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White Golden Retriever Dog Breed

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The White Golden Retriever dogs are lively, loving, devoted, and self-assured. The purebred white golden retriever puppy will be just as lively, clever, and active as any other kind.

A white golden retriever is a wonderful pet for a friend. Many long for white Golden Retrievers, commonly referred to as “English Cream Golden Retrievers,” to be their dog friends.

They are intelligent, obedient dogs that are perfect for a range of individuals, whether they live with elderly relatives or have young families. These perceptive companions have loving dispositions and tranquil temperaments toward their owners.


History of The White Golden Retriever Dog

The White Golden Retrievers are the ideal family dog and make the ideal household pet. His intellect and loyalty, together with his calm demeanor, make for an endearing combination.

The Golden breed has its roots in Scotland and Europe from the late 1860s. A British lord named Lord Tweedmouth is credited with developing the first golden retriever by mating a yellow retriever with a Tweed Water Spaniel.

While being extinct today, the Tweed Water Spaniel was formerly recognized as a passionate “retriever” employed for hunting and a peaceful, devoted dog at home.

The breed didn’t gain popularity in the US until the 1920s, a time when everything was fashionable in Britain, including different dog breeds. The breed was formally recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1932.

White Golden Retriever Dog Overview

  • Origin: Scotland
  • Nick Name: English Cream Golden Retriever
  • Life Span: 12-13 Years
  • Height: 20-24 Inch
  • Weight: 55-75 Pound
  • Coat: Long, Medium
  • Color: White
  • Litter Size: 04-12 Puppies
  • Breed Size: Medium To Large
  • Energy Level: High
  • Exercise Need: Moderate
  • Barking level: When Necessary
  • Breed Group: Sporting


The White Golden Retriever is a medium-sized dog breed with a robust build. The White Golden Retriever has a broad head with a distinct stop, well-spaced black eyes, a wide and robust snout, a huge black nose, a dark-pigmented and slightly drooping muzzle, and medium-sized ears that are raised and hanging.

The shoulders are well-set and long-bladed, the body is chest-deep, and the ribs are well-sprung. The neck is muscular, reasonably long, and has loose-fitting skin. Their hues range from dark golden to light golden to cream.

White Golden Retrievers weigh 55-65 pounds as adults for males and 65-75 pounds for females. Their physique might be slim and more athletic or wide and stocky. AKC guidelines state that white golden retrievers have strong, fluid movements and fan their tails.

The texture of a white Golden Retriever’s coat can range from straight to wavy. The rear of their legs, tail, and breast all have thick feathering.


The White Golden Retriever is regarded as a breed of dog that is clever, gentle, and extremely loving. This breed tends to be both quiet and chatty. They are incredibly eager to please their masters and are quite simple to teach.

White Golden Retriever is renowned for creating wonderful family dogs and companions. generally extremely patient with youngsters and keen to participate in family activities with any member. The breed frequently lacks any defense instincts entirely because of its sociable temperament.

The breed often preserves many of the gundog characteristics and qualities, such as a keen sense of smell and a potent desire for retrieving. White Golden retrievers frequently give their owners toys or other delicacies as gifts. Compared to other retriever breeds, White golden retrievers often develop quite slowly.


The White Golden Retrievers are typically a healthy breed. Their usual life span is 12 to 13 years. The incidence of inherited health issues has grown in some breeds as a result of irresponsible breeding to satisfy increasing demand.

These issues include allergic skin diseases, vision issues, and occasionally agility. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in research and affects about 50% of the population. This breed is unreasonably prone to this disease.

They are especially prone to hemangiosarcoma and lymphoma, with lifetime risks of one in five and one in eight, respectively. A lack of other congenital illnesses may contribute to the high cancer mortality rate among white golden retrievers.

White Golden Retriever Dog Care

Caring for a white golden retriever is very important. If you want your White Golden Retriever to live as long and healthy as possible, you must first educate yourself.

Maintaining excellent health and a high standard of living requires a balanced diet, frequent exercise, grooming, and veterinarian health checkups.


The White Golden retrievers need premium medium or large dog food to maintain an active lifestyle. The high-quality dog food that is appropriate for a dog’s age, such as puppy, adult, or senior, will have all the nutrients the breed need.

Dogs are individuals, just like people, and they don’t all require the same quantity of food. Compared to smaller-breed dogs, large breed dogs not only have larger appetites but also benefit from a distinct mix of nutrients, including minerals and vitamins.

The common guideline is to feed an adult dog 5 cups of food each day. A puppy needs to eat roughly three cups each day. It’s also best to refrain from giving the dog excessive amounts of leftover human food.


The White Golden Retrievers need lots of daily activity, like most sporting breeds. If they don’t get enough exercise, they are more prone to exhibit unwanted behaviors.

White Golden retrievers make great companions on long runs and bike rides. It is recommended to consult a veterinarian before starting strenuous or high-impact activities that may stress the dog’s bones and joints.

Several White Golden retrievers like engaging in dog sports including agility, obedience, and tracking as well as going on hunting expeditions or field competitions to obtain their exercise.

The White Golden Retriever is an energetic breed of dog that requires a way to release all of its stored energy. Giving your dog 45 minutes of daily exercise is therefore a smart idea, as does providing additional mental and physical stimulation.


Grooming is very important for the white golden retriever. Once or twice a year they significantly shed their thick double coat which repels water. They constantly shed less. The White Golden Retriever requires frequent grooming because its coat is dense.

The undercoat is very thick and should not be allowed to fall into the mat as it causes unnecessary suffering to the animal and is water-repellent. Its coat’s length draws water and filth.

Once the coat dries it is easy to clean. Giving the carpet a thorough slicker brush once or twice a week will remove most of the dead hair before it has a chance to fall onto the furniture.

Bathing helps exfoliate dead hair. White Golden Retrievers only need the occasional bath to stay clean. Regular nail trimming is essential for the White Golden Retriever.

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Puppy training sessions and early socialization are advised for all breeds. Between the ages of seven weeks and four months, the puppy should be gently introduced to a variety of people, places, and circumstances.

This will help the Golden mature into a well-adjusted, well-behaved adult. Puppy training lessons aid in socialization and teach owners how to spot and fix any undesirable tendencies that may arise.

They need sensitive reward-based learning to help them develop confidence and perform well. They love to work with their owners and excel in activities that utilize their natural recovery skills in addition to walking for exercise.

The relationship between dog and owner is strengthened via obedience training. White Golden retrievers are kind, obedient, and eager to please their owners, which makes them simple to teach.

Advantages and Disadvantage

Advantage of White Golden Retriever Dog

  • These are intelligent and obedient dogs
  • They are very easy to train.
  • This dog is good with children and pets

Disadvantage of White Golden Retriever Dog

  • white golden retriever suffers more from health issues.
  • They tend to gain weight.
  • There are dogs with more shedding.

White Golden Retriever Dog Photo Gallery

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