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10 Super Healthy Food Combinations For Dogs

super healthy food combinations

Today, several healthy dog foods are available. Giving healthy food to your dog is very important for a dog’s healthy life. Getting important nutrients from food is certainly one of the safest ways to maintain good overall health. This is true for both humans and pets. Often, foods that we eat lose their nutritional values due to the wrong ways of cooking or even wrong combinations of ingredients on our plate.

A poor food combination might take away all of the great benefits veggies, meat, or dairy products could bring and even negatively affect your health. On the other hand, eating well-combined foods with different nutrients at the same time might be much healthier when combined than when taken alone. However, not all foods that we eat are suitable for our dogs. It is because their digestive system breaks down food in a different manner. So you have to be careful when feeding Fido with veggies and fruits because he probably doesn’t need as many vegetables as you do.

Most dogs eat commercial dog food during their lifespan, which might not always be the best decision. First of all, it is dry, and if it’s not high-quality commercial food, then it might not even be that healthy for your pup. Including occasional healthy treats is a great way of introducing new sources of good nutrients in your dog’s diet.

We will discuss today which food combinations will provide your dog with some superior health benefits. This is possible thanks to a phenomenon called food or nutrient synergy, which means that one mineral might double its power and benefits when combined with another compound. Giving any of the following foods alone will bring some benefits to your dog, but it won’t even be close to what your dog could get from the combination suggestions we will now list.

Let’s discover which foods you can mix to ensure that your dog’s treat is super healthy!

Below are the best healthy foods for your dogs.

1. Banana + Yogurt

Inulin + Calcium = Healthy Tummy + Stronger Bones

This might probably be the food combination you’d have most likely in your fridge right now. If that’s the case, why don’t you make a small treat for your pup? Plus, you can try some too, as the taste will definitely be quite refreshing, and you will also benefit from it!

But why is this combination super healthy?

We will first have to explain what these foods contain. Bananas make a great source of dietary fiber. They are also rich in inulin, a powerful type of fiber that aids the digestive system and enhances calcium absorption. On the other hand, yogurt contains high calcium levels, which is why it makes a perfect pair with bananas.

If you mash a quarter of a ripe banana and mix it to a half cup of yogurt, your pup will get a great health boost. Not only will it affect the dog’s bone strength positively, but it will also maintain the dog’s tummy health at its peak!

2. Kale + Egg Yolk

Vitamin D + Calcium = Stronger Bones

Another treat that could help your dog get stronger bones is combining kale and egg yolk. This is a great alternative if your pup does not adore dairy products, so you can’t give him our first food combination. Or you can opt for this one if you want to focus on your dog’s bone health.

Calcium is a mineral that is best absorbed from our diet, and kale contains high cholesterol levels. This mineral works best when combined with vitamin D found in egg yolks and even fish.

If you want to make a bone-strengthening treat that will ensure your pup is strong and sturdy, opt for this one! Kale is very low in calories, so if you want to make a fit treat, put more of this greens vegetable than the egg yolk.

3. Peanut butter + Bell Peppers

Vitamin E + Vitamin C = Sharp Vision + Skin Maintenance + Overall Health

Is your beloved dog getting older, and you might be suspecting his sight worsened? If yes, the chances are that your dog will enjoy a nutritional boost that will improve his eye health and ease his vision.

Apart from having healthy fats, peanut butter is also a great source of Vitamin E, one of the most important vitamins for our bodies. On the other hand, vitamin C in the bell peppers (capsicum) works great when accompanied by Vitamin E.

But what do these two vitamins do when combined? First of all, both of them promote tissue function but in different ways. While vitamin C helps brain communication, vitamin E aids the constriction of the blood vessels. Both of these vitamins promote healthy skin and hair as well as good eye health.

Their roles here are complementary, which is why combining them in one treatment is a great way to benefit your pup’s health quickly. Their beauty properties will also make your dog’s fur better and help in curing mild skin conditions.

But that’s not all! Vitamins C and E support each other’s antioxidant function. Vitamin E requires regeneration after it restores cell damage caused by free radicals to perform its antioxidant function again. Here intervenes the vitamin C in your cells that regenerates vitamin E’s functions in a way that it can continue to heal tissue damage.

4. Quinoa + Broccoli

Iron + Vitamin C = Energy Boost

Are you an owner of an active dog that gets plenty of exercises each day? Then you might want to think about

Energy-boosting foods that won’t be hard on your pup’s stomach and will provide him with the perfect amount of nutrients.

A body’s energy level is often connected to our blood quality and the amount of oxygen our body gets. And do you know what the strongest compound with some great oxygen-carrying properties and features that improve the blood count? The powerful nutrient we’re talking about is Iron!

Iron is found in meat as well as in leafy vegetables. But, quinoa also has a fairly high amount of Iron that makes a wonderful food for your dog in addition to broccoli. Remember that you shouldn’t season any of it. Just cook the quinoa and steam the broccoli (avoid the stems), and that’s it!

But why should you mix it with broccoli? You could also choose another vegetable high in vitamin C, but we believe broccoli will give this food a good taste and consistency. However, vitamin C makes the body’s absorption of Iron much more successful. But that’s not everything this great combination of compounds can bring. Vitamin C also has an important role in synthesizing red blood cells that are also the main focus of Iron’s function.

