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American Pit Bull Terrier – Temperament and Characteristics

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American Pit Bull Terrier

Pit Bull Terrier Dog Breed Information

American Pit Bull Terrier, also known as APBT, is devoted and dependable to their family. Pit Bull is very intelligent and learns commands and tricks with ease. The breed is affectionate and delicate with folks and sometimes makes a lousy watchdog due to his tail-wagging avidity to greet the person at the door.

Content Overview

History of Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier dog till the mid-19th century, the currently extinct English language Terriers and English language Bulldogs bred along to provide a dog. That combined the lameness of the hunting dog with the strength and energy of the bulldog.

These types of bred dogs within the British Isles became referred to as bull and hunting dogs. These dogs arrived within the USA. In the nineteenth century, they got to be the American Pit Bull chasing canine’s coordinated predecessors.

These dogs were utilized in sports like bull-baiting and bear-baiting. These sports were formally eliminated in 1835 once the UK introduced animal welfare laws.

These dogs arrived in America around 1845 to 1860, wherever the dogs fighting observe had continuity. In Feb 1898, the breed was recognized by the UKC named as a Yank Pit Bull Hunting dog.

Inside the early twentieth century, pit bulls were utilized to capture pooches in America for semi-wild bulls and pigs, chase swine, drive stock, and as family companions. Pit Bull Terriers, with success, fill the role of companion dogs, operating dogs, athletic sport dogs. These are represented the bulk of dogs used for black market dog fighting in America.

Different Names

  • Pit Bull
  • Pitbull Terrier
  • APBT (nick name)

Pit Bull Terrier Temperament

The American Pit Bull Terrier breed is raring to please and full over with enthusiasm. The American Pit Bull Terrier is strength, confidence, and zest forever. They’re in a very Fawn, Tan, Blue, Gray, Brown, Red, Black, White, patterned color. Because most Pit Bull Terriers exhibit some level of dog aggression and its powerful physique, it builds lovely family companions and has perpetually noted for their kids’ love.

Pit Bull Terrier Temperament

Aggressive behavior toward humans is untypical the breed and highly undesirable. This breed needs an owner who can fastidiously socialize and obedience train the dog. These dogs love folks and haven’t any concept; their size is a few things of a deterrent to being a lapdog. This breed will be alright in performance events due to its high level of intelligence and temperament to figure.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is additionally athletic and contains a sturdy want to please folks. Pit Bull isn’t naturally aggressive towards folks and is loveable toward kids. The pit Bull breed has a high prey drive because to chases and subdues stock. Since they’re very social order, they don’t seem to be the most suitable working dog option.

Pit Bull Personality and Appearance

American Pit Bull Terrier is a solid dog breed. They aren’t as muscular and as broad, and a medium-sized dog breed. He is an intelligent and short-haired dog. It’s a short coat and swish, well-defined muscle structure, and its eyes are to be spherical to round. And its ears are to be tiny to medium-long. His tail is slightly thick and tapering to a degree, and his coat is shiny, smooth, short, and stiff to the bit.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a fun-loving companion. They are mild and patient with all their relations. Like any massive dog, American pit bulls Terrier ought to be supervised once with kids. They have a desire to chew, and since of their robust jaw, house owners ought to offer them solid and sturdy toys that can keep them diverted: imaginary place bulls to be spirited and game.

Pit Bull Personality and Appearance

To continue no matter what they’re doing within the face of adversity. These qualities create them stubborn, tenacious, and fearless. Though they’re powerful dogs, they’re not cold weather dogs and will be secure from the problematic elements. American Pit Bulls Terrier doesn’t stand alone for long periods and should suffer from separation anxiety.

Once bored or alone for a prolonged time, they’ll notice their diversion. American Pit Bull Terriers are active dogs that require physical and mental stimulation. They like to learn commands and new tricks, thriving once given consistent discipline.

Characteristic Highlights

  • Size: Medium
  • Life span: 8 to 15 years
  • Coat color: Glossy, smooth, Short, stiff
  • Eyes color: Blue
  • Eyes shape: spherical to rounded
  • Ears shape: Stand up and curl over the top
  • Nose: Brown or dark brown
  • Kids friendly: Yes
  • New owner friendly: NO

Male (Adult)

  • Weight: 16 to 30 kg
  • Height: 18 to 19 inches

Female (Adult)

  • Weight: 14 to 27 kg
  • Height: 17 to 18 inches

Feeding Your Pit Bull

Feed the right food twice a day to the American Pit Bull Terrier. A portion of honest pet food is eating meat with few foods like rice, peanut hull, and soybean mill or corn bran. If your dog does not get the maximum amount of exercise as you’d like, select a lower-protein food instead. Wet foodstuff and dry kibble are each acceptable.

