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Tea Cup Poodle (Aka Toy Poodle)

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tea cup poodle

What is Tea Cup Poodle or Toy Poodle?

A Tea cup dog breed has been originated in Germany. Breeds were originally bred to be working and sporting dogs that created the right domestic dog. The standard is the oldest of the 3 poodle varieties.

The miniatures and also the Toy was created by choosing a smaller size. The breed became very popular in France, England, and Spain. They are beloved around the world and are consistently graded among the most well-liked breeds.

According to AKC, Poodles are available in 3 sizes: Standard, Miniature, and Toy. Toy Poodles are suited to many kinds of homes due to, therefore, smart nature. The Tea Cup dog is one of all the tiniest dogs out there.

The Tea Cup dog is an unofficial size variation of the dog. Toy Poodles are cute and loveable. Their tiny size suggests that they’ll adapt to any atmosphere and that they haven’t got do not have of care desires. Tea Cup Poodle can easily fit in the palm of an adult hand.

This breed will technically are available in any color, although most show standards dictate a solid coat. This breed can win your heart a deep and constant bond. The Tea Cup dog includes a frizzy or maybe rough coat that may be brushed to fulfill the owner’s preferences.

Selecting a Tea Cup dog may be a sensible decision. If you’re interested in learning additional about this lovable, very little dog, we recommend this cute dog during this article.

Different Names of Tea Cup Poodle

toy poodle

Photo Credit: teacuppoodle_skype

  • Pudle,
  • French Poodle,
  • Tea Cup Poodle,
  • Barbone,
  • Chien Canne

Other Popular Poodle Cross Breeds

The poodle has been successfully mixed with Labrador, German Shepherd, Dalmatian, Beagle, Chihuahua, Siberian Husky, Sheltie, Pit Bull, Greyhound, Australian Shepherd and more. Have a look at some of the popular poodle mixes.

  1. Maltipoo = Maltese + poodle cross

The Maltipoo is one of the most beautiful poodle mix breeds. They need a bold temperament and fun-loving spirit. They were used as service dogs.

  1. Cockapoo = poodle + cocker spaniel

Cockapoo may be a fun-loving dog that’s simple to coach. This was one of the most popular due to its fuzzy beauty and friendly temperament. This mixed breed may be a lapdog, which is ideal if you have children.

  1. Labradoodle = Labrador + Poodle

This is gorgeous and good. Labradoodle mix breed has sociable nature, high level of intelligence and natural affectionateness.

  1. Goldendoodle = poodle + golden retriever

This is a highly regarded dog breed. It’s smart, trying and clever. They’re nice family pets; Goldendoodles are often used as guide dogs, mortal dogs.

  1. Yorkipoo = yorkshire terrier + poodle

It has endless fondness and energy. This clever Little Dog may be a natural entertainer and might be tutored tricks. Yorkipoo may be a charmed, obedient family dog.

  1. Pomapoo = pomeranian + Canis familiaris

These beautiful puppies is that they’re adaptable and can change consistent with their surroundings. Pomapoo’s are one of the cutest and friendliest poodles mixes out there.

  1. Shihpoo = poodle + Shih Tzu

Shihpoo is one of the tiniest poodle combine breeds within the world. These spirited pups are often a bit of a few but are forever packed with love and fondness for their owner.

  1. Poochon = poodle + Bichon Frisé

The Poochon is one of the few hypoallergenic poodle mixes that doesn’t shed any hair. This can be good for anyone with kids or members of the family with allergies. These dogs get on alright with kids and alternative pets.

  1. Bassetoodle = basset hound + poodle

This mix breed may be a naturally playful and curious dog that’s forever searching for a journey. Bassetoodle mix breed even has a giant potency, thus presenting them with lots of exercises and a diet.

  1. Schnoodle = schnauzer + poodle

This breed has high energy and fun personalities. Sch noodle mix-breed dog are often a touch bit stubborn however overall may be friendly and warm.

Tea Cup Poodle Appearance

Photo Credit: teacuppoodle_skype


  • Tea Cup Poodle is 9 inches in height.


  • Tea Cup poodle is less than 6 pounds in weigh.

