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Cane Corso: Dog Breed Information

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Cane Corso is a large-boned and muscular dog with a noble and assured disposition. The Cane Corso is an Italian variety of working canine. It’s used for personal protection, as a watchdog, tracking, and as a companion dog.

The cane Corso may be a Latin name it suggests that the “guard of the courtyard”. This breed was developed to protect property and hunt game like swine. Though these are purebred dogs, you’ll realize them within the care of rescue teams or shelters.

These fearless and watchful dogs aren’t right for everybody. The Cane Corso may be a dog who completely loves having a job to try to. They’re typically misunderstood and might truly make glorious companions. They are also known as one of the best fighting dogs.

History of Cane Corso

The Cane Corso contains a long and attention-grabbing history. It’s a part of a sub-category of dog breeds called mollosers. This breed slips from the molossoid canines of Ancient Rome. The Cane Corso originated in Italy.

It was once distributed throughout much of the Italian Peninsula; however, within the recent past, it was found solely in Paglia, in southern Italy. After the breakdown of the mezzadria arrangement of offer editing inside the 1960s, the canines got uncommon.

The modern breed derives from selective breeding from regarding 1980 of some living animals. The breed was recognized in 1994. It had been provisionally accepted in 1996 and received full acceptance in 2007. It had been recognized by the American Kennel Club of the u.s. in 2010.

 Different names

  • Italian Mastiff
  • Cane Corz
  • Cane Di Macellaio
  • Cane Corso Italiano
  • Cane Corso Mastiff

Top Cane Corso Cross Breeds

  1. Blue blood Cane Corso = Cane Corso + Alapaha blue blood Bulldog.

Both parents have almost the same size and characteristics; the resulting litter is not widely different from their parents. Blue Blood Cane Corso is a protective dog breed. 

  1. American Pit Corso = Cane Corso + American Pit Bull Terrier

They were bred as farm dogs because of their hunting and protective capabilities. It is a sight for sore eyes. Their might size makes them the perfect animals for any adventures. 

  1. Italian Daniff = Cane Corso + Great Dane

This breed is 35 inches tall with 122 pounds. This breed will always protect you and your family. 

  1. Labrador Corso = Cane Corso + Labrador Retriever

Labrador Corso has dynamic personality. They are easy to train. 

  1. Cane Corxer = Cane Corso + Boxer

They are easy to train and socialize with the owner. They are great for your house. Cane Corxer’s are amazing friends who love to play.

  1. Rotticorso = Cane Corso + Rottweiler

They are perfect dogs for training. They love to have a job that will keep them busy. Rotticorso’s are affectionate and loyal.

  1. German Corso = Cane Corso + German Shepherd

This breed is difficult to handle. German Corso is very protective and loyal to its owner. They are good as a guard dog.

  1. Cane Corso Bulldog Mix = Cane Corso + Bulldog

They are enthusiastic and athletic. With the Bulldog’s stubborn personality and the Cane Corso’s dynamic nature, we may have a moody puppy.

  1. Cane Corso Doberman = Cane Corso + Doberman Pinscher

They are used as a guarding purpose. Cane Corso Doberman has a dominant personality.

  1. Cane Cordle = Cane Corso + Poodle

They have a thick coat of hair. A Cane Cordle will like to be a neighborhood of your family.

blue cane corso

Cane Corso Appearance


  • Cane Corso’s female weight is around 40–45 kg.
  • Cane Corso’s male weight is around 45–50 kg


  • Cane Corso’s female height is 58–66 cm.
  • Cane Corso’s male height is 62–70 cm.

Head, neck & body

They have a massive head. It’s a broad head with a. muzzle that’s as wide because it is long, giving the Cane Corso superior bite strength. The forehead ought to be flat and focused to the muzzle. The muzzle is flat, rectangular, and usually wide because it is long. It’s about 30% length of the bone. The neck form is of oval section, strong, terribly muscular. The neck is slightly arched. The body is compact, robust and muscular.


  • Wrist: Elastic.
  • Forefeet: Cat feet.
  • Upper arm: robust.
  • Shoulder: Long, oblique, terribly muscular.
  • Forearm: Straight, terribly robust.
  • Metacarpus: Elastic and simply slightly sloping.


