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How to Train Your Dog with a Dog Shock Collar

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train your dog with a dog shock collar

First and foremost, what you need to know about a dog shock collar. A dog shock collar is an electronic device used remotely to apply current to the neck of a dog for notification (signal). It’s a wireless device, supported by batteries, alongside transmitter which sends a notification (signal) to the dog shock collar.
The main purpose of the collar is to apply a soft stimulation to the dog whenever it’s misbehaving. The aid of the shock is to prevent the dog from further misbehavior, now and even in the future respectively.

Moreover, training a dog can be tedious due to the misconduct a dog is developing. And you will always try to look for the solution. It isn’t bad that you look for the solution to solve the problem of bad conduct from your dog.

While trying to find a solution for your dog’s bad behavior, have it in mind those dogs are not humans. So making them conform to the right and accepted behavior will take quite some time.

However, the dog shock collar remote device permits you to give your dog a certain punishment from afar, without giving the dog a command. Talk more about seeing you either.

Using the Dog Shock Collar

To use the dog shock collar device, you need to do the following:

  1. Go through all the guides that come with the collar. That’s the first thing you must do before putting the collar on your dog’s neck. It helps you to know how to use the collar. Nevertheless, there are different types of electronic remote collar device out there. So it’s important you know how to use them before applying it to your dog.
  2. Insert the batteries into the collar and the transmitter too. confirm that both the collar and the transmitter are working before putting it on your dog’s neck. Also before you put the collar to your dog’s neck, be sure that the device is turned off and set to the lowest setting. Doing this guarantees the dog not being shocked unknowingly.
  3. Put the collar on your dog’s neck. Note that some collars have small projecting part also known as prongs. Which need to touch the skin of the dog. be sure that the collar is strongly tight so that it will not fall from the dog’s neck. Make sure that the prongs do not over tighten the dog’s neck so that to feel comfortable while breathing.
  4. Let the collar remain on your dog’s neck for the duration of one week before turning it on. As it may be the first experience for your dog to have a shock collar on its neck, you are not expected to turn on the collar immediately. Because your dog needs to get used to it. By doing this, the dog will not consider it as a punishment but consider having an amusing moment with the collar on its neck.

The main objective of the shock collar is to make the dog always thought that it is the behavior causing the shock, not the collar either. Therefore, when you start to use the collar immediately and begin shocking, the dog will with hesitation know that the collar is the cause of the shock.


  1. It’s time to start using the dog shock collar. in use of the collar, you need to start from the lowest degree of stimulation. After which you have turned on the shock collar, supervise your dog. The dog might twitch it an ear or trying to move it head off the collar. However, if your dog could not respond to the lowest degree stimulation, you can slightly try again by turning the transmitter to another degree or level.
  2. Augment the commands your dog apprehend. At the point you begin training your dog with a shock collar, start with the commands your dog is acquainted with. Such commands like stay or sit. If your dog is not replying to the command, press the button on your transmitter and repeat the command. Remember to set your transmitter to the lowest degree of stimulation so that you don’t hurt him.

  4. Control misconduct. You can control the bad behavior of your dog using the shock collar. For example, when your dog digs holes around any time you free him, or whenever he is trying to display other misconduct, turn on the transmitter, do not press the button for more than three seconds and also do not press the button repeatedly else you may injure the dog.

Never allow your dog to see you, in other not to know that it is you causing the painful feeling around its neck. Instead, your dog should feel that it is the bad behavior causing the feeling.


The argument about the Dog Shock Collar

It is really important that you have much understanding of the argument about dog shock collars.

  1. Apprehend the debate in favor of utilizing dog shock collars. According to the intercessors for the use of electronic collars, point out that the collar offers a little electrical shock, which does not hurt the dog. They also debated that the collar can grant the dog absolutely a bit of freedom.

However, there are arguments between some of the electronic collar users, some debated that the collar should be used on dogs that have intense misconduct. While others use the collar to make the dog conforms to the accepted behavior.

  1. Apprehend the debate against utilizing dog shock collars. Users, who are opposing the motion, point out that the collars can be abused. Moreover, the other opposition added and debated that other training mechanisms, like the simple positive augmented behavior, can be equitably effective. The dog could be forced to identify between behavior and pain by executing positive punishment with the electric collars.
  2. Determine whether utilizing a dog shock collar will be suitable for your dog. If you determine to use the electric collars, make sure you follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines in other to make proper use of the collar. Note that you have to make the decision yourself whether to use the collar or not. 

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