Life span:

  • Tea Cup poodle can live for 8-15 years.

Head, neck & body

Tea cup dog head is fairly rounded with flat cheeks and a bit chiseling below the eyes. The head flows into an extended neck and powerful shoulders. The chest is deep with well-sprung ribs. The shoulder bone is well set back and around a similar length because of the higher foreleg.


The feet of most poodles are rather little and oval-shaped with arched toes. The pads on every foot ought to be padded and thick. Forelegs are Straight and parallel once viewed from the front. The feet flip neither in nor out.

The feet are rather little, oval with toes well arched and padded on thick firm pads. Toenails are short however not overly shortened.


The hindquarters ought to balance out the forequarters in form. Hind legs straight and parallel once viewed from the rear. Hock to heel are short and perpendicular to the bottom. Legbone and are concerning equal long. Rear toes leg bone solely slightly behind the point of the rump.

Coat & color

They have the tiniest body, and Their coat is curled and thick. Tea Cups are available in leg bone of colors and white, gray, black, red, brindle, silver and apricot. Some have spots of varied different colors in their coats. These curls are glossy and typically tough to take care of it. They need thick, medium-length curls. It will quickly develop knots in their fur.

They have thick, wavy fur with huge dark eyes. Tea cup dogs don’t shed. However, their dead fur comes off; however, it stays cornered inside their tight curls, solely falling out throughout brushing.

Tea Cup Poodle Characteristics

The dog may be a robust dog with an upright carriage. Dogs eyes are little, dark and are continuously alert. They need a protracted muzzle with floppy furry ears. They need an alert and intelligent expression.

The ears ought to fold over near to the head or slightly below eye level. Warm, loyal, and very smart, this Tea Cup dog can create the proper companion with the additional bonus of being unbelievably cute. Skin comfortable at the throat.

The neck rises from sturdy, smoothly muscled shoulders. The top line is level, neither sloping nor roached, from the shoulder blade’s best purpose to the bottom of the tail, except a small hollow simply behind the shoulder.

The loin is brief, broad and muscular. The tail is straight. The Dogs need little size, cheerful attitudes, and intuitive natures. They don’t look threatening; they will serve as wonderful watchdogs.

Tea Cup Poodle Personality

Tea cup poodle loves attention and continually wishes to be about to you. Their attention-seeking disposition will create them loyal although. They get this connected to their owner that they suffer from separation anxiety.

Tea cup poodles are extraordinarily quizzical dog; however, play with caution. Their personality is extremely active; if you’re not active, then tea cup poodle isn’t smart for you. They like to meet new people and love attention.

Thanks to their pleasant disposition, socialization comes naturally to those pups. These pups don’t need a lot of exercises. However, they are doing to get bored and don’t prefer to be left alone. Poodle likes to meet someone or an animal.

Tea Cup Poodle Temperament

Tea Cup Poodles are extremely smart, simply trainable and greedy of a hierarchy. Tea Cup Poodles move in a very family atmosphere and like to be around individuals. Tea Cup Poodles additionally create a good family dog because they do not care wherever you reside.

They are very caring and create nice companions for everybody. These dogs also are laughably tiny, extraordinarily fragile and susceptible to Little Dog Syndrome. Poodle is very vulnerable to fear-based aggression. They’re going to thrive in apartments, in giant homes and town living.

Tea Cup Poodle needs a watchdog nature. If they’re left alone for too long, they’re going to begin to suffer from separation anxiety and exhibit harmful behaviors. They are doing not want a big yard or extra further exercise. Tea Cup Poodles are friendly dogs.

Tea Cup Poodle Puppy Information

chien canne

Photo Credit: teacuppoodle_skype

Puppies are a beautiful, attracted and adorable dog breed. Tea Cup puppies are ordinarily born in litters of 1 to 2, though often there will be more. They are also continuously below nine inches in height.

They weigh around two pounds once born and can solely grow to around five pounds once an adult. It’s the same to be one of the foremost trainable breeds. Tea Cup puppies can tend to bark a lot.

This is sensible because the dam is little that she solely has space for many healthy puppies in her little stomach. The quality poodle dog was bred down to form a smaller version of the breed, used for searching, gained quality as Show Dogs.

