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American Bulldog: Facts, Characteristics & Pictures

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American Bulldogs

American Bulldogs are intelligent and fond, which makes them the best protecting family dogs. Though, they need high exercise wants and need a practiced, active pet parent. With patient coaching and care, yank Bulldogs will build caring family companions.

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What does an American bulldog look like?

The American bulldog is prescribed to be medium-sized and contains a short coat and swish, well-defined muscle structure. The body of the nether region Bull is long, with a short, whip-like tail that ends in a very purpose. Its eyes are to be spherical to rounded, and its ears are tiny to medium-long.

  • Weight: 30-50kg (Male) & 25-40kg (Female)
  • Height: 50 – 71 Cm (Male) & 50 – 61 Cm (Female)
  • Lifespan: 10 to 15 years

History of American Bulldog

American bulldogs are believed to possess 1st appeared as early as the seventeenth century. Tiny farmers and ranchers used this comprehensive domestic dog for several tasks and farm guardians, stock dogs and catch dogs. Within the seventeenth and eighteenth century, the old English Bulldog had many alternative cattle-droving strains, bull-baiting, farm dogs, and butcher’s dogs. It’s conjointly sure that the strains that migrated to America were unaffected by the game’s forbiddance in 1835 within the U.K.

However, there aren’t any records in America rather acknowledged Landrace strains that were originally trusted wherever a dog’s master originated in England. Breeding choices were captivated with the simplest operating farm dogs, despite breed or background. Then “bulldog”-type dogs were unbroken by ranchers as utilitarian operating dogs. Maybe the main vital role of the American Bulldog. Therefore, the reason for its survival, and really why it thrived throughout the South, was due to untamed pigs’ presence, introduced to the New World and while not predators.

Throughout now, a young Alan Scott grew associate interest in Johnson’s dogs and started to figure with him on the revitalization method. At some purpose, Scott began infusing non-Johnson catch bulldogs from operating Southern farms with Johnson’s lines, making what’s currently referred to as the quality kind American Bulldog. American Bulldogs are currently safe from extinction, and their quality has redoubled in their native land, either as a working/protector dog, as a family pet.

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Different names & Types

  • The Scott type dog
  • Southern White dog
  • Hill Bulldog

American Bulldog Temperament & Characteristics

They are confident, social, high-spirited and spirited dogs that are comfortable with their families. They mature later than several alternative breeds, not till the age of 2, and as American bulldog puppies, they’re going to be curious nevertheless upstage with strangers, however, assured at maturity. They are not as friendly. However, with individuals, they are not known. Their ancestors were farm dogs who guarded the house, the livestock, and the youngsters once their master was away.
American Bulldogs- 2 Dogs

They bond powerfully with their house owners and are happiest once their masters shower them with time and a spotlight. An American Bulldog doesn’t trust anyone initially sight and should learn from its master what a threat is and what’s not, and a dog of this breed should learn once to be territorial and once everything is okay.

This breed should never be left alone, bored, in the same house or garage day once a day because it might become inveterately fearful and aggressive towards things it doesn’t recognize or perceive. They are Brave and stubborn. A gentle, fond dog that loves kids and may be thought of as a giant lap dog, the American Bulldog is alert, assured and constant to its people.

The Bulldogs are identified for their gallantry acts towards their house owners and may generally be reserved with strangers. American Bulldogs need lots of regular exercises to stop tedium and encourage it to be a well-trained dog throughout the day. They have heaps of nice qualities; however, Powell warns that the American Bulldog isn’t for everybody. He’s best suited to an individual or family who desires to spend plenty of your time with their dog and is willing to place within the effort to create him a real companion.

American Bulldog Personality and Appearance

The shoulders and chest tend to be the major muscular components of the American Bulldog. Its coat is brief and customarily sleek, requiring very little maintenance except for a shower every few weeks.

The American Bulldog may well be a fat, well-built, strong-looking puppy with a larger than usual head and a strong construct. The Bully sort is usually a bigger, heavier dog with a shorter muzzle. However, the muzzle ought to ne’er be therefore short that it causes problems with breathing. The American Bulldog comes in any variation of colors, though solid black, blue and Merle.

Their sturdy legs mean they’re able to jump high up to six feet in some cases. They need short, coarse fur that sometimes comes in white, though many various colors are obtainable. They’re lightweight to moderate shedders; however, don’t shed the maximum amount as different dogs, as a result of them are doing not have a thick undercoat.