  • Hock joint: Moderately angulated.
  • Rear pastern: Thick and dry.
  • Hind feet: Slightly less compact than the forefeet
  • Thigh: Long, broad, back line of thigh gibbous.
  • Lower thigh: robust, not fleshy.
  • Knee: Solid, moderately angulated.
  • Gait: Long stride, extended trot

Coat & colors:

Cane Corso’s have a brief, coarse double coat. It’s a huge selection in coat color. They’re in Black, Black brindle, Red, Fawn, Chestnut brindle, Grey.

Life span:

Life expectancy of cane corso is around 10 – 12 years.

Cane Corso Characteristics

The Cane Corso could be a medium- to the large-sized, robust dog. The eyes are almond in shape. The holes of the nostrils ought to be giant. The dog’s lips ought to be thick. The top of the muzzle is fully flat from the nose’s tip back to the bridge between the eyes.

Cane corso’s Shedding amount and hiding amount are normal. They will bark when they saw a stranger person. Take your cane Corso jogging or on strenuous hikes to help him burn off his energy. They need plenty of activity to keep them fit physically and mentally.

Cane Corso Personality

With an assured, consistent owner who provides sensible leadership and prevents the dog from roaming, the Corso is a superb family dog who is rarely unsuitably aggressive. However, within the wrong hands, he will become aggressive and be a danger to the public.

It’s necessary to let him recognize from the beginning what the principles are and confirm that each member of the family also perceives the rules. Cane Corsos have a freelance mind of their own. Facilitate the young Corso to develop confidence by holding him pay time alone.

Socialization helps to confirm your Corso puppy grows up to be an all-around dog, unafraid of strangers, children, different animals. While not plenty of expertise on the planet, he will become fearful or aggressive.

The lot of you socialize him, the higher ready he is to see what’s traditional behavior. The sensitive Corso understands the tone of voice and responds well to praise and rewards once he has done something you wish.

Cane Corso Temperament

Cane Corso dog breed is Reserved, Stable, Trainable, Quiet, and Calm. They’re intelligent, loyal, wanting to please, versatile dog breed. Cane Corsos is aggressive as they are doing have a territorial, possessive, and guarding nature.

He’s dedicated to his family, and, as a way as youngsters are involved, he’s light and loves some. A Cane Corso may be a nice family dog. They’re nice companion and guardian for all of your family. Cane Corsos don’t take kindly to strangers, as well as folks and different dogs.

The Cane Corso may be an energetic dog, curious and extremely independent. They’re proverbial for their fierce loyalty and quality as a working dog.

Cane Corso Puppy Information

Cane Corso puppies are Stable, Trainable, Quiet, and Calm. Cane Corso puppies ought to be friendly and trusting with strangers. Puppies are powerful and athletic. They’re aggressive. Puppies wasn’t used for the dog-fighting purpose.

Puppies sleep tons. Cane Corsos tend to be fairly active. Attempt to provide them daily walk. Don’t allow them to alone. All-time you ought to live with them.

Puppy Price:

A Cane Corso Puppy price is between $1000 and $2,000.

Puppy feeding:

Cane Corso Puppies ought to eat between four and 6 small meals daily. The quantity your puppy has to eat every meal depends on what quantity growing they have to try to. Feeding your puppy high-quality puppy food helps set him up for an extended and healthy life as an adult dog.

Puppies still have little stomachs, which suggests they can not eat a lot before they get full. Puppies would like puppy food. At eight weeks, your puppy ought to be fed a minimum of four times daily.

Puppy foods are developed with a balance of nutrients to help puppies get older healthy, and happy. Carbohydrates offer the energy actively and sportive puppies would like. At the same time, calcium supports developing teeth and bones.