Have a look at the below table which shows the activities by age for Tea Cup Poodle puppy

Age Activities
10-15 Days Eyes and ears open, begins walking
6 Weeks Old enough to be separated from mother, housetrained, introduced to solid food, training should begin at this early stage
10 Weeks Vaccinations, Can begin exercising
5  Months Adult coat growing in, adolescent period starts, characterized by increased independence, fear, disobedience, hyperactivity
8  Months It can be transitioned to adult food, Sexual maturity;
1 year+ Adulthood

Tea Cup poodle’s puppy Training:

Their high intelligence implies that they have a lot of mental stimulation to remain out of hassle. Fortunately, these dogs are, therefore, little they are doing, not would like many exercises. However, exercise remains important for his or her health. They love toys and running around. The foremost common rule going around is to require your puppy for a walk and add five minutes for each month to get on. If they’re 6 months recent, then take him or her to run for 25 to 30 minutes. They’re additionally unbelievably good animals. Therefore a part of their exercise routine ought to be a purposeful play which will stimulate their minds. If the dog is obtaining regular exercise, it helps increase the length of your time they’re able to sleep. Play games with them like, Hide and get, ball. You’ll teach them their toy names too. It provides them recognition and can create indoor play day even a lot of specials. By obtaining 3 glasses and putting a treat below one, and moving all around before your toy poodle, you’re teaching them memorization and focus.

  • Walking: two 10-minute walks per day (indoors or out) may be a smart target
  • Blowing Bubbles: Your Tea Cup dog can love “attacking” the bubbles you blow
  • Fetch: Are often as straightforward as throwing a toy around the front room
  • Hide-and-Seek: Offer the dog a treat once it finds you
  • Balls and toys: It’ll enable the dog to burn excess energy
  • Yard Romp: Take your Tea Cup into your enclosed yard for a few horseplay

Tea cup Poodle’s puppy Feeding:

Feed puppies additional usually than adults 4-5 small meals each day. Reduce it to 2-3 larger meals per day once six months were getting on. As an adult, your dog will be fed 1-2 times each day. You must consult together with your vet for actual amounts. Because amounts also will vary based on brand, therefore check pet-food labels for guidance once you’ve given them the precise quantity of food they have. You must not provide a lot of food. Raw food diets are natural and edible, which might be nice for dogs’ nutrition, energy levels, and skin health.

Dog Age Food Amount
6 Weeks Dry (puppy formula) 1-2 pieces
3 Months Dry (puppy formula) 3-4 pieces
5 Months Dry (puppy formula) 5-6 pieces
7 Months Dry (puppy formula) 8-10 pieces


Puppy price:

Tea Cup poodle puppy price is from $1,000-$5,000.

Things to consider while adopting a Tea Cup Poodle puppy

  • Adopting a dog from an animal shelter is not any little task. It’s attainable to find a breeder that has smart Tea Cup dogs.
  • A breeder can have a litter with smaller-than-average pups that he or she can still provide a health guarantee. This could be a rare prevalence. However, it’s the foremost ethical way to find a Tea Cup puppy.
  • Before creating a call, it is vital to think about the energy of a tea cup domestic dog. They need high energy. If you reside on a farm with an enormous family and many houses, then a tea cup domestic dog is ideal for you.
  • Before purchase a tea cup poodle, you discover out as much as you’ll about a dog’s history before the adoption.
  • It’s important to speak to a dog shelter regarding however potential adopters reply to food. It’d even be worth asking the shelter to feed a dog ahead of you; thus, you’ll assess true yourself.
  • It’s also a good plan to check how a tea cup poodle dog interacts with different dogs. Raise the stock farmer at the shelter if their dogs travel outside and play with one another, which exposes them to new surroundings and encourages them to socialize.

Tea Cup Poodle Health & Problems

  1. Hypoglycaemia

Hypoglycemia will occur once a dog is too active with excessive time between meals or fasts before vigorous exercise. Some time poodle dogs die because of this disease.