American Pitbull Terrier puppies ought to eat softened dry food 2 to 3 times daily. Once a puppy weaned, continue feeding 2 to more times per day, employing a high-quality food created for giant breeds till the dog is concerning twelve months mature. Beef is one in every of the foremost reasonable sources of meat for your puppy Pitbull Terrier dog. Beef is wealthy in super molecule, B vitamins, iron, selenium, and zinc.

Animal super molecule is the best supply of protein for pit bulls dogs. The lot of nutrients in the meat is for your dog. Feed your American pit bull terrier to Fish, Chicken, Lamb, Pork, and Organ meat. Vegetables and Fruits are necessary for adult and puppy Pitbull terrier dog diet. They’re an expensive supply of fiber that helps with digestion.

Pit Bull Terrier Care


American Pit Bull Terriers are capable of excelling in several areas that demand a high level of power. Socialization is a vital part of coaching American pit bull Terrier. The American pit bull Terrier act with different dogs from associate degree early age can facilitate them understand that different animals and other people don’t seem to be threats. It’d conjointly cut back their aggressive tendencies in social things.

When his younger, you must start socialization for your pit bull terrier dog. The preceding six months are notably crucial in socializing your dog. In bargaining, instruct your Pitbull solely reception. First, begin by teaching them basic commands tell them No, yes, sit, come, go. Attempt to increase your attention with them.

Teach your American Pit Bull Terrier dog to behave correctly with different dogs. Otherwise, once they see other dogs, they’re going to fight with them. Take your pit bull terrier dog outdoors very first thing within the morning once meals and leisure time before the hour. It may enable them that within isn’t the suitable place to eliminate.


  • Clean Pit Bull Teeth

Brush your American pit bull terrier twice a week. Use a toothbrush specifically created for a dog or a finger-tip brush wrapped around your finger to brush your American Pit Bull Terrier’s teeth. Hold the mouth with one hand, and brush with the opposite.

Do Brush during a circular motion with the comb command at a 45-degree angle to the gum line. Make sure to urge the fronts, ace, and sides of every tooth. This way, you should clean the tooth of American pit bull Terrier Dong.

American Pit Bull Terriers can even suffer from dental illness. Therefore specialists suggest regular teeth cleanup. Daily brushing is the best. However, your dog can like a radical teeth cleanup many times every week. His teeth ought to be white and freed from yellow tartar, and also, the gums ought to seem healthy and pink.

Gums that bleed once you perform dental cleanup might have periodontitis. If you see any infection in a dog’s teeth, then immediately consult with a pet doctor.

  • Ear & Other Parts

Use a damp, clean fabric to wipe your American Pit Bull Terriers fur once brushing. Make sure to maneuver from its neck to tail following the grain of its fur. Rubbing or scouring your pitbull terrier dog fur can encourage any dirt or scrap in its coat to take hold of its skin rather than removing it.

Clean your American pit bull dog’s ears once every week. Please keep your pet’s ears afar from wax and dirt by cleansing them with a light canine ear cleaner. Gently wipe any liquid, dirt, and wax out of the ear you’ve purified employing a clean plant disease, then repeat the complete method on the opposite ear. Then massage on the highest of the ears.


The American Pitbull Terriers are energetic and may get a minimum of thirty to forty minutes of vigorous exercise per day.

The daily walk is essential for a Pitbull solely to release some repressed energy. The walk permits your Pitbull to stimulate the mind with the sights, sounds, and smells they are available across. Daily walks are far better than nothing all week and an enormous walk at the weekend. Dogs additionally like daily routines, thus attempt to schedule the walk for around the same time daily.

Attempt running, biking or athletics together with American Pit Bull Terrier dog actually to get them moving. The Pitbull has moderate stamina levels for a muscular dog so that they will build excellent running partners. The Pitbull is energetic, robust, and has much stamina. Ideally, you would like to seek out activities that will burn energy in a concise amount of your time and use these skills.

