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Tibetan Mastiff – Breed Info, Pictures & Puppy Detail

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Tibetan Mastiff Dog

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About Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan mastiff is one of the most popular and influential dog breeds from Tibet. They are originated as a guarding and social dog. Initially, they are used as guard dogs for stock and property. Tibetan dog comes back from Tibet, Himalaya. They additionally get pleasure from life as family companions and show dogs. He is thought of for his loyalty and has been used as a wanderer dog for thousands of years. Tibetan Mastiffs are intelligent family members. Once Tibetan Mastiffs are raised with youngsters or exposed to them, frequently, they are doing all right.


Tibetan Mastiff head is broad and impressive eyes are almond and deep-set shaped. It’s well-padded and muzzle broad, giving a square appearance. The dog’s body is brief and slightly extended. Its walk is deliberate and slow. The Tibetan mastiff loves his family with a fierce intensity. They stand to arise on the pasterns, with robust, tight cat feet, giving an alert look.

The Tibetan Mastiffs don’t need any reasonably special diet. Tibetan Mastiffs eat abundantly but expected for their size, as adults might solely need 2 to four cups of top quality food per day. They eat after they are hungry, and it is not uncommon for a master to leave a meal together.


Adult male Tibetan mastiff dog has weight between 45-80 kg.

And adult female Tibetan mastiff has weight between 34-54 kg.


A male Tibetan Mastiff is at least 26 inches tall.

A Females Tibetan Mastiff is at least 24 inches tall.


This dog is a loving, gentle, patient, and understanding dog breed. The powerful, heavy, and athletic Tibetan mastiff combines lightness and strength, and he is a freelance thinker and his plan. He understands consistency and firmness; however, he won’t take abuse. He might also be aggressive toward different dogs, particularly those of a similar sex.

He must induce the exercise. Tibetan Mastiffs even have a deep, spectacular bark that they tend to use freely, particularly at midnight once they are most attentive. These stubborn, independent dogs can arrange to take charge of each situation unless you’re an assertive leader who demands respect. They need a knowledgeable owner who will give early and in-progress socialization and consistent coaching to stop the aggressiveness.

The Tibetan mastiff is sensitive to emotions. He is quiet inside, however, active outside. It’s not an excellent plan to argue together with your mate or spank your kid ahead of him. Tibetan Mastiffs are usually aforesaid to be sensible with children. It’s also necessary to show children how to act with the dog and supervise them once they’re along. He has some health issues.


Tibetan mastiff dog are available in Black, brown, red gold, Black and tan, brown and tan, blue-grey colors.


Prize of Tibetan mastiff dog is around $2,500 to $10,000.

Tibetan Mastiff Puppy

The average size of the Tibetan mastiff is from 5 to 12 puppies. They’re intelligent and learn quickly; however, their freelance and stubborn nature mean strict and formal obedience coaching does not bring the most effective results. If you wish for a puppy, you’ll avoid some negative traits by selecting the correct breeder and Puppy. Sadly, you always cannot tell whether a puppy has genetic temperament or health issues until he grows up.

House training comes simply to the Tibetan Mastiff. Crate coaching assists during this method and prevents your Puppy from chewing on things he should not or otherwise entering into trouble once you are not around to supervise. Regular coaching follows, and social interaction can facilitate sure that you live along with happiness.

Mastiff’s Puppy would like intensive exposure to friendly individuals so that they learn to acknowledge the conventional behaviors of “good guys.” Then they will recognize the distinction once somebody acts abnormally. His puppies would like enough exercise to keep them lean and healthy, however not such a lot so that their soft growing bones, joints, and ligaments become over-stressed and broken.

Popular Mastiff Mixed Breeds

Tibetan Mastiff Siberian husky mix

Both the Siberian Husky and the Tibetan Mastiff are usually loyal and delicate. They are intelligent and also maybe freelance and stubborn. They have early socialization and firm coaching, thus judge your hands full. The Husky accepts strangers and alternative dogs, whereas the mastiff may be a severe guard dog who’s suspicious of intruders.

Tibetan Mastiff Corgi mix

This mix comes from Tibetan Mastiff and Corgi. They are intelligent and alert, and friendly with their families. The Corgi families are often daring and teasing to mastiffs. At the same time, the mastiff finds it laborious to let his hair down.

Tibetan Mastiff Rottweiler mix

They are Family-friendliness, tenderness, significant shades. They’re sensible with relations. The Rottweiler is a smaller amount freelance and a lot of trainable than the Tibetan working dog. 

Tibetan Mastiff German shepherd mix

This dog is the combination of two dog breeds, Tibetan Mastiff and German shepherd. They are loveable and family-friendly breeds. They even have high guarding instinct and may be aggressive with strangers. They are desperate to please submissive, And the mastiff tends to be a lot of freelances.

Tibetan Mastiff Great Dane mix

He is another cross of two giant breeds, Tibetan Mastiff and Great Dane. Both the breeds are light and friendly with family and maybe sweet and devoted. The nice Dane weighs up to one hundred eighty pounds and a height of up to thirty-three inches. This combine might create a pleasant family of dog. Wherever somebody is home throughout the day, it will be best suited for families.

Tibetan Mastiff lab mix

This cross is from Labrador Retriever & Tibetan Mastiff. Both the lab and also the mastiff are light, intelligent, and family-friendly breeds. They even have high energy and wish a lovely job to try to do. They’d be sensible family dogs.

Tibetan Mastiff golden retriever mix

Both are significant shedders. The Golden Retriever and the Tibetan Mastiff are light, intelligent, family-friendly dogs. He’s usually friendly to everybody. The Golden is less complicated to coach than the Tibetan Mastiff and is keen to please. Mastiff retriever mix joyful disposition with any breed is sure to have a positive result.

Tibetan Mastiff Reviews

Tibetan Mastiff Dog Reviews

Golden Haired Tibetan Mastiff

The Golden Tibetan mastiff Dogs are with heavy, woolly golden undercoat and coarse hair. He is a hazardous and furious animal and can be a dearly-won dog breed. His golden-haired animal was thirty-one inches tall and weighed regarding two hundred pounds.

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