Here is the table which suggests how much you should feed your puppy:

Weight (Kg) 1 to 3 month (Cup) 4 to 5 month


6 to 8 Months


9 to 11  month


1.4 – 5.4 1/2 – 1 2/3 – 1-1/3 1/2 – 1-1/2 Feed as Adult
5.9 – 9.1 1/2 – 1-1/4 1-1/8 – 2 3/4 – 1-1/3 1 – 1-1/2
9.5 – 22.7 1/2 – 1-1/2 1-1/2 – 2-3/4 1-1/8 – 2-1/3 2- 3
23.1 – 34.0 5/8 – 2-1/3 1-1/2 – 4 1-1/2 – 3-3/4 2-1/2 – 4-3/4

Puppy training:

They are desirous to please, intelligent and calm-natured. Cane Corso puppies are comparatively simple to coach. They need smart attention. They need an experienced trainer to teach. Begin to coach once your puppy become eight weeks old. Female Cane Corsos are comparatively simple to coach.

They’re naturally not aggressive and dominant as compare to males. You must never spoil your puppy or permit any unwanted behaviors like jumping on the couch, biting your shoes. Your Cane Corso puppy can want around sixty-minute exercise each day.

Socialize: Socializing this breed will prepare them for strange things. Socialize can create your dog a stable, pleasant and fearless adult. This can reduce their shyness and forestall developed aggression towards strangers, ‘other dogs, and fellow animals.

The Cane Corso puppy will learn basic commands, like “sit”, “stay”, “down”, or “heel”. The simplest way to discipline a Cane Corso puppy or adult is by leading them confidently and quality.

Bite: It’s solely natural for puppies to bite. If your pet begins biting as you play with them, quickly and severely tell them “no”. Please provide them with any soft toys for chewing. This can stop your puppy biting habit.

When a new person meets your pup, could you enable them to offer your pet a treat?

Barking: Barking could be a dangerous habit. If your pup bark at the unknown, then never instantly attend to them. Allow them to recognize you’re not reward them for barking. Once they need to be calmed down, then you’ll be able to go to them.

Potty Training: Potty training is very important for them. You also ought to perpetually take puppies resolute go potty. Allow them to move into a washroom after a meal, drinking water, a nap, playtime.


Things to Consider while Adopting Cane Corso Puppy

  1. You want to focus additional on the various personalities of every dog. Adopting a dog could be a huge responsibility. It’s a choice you wish to make carefully. You should find the puppy.
  2. Dogs would like exercise and coaching.
  3. You’ll have further family responsibilities and want to cover vet bills.
  4. Finding an honest breeder is that the key to finding the proper puppy. An honest breeder can match you with the most effective dog.
  5. A good breeder will tell you regarding the breed’s history, justify why one puppy is taken into account pet quality. In contrast, another isn’t and discuss what health issues affect the breed and the steps she takes to avoid those issues.
  6. You’ll need dog sitters. You’ll realize a dog sitter online or raise a follower or relative who knows and loves your dog to assist out.
  7. A dog will extremely bring your family along also. It’s a good way to bond together with your kids and teach them concerning love and responsibility. You get a new furry friend whereas doing one thing for a real cause.
  8. It’s a demand for the dog at shelters to own any treatments they have to urge them prepared for adoption. Rescue staff push rehabilitating all the animals. You’ll be able to rest assured they’ll be properly cleaned up, free from fleas and tidy just right.
  9. Adopting a dog from a recognized charity may be a smart plan. They generally provide adoption recommendation, doc recommendation, facilitate coaching and alternative info. You may typically be given many support and recommendation.
  10. If you’ve got any queries or doubts before deciding to adopt a dog, the charity staff are ready to advise you on what’s best for your family.
  11. There are several unwanted dogs. Though it’s a displeasing truth, don’t let this cloud your judgement before you’ve created a wise call. You don’t need to rush into something and adopt a dog. Take it slow and find the maximum amount of recommendation from the dog breeders there as possible

Cane Corso Health Problems:

  1. Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is an abnormality of the hip joint wherever the socket portion doesn’t absolutely cowl the ball portion, leading to an increased risk for joint dislocation. Hip dysplasia might occur at birth or develop in early life.