It could include high-intensity games, and strength coaching suggested to keep their muscles in peak condition. These are a number of the counseled activities and games to play together with your American Pitbull Terrier. You play Jolly Ball Weight actuation with them. American Pit Bull Terrier is sensible short-distance running partners with their spectacular muscles for medium dogs, and their sprint speed is quicker than several different breeds.

Running around a pair of three miles are going to be excellent for them. American Pit Bull Terriers haven’t gotten sensible stamina and not appropriate for long jogs, marathons, or race. Several terriers like to dig. Give an area of dig box for them so that they will dig to their heart’s content.

Pit Bull Health Problems & Solution

  • Skin issue: American Pit Bull Terrier breed may additionally be subject to numerous allergies, with some dogs sensitive to grass. Allergies may treat with antihistamines and skin irritation with shampoo and ointments.
  • Dysplasia: Like all dogs, may be at risk of hip abnormality, a hereditary defect within the joint between the hip and hind legs. Infernal region Bull could be a sturdy, muscular dog with bright skeletal formation. Dog with the condition could expertise pain or discomfort and exhibit an uneven gait. This drawback is sometimes self-addressed by surgery and treated by correct weight management.
  • Heart disease: The American Pit Bull Terrier is susceptible to varied styles of Cardiopathy and inborn heart defects as well as valve malformations and irregularities in regular recurrence. Many of these issues are minor and might be left untreated in an otherwise healthy dog, whereas some could need surgery and medication.
  • Knee problems: However, these injuries will generally result from the final breakdown of tissue and age still. It’s familiar with all pit bull sort dogs due to their tendency to run as quickly as a potential-jump from high places or perhaps climb. One of the foremost common treatments is to use a brace to stabilize the actual ligament. Thus, it’s time to heal; however, healing can also depend on things just like the dog’s age and general health. The ligament will rupture, which can need surgery if the dog isn’t unbroken on a healthy diet and is allowed to continue jumping and being too active.
  • Weight problems: American Pit Bull Terriers are highly muscular and active dogs, which suggests they like to eat. They particularly like high macromolecule and calorie diets. During this issue, solely answer is Canis familiar with medication, diet, and exercise.

How Are Pit Bull with Kids?

The American Pitbull Terriers are friendly with the kids. They like to play and cuddle with them that makes them the proper companions for children. Pit Bulls are athletic dogs and powerfully designed; it’s inadvisable to go away from them unattended around youngsters. Pit Bulls are unaware of their strength, and a toddler may be simply accidentally knocked over throughout the exuberant play.

Also, as a result of Pit Bulls being terrible food-driven and having a high prey drive, children ought to be tutored never to tease a Pit Bull with either food or toys.

Pit Bull Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Pit Bull Terrier is energetic and athletic and simply trained dog breed.
  • They don’t like to do daily grooming.
  • He is friendly and good with children.
  • He is great companion and humorous.
  • Pit Bull Terrier can guard your home.
  • He is super loyal to individuals.


  • Pit Bull Terrier isn’t sensible for the new dog owner this breed simply needed experienced owner.
  • When Pit Bull Terriers can fight with other dogs, they will not stop until the opposite dog is seriously injured.
  • They have some health issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Qualifies as a King Shepherd?

King Shepherds are a relatively new breed of dog, but they always consist of a German Shepherd and another large or giant breed mixed together. One Shiloh Shepherd parent, a German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute hybrid was one of the original King Shepherds.

2. What’s the Difference Between a King Shepherd and a German Shepherd?

King Shepherds are very similar to the German Shepherd (GSD), but they are much larger, have longer fur, and were bred with other dogs that are similar to them to get rid of some of the health issues that the GSD has in its genes. The family tree of King Shepherds typically includes Shiloh Shepherds or Alaskan Malamute hybrids.

3. Are King Shepherds Rare?

Although King Shepherds are gaining popularity in the United States, they remain uncommon in comparison to their German Shepherd cousins. Those who are interested in adopting a King Shepherd ought to investigate responsible breeders and inquire about the medical history of the litter.

4. How loyal are King Shepherds?

Despite the fact that interactions between canines and younger children should always be closely monitored, King Shepherds tend to be calm and trustworthy around children.

5. Is King Shepherd a real breed?

The King Shepherd is a crossbreed dog. They’re a blend of a wide range of breeds, however consistently have German Shepherd parentage.

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