5. Cabbage + Peanut Butter

Vitamin K + Healthy Fats = Brain, Heart and Bone Health

Vitamin K plays an important role in our body’s overall functionality. It is in charge of maintaining strong, flexible bones, brain memory, and a healthy heart. But it was also found that this fat-soluble vitamin is best absorbed when taken with healthy fats. So, adding a bit of fat to a vitamin K source will only enhance this vitamin’s properties.

That’s why adding a bit of Vitamin K rich cabbage to low-sodium, and dog-friendly peanut butter might be a perfect food for an adult dog. Combining the two might work together to prevent osteoporosis in dogs because the enhanced powers of vitamin K will support better the maintenance of strong bones by improving bone density.

Vitamin K is also successful in healing wounds, preventing strokes and maintaining proper brain function.

6. Cantaloupe + Coconut oil

Beta Carotene + Healthy Fat = Beauty Boost

Beta-carotene is an orange pigment found in many yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables. It plays a very important role in health because it converts to vitamin A inside the body.

Similarly to vitamin K, beta-carotene is also best absorbed when taken with healthy fat sources. Although you can find other dog foods rich in beta-carotene, we chose the cantaloupe very healthy for canines. With a bit of coconut oil, it could make a wonderful summer treat that will make your pup even prettier than he already is.

Beta carotene’s main functionality is fighting against free radicals. While doing this, beta-carotene also promotes brain health, as well as good eye health. But, beta-carotene is mostly known for its outstanding beauty benefits. It will make your dog’s skin healthier and his fur softer and stronger.

7. Eggs + Cantaloupe

Long Energy Boost

In this case, we’re not talking about the amazing healthy compounds both of these ingredients have, but about a perfect combination of the protein found in the eggs and the type of carbohydrates that cantaloupe contains.

Researches have shown that this type of food synergy works to slow down the absorption of glucose. This means that the insulin and blood-sugar spikes are controlled, which leads to a stabilized energy level.

This dog food is a perfect one for medium to large-sized dogs that are highly active. If you feed them with this delicious treat, they might feel the energy boost not only for the next hour but also throughout the day. Save this combination for when you want to bring your dog hiking, swimming or to any other activity that requires a lot of energy.

Only make sure to serve the eggs properly to your dog, so no additional fats or oils, and forget about salt and pepper!

8. Yogurt + Almonds

Vitamin D + Healthy Fats = Immunity Boost + Bone Health

Natural sources of vitamin D are hard to find, which is why it’s important to ensure that the daily intake of it is assured. While high-quality commercial dog foods might already contain this vitamin, dogs on a raw diet should get their daily dose of it through a smart choice of foods.

As its other vitamin relatives, vitamin D is also better absorbed when combined with healthy fats. The fats will raise the levels of this vitamin found in the blood. By combining the vitamin D-rich yogurt and high-in-healthy-fats almonds, you’ll make sure to provide your dog with a fair dose of this important vitamin.

But how can your dog benefit from this vitamin? Well, not only will it strengthen your dog’s bones, but it will likely make his immune system stronger.

Make sure to crush the almonds, so you prevent choking hazards, and your dog will enjoy this healthy treat!

9. Salmon + Broccoli

Vitamin D + Vitamin K = Ultra Bone Strength

A recent study has found that when combined, Vitamin D and Vitamin K do miracles for bone health. But not only, it was found that the same vitamin combination also benefits heart health.

This combination is probably the best for older dogs that might have problems with joints and bones in general. Being a great vitamin D source, salmon will be a great meal for your dog when combined with vitamin K-rich broccoli.

Be careful how you prepare both of them. Salmon and broccoli are healthiest for your dog when cooked or steamed. Also, be careful of this treat’s serving size as measuring the right amount of fish can get a little tricky. Please consult your vet to see what would be the best amount of it for your dog.

10. Kale + Cheese

Calcium + Vitamin D = Strong Bones

This is a great food synergy combination that will improve your dog’s bone quality. But, you can feed this only if your dog is lactose tolerant because of the cheese. Calcium-rich cheese often works great as a reward treat, so this will be a combination that your dog will probably adore. You can cut either slice everything to smaller pieces, serve the dog, or make small kale-cheese sandwich-like bites.

Vitamin D in the Kale will enhance Calcium’s function and will support your dog’s bone strength.


Sweet Potato + Peanuts

Vitamin C + Vitamin E = Immunity Booster

Last but not least. This healthy dog food combination provides plenty of benefits. As we mentioned above, vitamin C and vitamin E are real partners in fighting damaged cells. They are much more powerful when taken together, which is why you’d have to know about another food synergy of these two vitamins.

Sweet Potato is rich in both of these vitamins, but giving an extra boost of vitamin E through peanuts will make this treat even healthier. This great synergy will keep the cardiovascular system healthy, improve your dog’s immune system and support his eye health.

Although vitamin E deficiency is quite rare in canines, it can develop with age and result in poor vision, reproductive dysfunction, or neurologic abnormalities.

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