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How Much Do You Need To Own American Bully?

Guide To American Bully Price

The American Bully is a mix breed of the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Bulldog. This is one of the most popular dog breeds, not only in the United States, but around the world. They are a breed of dog that is intelligent, active, and loyal. It’s a fantastic addition to any family.

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Because they are both cute and intelligent, the American Bully Price is slightly higher than other dog breeds. This dog needs a high-nutrient food diet to maintain their body health. Even they eat more. American Bully Price is varies from breed to breed, state to state, city to city, and breeder to breeder.

Content Overview

  1. Adoption Cost
  2. Insurance Price
  3. Feeding Price
  4. Vaccination Price
  5. Important Supplies Price
  6. License Cost
  7. Grooming Cost
  8. Boarding Cost
  9. Health Expneses
  10. Training Class Cost

American Bully Basic Information

Breed type


Life Span

11 to 13 years


30 to 40 kg


33 to 50 cm

Litter Size

7 to 11 puppies

Exercise required

1 to 2 hours

Affection Level

Medium to High



Energy Level


Tendency to Bark



Companion Dog

Suitable For

People, Children, and Families

Categorized Price List for American Bully

American Bully Price is partly dependent upon the dog’s parents and AKC paperwork. Buy American Bully dog from a famous and reputable shop. This is one of the most frequently asked questions about “how much does an American Bully Price?” and “how much does it take to own an American bully?”

In this article, we will list out all the information about American Bully Price and maintenance prices.

1. Adoption Cost

It is simple to find high-quality breeder. A respectable breeder can offer you a healthy dog that has been checked. Heartworm testing, flea treatment, vaccinations, micro-chipping, spaying, de-worming, and a veterinary wellness exam and visit are generally included in adoption fees.
American Bully Price can be different depending on their size. There are four size of American Bullies.

  1. Standard American Bully
  2. Classic American Bully
  3. Pocket American Bully
  4. XL Size American Bully
  • Average price of Standard American Bully is around $2500.
  • Average price of Classic American Bully is around $2000 to $2500.
  • Average price of Pocket American Bully is around $2000.
  • Average price of XL Size American Bully is around up to $2500 to $5000.
  • If you buy American Bully from Rescue Shelter the cost of adopting is much lower. Rescue American Bully Price is around $500 to $1000.
  • If you buy American Bully from Backyard breeder the cost is around $500 to $1000.
  • If you buy American Bully from Pet store the cost is around $500 to $1500.

2. Insurance Price

It is important to take insurance when purchasing American bullies. The insurance is required to avoid more serious injuries or losses, as well as to keep an eye on your dog throughout his life. According to your living area, find the best insurance company.

Insurance for American Bully dogs is essential because they are quite pricey and do not fit into everyone’s budget. So look for a dog insurance business and include it in your budget. There are numerous insurance policies to choose from. American Bully insurance policy price is around $40 per month.

3. Feeding Price

When compared to other canines, the American Bully’s food is more expensive. This dog consumes more food than other dogs and requires a high-nutrient food diet to maintain good health.

American bullies require food based on their weight. You should expect to spend $30 to $50 per week on food for standard American bullies.

4. Vaccination Price

Vaccination cost plays a significant impact on American Bully price. Vaccinate your American Bully timely. Some time they are affected by different viruses, bacteria and diseases. It will protect your dog from any infections and your family also.

During first year their vaccination cost is around $80-$250.

5. Important Supplies Price

When you purchase American Bully dog you certain need dog related things. Just like bed, crate, toys, etc…

Here we see the Supplies price list.

Supply Required


Dog bed

Around $40


$35 to $40

Dog Crate

$40 to $50

Dog Collar & Leash

$40 to $50

Dog carpet



$15 to $20

Dog jackets

$35 to $40



Cleaning Supplies


Dog Walker

$20 to $40

6. License Cost

In certain states, owning a dog requires obtaining a dog licence. The owner receives a dog tag with the identifier and a contact number for the registering organization, as well as a dog licence identifying number.

Annually or after a certain number of years, a licence must be renewed. Dog licence is not required in all states, but they are in some states.

The American bully licence cost is around $35-$40.

7. Grooming Cost

Grooming plays an important part in American Bully life. The American Bully does not need to be groomed on a daily basis. Make sure you’re using a standard grooming product at all times. Purchase a complete grooming set.

The cost of an American Bully grooming kit is usually around $100 to $150.

Use standard dog shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo and conditioner price is depends upon its quantity.

8. Boarding Cost

The American bully loves to travel a lot. Even they can’t live alone. So it is better to take American Bully with you when you travel out of the city. If you have your own personal car, then give them a seat behind you.

Buy a dog car seat for you and your dog’s safety. The cost of a dog’s car seat is around $15-$20.

But if you do not have a personal car, then the cost of travel varies from city to city.

9. Health Problems

American bullies also suffer from many types of health issues. However, during this article we have a tendency to describe major health issues.

Hip dysplasia:

If your pup is affected by hip dysplasia, if this problem isn’t diagnosed early enough, it will cause crippling and severe pain. For one joint, hip replacement costs around $3500.

Heart disease:

Heart disease is caused by heartworms, and therefore the treatment price is between $300 and $1000. In the case of heartmurmurs, it’s suggested that an operation be done, which may cost between $7000 to $15000.

Skin issues:

The American bully has some skin issues which may be caused by fleas or microorganism infections. Sometimes skin issues happen because of low brand grooming items. Your pup needs treatment for this problem. Its price is around $35.

Entropia and Cherry Eye:

This problem will have an effect on the eyes of American bullies. The treatment price of Entropion is around $340. The price of treating Cherry Eye starts at $100 for a secretor.

10. Training Class Cost

The American Bully is a highly intelligent and energetic dog breed. So they need regular training. They need training from an early age. Put them in a training class for proper training. The cost of an American bully training class is around $150.

Interesting Facts About the American Bully

  1. The American Bully was created in the 1980s in the United States. The American Bully Kennel Club (AKBC) recognized it in 2004.
  2. This is a mix breed of the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Bulldog. It is not pure-bred. The American Bully makes an excellent companion for its owner.
  3. The American bully’s coats are short and silky. As a result, this dog breed is unsuitable for cold climes and low temperatures. Coats come in a wide range of colors.
  4. Just like any dog breed, this one also needs proper training. If the dog is not properly trained, it may do injury to the other person as well as the owner.
  5. It has a robust and muscular build.
  6. The American Bully’s head is medium in length, with a large skull, strong cheek muscles, and a high set of ears.
  7. The jaws are square and strongly defined. They have a large nose, oval eyes that are medium in size, and round eyes.
  8. Their feet are round and tight. The shoulder is robust, broad, and lengthy.
  9. American Bully Price is higher than any other breed.
  10. They are also very protective of their loved ones. They are excellent family dogs who enjoy living with a family and young children.

In this post, we’ll look at how several factors affect on the American Bully Price. Understanding the costs associated with purchasing an American Bully will help you prepare both financially and mentally.

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