  • Size: Medium
  • Life span: 10 to 15 years
  • Coat color: Short and harsh
  • Eyes color: Brown
  • Eyes shape: Spherical to rounded
  • Ears shape: Semi-pricked End
  • Kids friendly: Yes
  • New owner friendly: No


Male (Adult)

  • Weight: 30 – 50 kg
  • Height: 50 – 71 cm

Female (Adult)

  • Weight: 25 – 40 kg
  • Height: 50 – 61 cm

How to Feed American Bulldog?

Some bulldogs are susceptible to changing into overweight, therefore protruding to a veterinarian-approved diet is vital. The correct pet food ought to contain meat protein because of the initial ingredient. The Bulldogs are therefore active and muscular so that they would like food with countless proteins. American bulldog puppies are massive eaters naturally, and bulldogs are not any exception.

Till he is concerning four months recent, your puppy ought to eat virtually double the maximum amount as an adult. A puppy under four months recently ought to eat 3 to four cups of food per day, divided into four feedings. Between four and six months, shrink to 3 feedings to complete 2 and 1 / 4 to 3 cups of food per day.

Some varieties of American bulldogs are extraordinarily active, so it’s suggested that you simply ought to feed your dog a decent grain-inclusive food with concerning 28-30 protein to produce his daily protein intake. It’s suggested to serve them food with concern twelve to 16 PF of fat content taken into account to be a moderate quantity for their size. An oversized American bulldog desires 3 cups of dry food every day fed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Training to American Bulldog 

If you’ve got a young American bulldog puppy, create socialization as your highest priority. Your American bulldog’s puppy must learn to be comfortable with various individuals and things early. Keep things positive and upbeat, and permit your bull puppy to approach new things in its own time. Most American Bulldogs are eager learners and can be happy to work for the rewards.

American Bulldog Near Lake

This breed can fight with alternative this sort dog breed. You’ll keep management over your dog within the presence of alternative dogs by teaching it to specialize in you. Your dog must answer your commands once you are at the park, even because it will stay in your front room. This step of coaching is remarked as proofing.

American bulldogs are typically energetic and fun to coach. Several of them had best in advanced obedience and dog sports, like gracefulness or rally obedience. These activities are an excellent way to commemorate and bond along with your American bulldog and reinforce good behavior at the same time.

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Grooming for Your American Bulldog:

How to Clean American Bulldog Body Parts:

Brush them few times per week. Brushing his coat may be a complimentary grooming technique that ensures your dog remains clean and free from dirt and bacterium in any respect times.

Bath them a minimum of once every six months. Bathing them once a month is ideal, though this bathing routine may modify because of various things after a bathing dog can cause loss of the natural oils, which can, in turn, irritate flaky skin and a dull coat.

Whenever you are attending to cleaning your dog, you wish an applicable shampoo for your bulldog. Continually use a shampoo meant specifically for dogs. Once bathing your dog with heat water and dog shampoo, pay attention not to let the cleanser water Go into your dog’s eye. Thus, it is inflicting uncomfortable bathing expertise to American bulldog.

How to Clean American Bulldog’s Ears and Teeth:

Ear’s ought to be checked often and cleaned a minimum of once every week. When you bath your American bulldogs, keep in mind that water would possibly enter his ear and damage the soft and delicate membranes. Placing a soft cotton ball in every ear can keep water out of your dog’s ear. Ensure that the cotton ball is massive enough to carry onto your dog’s ear as a result of incorrect size, which would possibly cause a hazard to your dog’s ear.

Ear infections will become serious before you notice something is wrong. If you’re doing a fast cleansing to healthy ears, begin by moistening a cotton ball with good ear cleaner and wipe the folds of skin, beginning close to the head and cleansing resolute the ends of the ear flaps. Don’t use cotton swabs due to they’ll reach too deeply within the ear and cause injury.

Clean your dog’s teeth daily. You’ll be able to gently massage the gums and brush the teeth on any pet – from the tiny rodents to the bigger horses. The advantages are healthy mouths and recent breath. Plus, you’ll be a lot of attention to once your pet desires dental work by knowledgeable.

