality

Funny pug photo

If you want a tiny size funny dog, thus pug dog could be a nice selection for you. Pug dog could be a dignified and calm dog that’s amiable and funny. The little noses and flat-faced pugs do have a history of constructing strange noises. It is often a most significant good thing about the pug dog that makes dog smart and funny temperament dog.

2). Good temperament

New pug photo

Pugs have an endearing appearance; they are prone to very comical expressions and an even temperament. The Pug is an energetic, fun-loving breed, with loads of personality packed into a small package. This dog is an attention seeker and rarely barks unless provoked or startled. Its friendly personality makes it a perfect choice for people with kids since it’s not an aggressive dog. It is a benefit for pug dog lovers.

3). Friendly with other pets

Pug pet friendly

If you are looking family-friendly and very faithful dog so this dog is very friendly with other pets. The pug is a polite dog that is friendly to other pets in the home, like cats. He is a perfect dog for singles or a family who can offer an inside environment with daily outside bursts of activity.

4). Highly Intelligent dog


Pugs are bred as toy dogs or companion dogs who thrive on attention and love to be around people. A pug is one of the most intelligent dogs due to its charming and comical expressions, making it a popular pet.

5). Good for apartment life


The pug dog is one of the most popular small size dogs. They don’t need a lot of room to run, and they love to cuddle. They are perfect apartment dogs. So if you are looking for one of the best apartment life dogs for you and your family, then after pug is the right choice for you.

6). Excellent Pet


This snorting, wrinkly-faced little character with a cinnamon-roll tail is one of my favorite toy dog breeds. This Dog is one of the best Excellent pets. This breed is an ideal pet and family dog due to its adventurous nature and fun personality that makes it lovable for both young and old.

7). Live long life


Pug dogs are generally live a long life, On average, Pugs live about 12 years, but they have been known to live well beyond their average lifespan with proper care and nutrition.

8). Ideal for families with children


Pugs are ideal for families with children, as they are generally patient with children and love to play games. Pugs are best suited to people who have a lot of time and love to give as the breed thrives on human affection. They are great around children but can be strong-willed and thus difficult to train if you don’t have a lot of experience handling dogs.

9). Healthy dog breed


The Pug has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Like all breeds, a pug may be some health issues, like hip dysplasia, eye disease, patellar luxation, and Pug dog encephalitis but generally healthy breeds. So if you are looking for healthy dog breeds, there is the best choice for you.

10). Gentle And Passive Dog

English Bulldog + Pug

Pugs are among the most gentle and passive of all breeds. They will tolerate a child’s prodding, are not known to nip or bite and are quite protective of the family and home.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Benefits Of Having A Pug dog”

  1. Most of them are true, but 2 are totally FALSE.
    Pugs have NOT good health, all the opposite, they suffer from damage in the eyes, skin and specially breathing problems. Also, even though I LOVE pugs they are definitely not smart dogs, but I guess their cuteness make up for that.

  2. I have to agree with Annie and I will add that pugs will eat like a gold fish. Most of the adult Pugs I seen are over weight and that makes them prone to becoming diabetic. They may eat anything they find on the ground outside. My Pug made herself sick a couple of times. They are also big shedders. If having dog hair all over your house, apartment, or car seat bothers you, maybe you don’t want a Pug. If you travel in a motor home, these are great dogs. They are wonderful travelers. Our little girl passed away last night and I wouldn’t hesitate to get another. They just steal your heart and most everyone that meet them.

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