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Finding the Best Toys for Beagles – A Buying Guide

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Best Toys for Beagles

If you feel a tad frustrated about finding the best toys for your Beagle, do not worry, you are not alone. Thanks to their single-mindedness, high amounts of energy, and urge to chase everything that captivates their attention cultivated by almost two hundred years of hunting, Beagles can be easily distracted, chaotic, and very hard to control. They get bored as quickly as they get excited, so there is a high chance of ending up with a pile of unused toys.

But finding the perfect toys for your Beagle does not have to be that hard. As long as you know the Beagle’s psyche’s ins and outs and familiarize yourself with his way of thinking and acting, getting a toy that he will enjoy will become a breeze. Here is how to find the best toys for your Beagles.

Toys That Manage the Dog’s Energy Levels

As hunting dogs, Beagles have high amounts of energy and one of the most vital senses of the smell out of all the breeds. Thanks to their natural abilities, as of recent, they have made the transition from chasing rabbits and foxes to sniffing bombs and participating in a rescue mission.

Since you can’t arrange these activities in a domestic setting for obvious reasons, you will have to get a little creative. The tracking trials are a similar but played down version of the rescue missions, and you can quickly try this at home by ‘’planting’’ the dog’s food or plush toys in different locations during each playing session. To put your Beagle to the test, you could buy the Chew King Premium Treat Dog Toy, a toy that emanates a non-chemical smell that will instantly trigger the dog’s hunting instincts.

This toy, as well as other similar ones, will keep your dog’s energy reserves at normal levels and will instill a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Since there are too many similar products to cover in a single article, you can read this buying guide from ToyPetReviews for an entire repertoire of toys that will keep your pet happy and engaged

Toys For Relaxation and Companionship

Most dog breeds suffer from an issue that experts call ‘’separation anxiety’’, and Beagles are no exception to this rule. Because Beagles are pack dogs at their core and are used to live near humans and other animals, they can develop a sort of canine version of depression, which can, in turn, lead them to act chaotically and unruly once they are left alone.

Therefore, if you own a Beagle, you should get toys specially designed to manage their proneness to depression, loneliness, stress, and anxiety. Short of buying another Beagle and organizing your home to accommodate its needs, you can get toys that look similar to what the dog is naturally inclined to enjoy. Toys such as the Zippy Paws Squeakie (which is made to look like a puppy Beagle), Nyla bones, or the Smart Pet Love Snuggle are all designed to keep the Beagle company until his beloved owner returns.

Toys for Chewing and Tugging

Beagles, like every other breed, have an instinctual drive to chew on everything that they encounter. This urge is especially predominant in the early stages of their lives when they are teething. Teething gives Beagles a great deal of discomfort, and they will attempt to decrease this feeling through any means possible – they will not hesitate to chew the margins of your furniture to nibble the wire of your phone charger or to destroy your bedsheets. You should keep every object that the dog could chew out of his sight, just as a precaution.

When it comes to chewing toys, you should choose the ones you know will attract their attention for extended periods. Consider toys that look like animals (ducks, cats, foxes, rabbits, even dogs, anything goes) or objects (bones, doughnuts, tires, etc.) and that are capable of withstanding the effects of intense chewing sessions. The brighter and colorful they are, the better. As for the materials, rubber is both yours and the Beagle’s best friend because he will find the fabric’s sensation rubbing against his gums and the mouth interior extraordinarily soothing and pleasant.


The Beagle is a friendly and highly energetic breed that will do almost everything to please the owners. Because, in essence, Beagles are hard-wired to go on long chases and hunt, some people might feel overwhelmed by their chaotic nature. Therefore, the toys that you will buy for your Beagle have to be designed with the breed’s psyche and temperament in mind. Next time you are out shopping, make sure to pick up toys that calm the dog’s urge to chew, keep his energy at adequate levels and help him deal with separation anxiety.

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