  • Decreased activity.
  • Decreased vary of motion.
  • Difficulty or reluctance rising, jumping, running, or ascension stairs.
  • Lameness within the hind end.
  • Grating within the joint throughout movement. 
  1. Eye problems

Eye disease happens once the protective fold becomes inflamed and is visible because it distends outward. It’s ugly, however, corrected through surgical removal of the affected gland.


  • Red eyes
  • Pain or irritation round the eyes
  1. Heart problem

Mitral valve illness is one of all the inherent heart problems Cane Corso might have. The high pressure created once the heart ventricle of the Centre radiates blood to the body. This contraction might cause the sporting out of the valve, which over time will tend to leak.


  • Dry cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Fainting

Cane Corso Care: How to Keep Cane Corso Healthy

Cane Corso is a very energetic dog breed. Regular grooming, Feeding and exercise make them healthy. With regular care, you should keep your dog healthy.

How much Feeding keep your cane Corso healthy?

Feed them twice each day. The Cane Corso ought to best on high-quality pet food. You must choose food that is high in protein and low in fat. Avoid giant meals to stop bloat. Feeding your Cane Corso the correct food is very important for extending his period and preventing fatness and joint conditions.

Feeding regarding 4 ¼ cups of dry food for a 100-pound dog. Adding an extra ¼ cup for each additional ten pounds, most Cane Corsos can do fine with up to 4 ½ cups daily or fewer.

Provide them food that has a smart quantity of Carbohydrates and calcium. Carbohydrates supply the energy active. At the same time, calcium supports developing teeth and bones.

How to clean (bathe) Cane Corso teeth, ear & coat?

Cane Corso’s like routine bathing and grooming. This powerful dog may be bathed weekly up to each six to eight weeks looking at his lifestyle. His giant size makes the bathing and grooming method a giant job.

Brush his teeth frequently using a soft toothbrush and domestic dog toothpaste to keep his teeth and gums healthy. Check his ears regular and clean if required. Apply “dog’s ear liquid” in-ear. Trim his toenails frequently, usually once a month.

Cane Corsos additionally need frequent brushing to reduce shedding. The undercoat can shed throughout the year. With this short-coated breed, regular bathing is important to reduce shedding and keep up healthy skin and coat.

A weekly brush ought to be enough to stay on high of dead hairs. They have rubber brush or hound glove throughout the summer months to reduce the hair they shed. Use coat conditioner to brighten the luster.

What exercises do you choose for your Cane Corso?

Cane Corso want the exercise to keep up the heart and lungs’ health and keep up muscular tones. They need a minimum of one hour of exercise. Running, fetch, and different outside games can facilitate stop tedium and keep Cane Corso match and healthy. They create wonderful jogging companions. High-impact exercise ought to be reserved for well-conditioned, fully-grown Cane Corso.

Cane Corso Rescue

A rescue Cane Corso may be a dog placed during a new home once abused, neglected, or abandoned by its previous owner. Cane Corso dogs are rescued and adopted in their forever homes.

You decide to adopt a rescue dog; you get to search out concerning their quirks before creating a commitment. Selecting a dog that is in foster means that you’ll be able to see however they act during a home setting.

Cane Corsos is aggressive as they are doing have a territorial, possessive, and guarding nature. This breed is aggressive once it comes to guarding their home and protecting their family, and their effectiveness in obtaining the work done is unmatched.

Cane Corsos are powerful and athletic. Cane Corsos don’t take kindly to strangers, as well as people and different dogs. After giving correct care and training, you create a cane Corso rescue dog in fantastic pet.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Cane Corso


  • The Cane Corso may be a domestic dog who completely loves having employment to try and do.
  • Cane Corso dog breed was developed to protect property and hunt game.
  • It is sensible for private protection.
  • Cane Corso puppies are Stable, Trainable, Quiet, and Calm.
  • The Cane Corso could also be a dog who utterly loves having a job to do to.


  • They have the ability to kill a human.
  • They are danger for other dogs or animal.
  • Furthermore, they need very much exercise and coaching.
  • They are not suggested for first time dog owner.
  • Likewise, they are fearful for strangers.

Cane Corso Pictures

italian mastiff

italian cane corso

cane corso mastiff

cane corso italiano

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