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What Exercise American bulldog Love

American bulldogs are energetic and may get a minimum of thirty to forty-five minutes of vigorous exercise per day. The American bulldog wants associate degree exercise and activity, each physical and mental. The daily walk is important for an American bulldog’s not solely to unharness some repressed energy. The walk permits your American bulldog to stimulate the mind with the sights, sounds and smells they are available across. The minimum ought to be a thirty to forty-five minutes daily walk.

Daily walks are far better than nothing all week and a long walk at the weekend. You’ll use a retractile leash to permit them additional freedom whereas maintaining management. You’ll add further resistance to the walk by employing a weighted vest or dog backpack. It’s counseled that no more than 10 % of their weight be further. It increases the muscle strength of the dog.

American bulldog’s love plays a day, and you’ll use it to administer them enough cardio and mental stimulation. The greatest factor concerning this routine is you’ll play it each inside and outdoors. American bulldogs love to be challenged mentally. If you wish to use their intelligence into one thing nice, certify that you play some mental games with them. 

American Bulldog Health Problems

  • Dental Disease

Dental sickness is the most typical chronic drawback in pets, poignant 70% of all dogs by age 2. And sadly, your American Bulldog is a lot of likely than different dogs to own issues along with her teeth. It starts with tartar build-up on the teeth and progresses to infection of the teeth’ gums and roots. Your bulldog can lose her teeth and be in peril of damaging her kidneys, liver, heart, and joints.

  • Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism affects comparatively young dogs and refers to an absence of the hormone thyroxine. The latter governs; however, quickly, the body burns calories. Once there’s poor thyroxine, the dog’s metabolism runs slowly, leading to weight gain and an absence of energy.

  • Cherry Eye

Dogs have a different lid compared to individuals. This protective fold sits within the inner corner of the attention and solely flips across once the attention is sore or painful. However, behind this lid could be a secreter that produces tear fluid that keeps the tissue layer damp and conditioned. Cherry eye could be a descriptive term for the eye’s look once this duct gland flips out of position. It becomes red and swollen, resembling a cherry sitting on the inner corner of the attention – thence the name.

  • Bone Cancer

Pain and gimp are the initial indicators of bone cancer, and infrequently a dog’s given medication to handle his symptoms, delaying diagnosis. X-rays area unit the simplest thanks to studying a dog’s gimpiness, as they will exclude different conditions and show potential changes characteristic of bone cancer early within the sickness.

  • Thyroid Deficiency

The ductless gland does not turn out enough of the hormones thyroxin (T4) and thyroid hormone (T3), lowering his metabolism. Symptoms embrace weight gain and hair loss on the front of the neck and chest, sides of the body, back of the thighs and tail. It may be treated with an artificial internal secretion replacement given double daily.

How’s the American bulldog with kids? 

Bulldog loves children and is additional tolerant than several alternative dog breeds of child-inflicted abuse. Young Bulldogs are active, and like human babies, generally, they’ll mistake area and might plow their significant bodies into the unsteady legs of a young kid. Additionally to the present, they may accidentally rake their claws against a kid’s skin whereas jumping or pawing.

American Bulldogs are loyal, friendly relationship and have a wonderful bond with kids. They additionally shed, and their short hair sticks to your kid’s wear and hands. Suppose you wish to keep up a clean and hygienically setting for your kid. They ought to ne’er be fed around youngsters, as they’ll bite or approach them whereas they’re eating.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of American Bulldog


  • The Bulldog could be a nice preserver of the family.
  • Most Bulldogs are quite keen on kids and are willing to quietly tolerant their exuberance.
  • They are tuned in to their strength and won’t hesitate to leap into action to guard their house owners to the occasion demand it.
  • Their funny facial expressions and natural clumsiness can surely bring a smile to your face.
  • Bulldogs do not solely look a touch uncommon; they’re conjointly natural clowns.


  • Bulldog puppies tend to be higher spirited than another breed with an inclination to urge into bother.
  • They’re not smart running partners. They need short legs, and the pushed it tends to cause them to overheat.
  • They incline to slobber, particularly when beverage and through the new summer months.
  • They have some health issues.
  • They conjointly don’t have very long life spans when put next to the typical dog.

American Bulldog Photos

Bulldog-Picture-1 Bulldog-Picture-3 Bulldog-Picture-4Bulldog-Picture-2

American Bulldog Reviews

American bulldog reviews

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