  • Weakness and Seizures
  • Unusual behavior and expanded pupils
  • Loss of pretence
  • Extreme lethargy
  • Lack of coordination
  1. Digestive issues

Digestive issues is caused by whipworms, polyps, inflammatory viscus wellness, colonic ulcers. Offer simply digestible foods like white rice, cottage cheese, yogurt, grilled macaroni or oatmeal, or high protein foods to your poodle dog.


  • Diarrhea and constipation,
  • Vomiting or regurgitation,
  • Abdominal pain and bloating,
  • Shock, and dehydration
  1. Blindness

Due to this disease, toy poodle can see cloudy rather than clear. They may stop creating eye contact with you. Over time they’re going to change well to losing their vision.


  • Becoming clingy
  • New level of anxiety

Tea Cup Poodle Care: How to Keep Toy Poodle Healthy

It is important to keep your toy poodle healthy. Regular grooming, feeding and exercise is the most important for dogs.


Ears, eyes & nails:

  1. Keep an ear and eye wipes to remove earwax and eye matter a minimum of once every week.
  2. Check your teacup poodles ear frequently. You ought to clean your ears with dog’s ear liquid.
  3. Never stick something in a very dog’s ear.

Use a cotton swab dipped in oil to get rid of any waxy fur from the outer portion of his ear canals. Check your dog’s ears for mites often. Contact your physician if you’ll be able to see an infestation. They have a long-nailed.

Cut their nail with nail clippers. A sweater or jacket is nice to assist your pup warm throughout those harsh weather changes.

Coat: Bathe your tea cup poodle frequently to stay his skin and fur soft and healthy. Brush pup coat daily to get rid of loose hair and dirt. The coat must be extraordinarily wet to the roots before applying the shampoo.

Use a soft brush, and keep in mind to brush her belly and legs yet as the top part of her body. It would help if you used dog shampoo to reduce the chance of irritating, drying out your dog’s skin, and inflicting a hypersensitive reaction.

Use warm water. Trim your Tea Cup poodle’s coat in each six to eight weeks. It’ll decrease the chance of skin irritation or infections. Avoid clipping a dirty dog if the least bit possible. The dirt can clog the clippers and build your job tough.


Feed your tea cup poodle twice daily with prime quality pet food, either dry, wet or a mix of each. This dog needs roughly 250 calories per day. This can be equal to one cup of prime-quality dry kibble per day.

For toy dog breeds, kibble could be a smart food. Fresh meats and vegetables are all acceptable for poodle food. Try to maintain your Tea Cup Poodles weight.

You should feed your tea cup poodle by feed schedule that is given below:

Time Meal
08:00 Breakfast
12:00 Snack
16:00 Lunch
20:00 Dinner


Walking is that the best way to exercise. It’s additionally an ideal way to increase their mental stimulation and socialize your dog with the setting. This can be a little dog thus, a short walk lasting for a half-hour per day is enough exercise.

You’ll attempt to vary your walking locations to offer your dog new experiences. Chew toys and different dog-friendly toys can keep your pup pleased once you are busy. Give the chance for your poodle to play with different dogs it’ll teach them necessary social skills.

Puzzle toys are an excellent way to improve your dog’s intelligence and their problem-solving skills. Never take your eye off one amongst these little pups.

Tea Cup Poodle Rescue

A Tea Cup poodle could also be a dog placed during a new home once abused, neglected, and abandoned by its previous owner. Tea Cup poodle dogs are rescued and adopted in their forever homes.

If you’re considering adopting a tea cup poodle dog, continuously check your native shelters. Before buying, you must know about the history of that breed. Therefore you are ready to provide training them that is they want. You offer them the home and the love.

It is not bad to purchase a rescue dog. Tea cup poodle is extremely eager for new training. Therefore if you’re caring for them well, then they’ll be an excellent dog.

Tea Cup Poodle Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Poodles are one among the foremost Intelligent Breeds within the World.
  • Toy Poodles are terribly Social. Toy Poodles are terribly social animals.
  • They do not shed a lot
  • Toy poodles have a long life span.
  • Toy Poodle is a low maintenance dog breed.


  • They have common health problems
  • They never live alone
  • Tea Cup dogs are very expensive.
  • Small children don’t go well with Toy Poodles.
  • They are not for first time owner.


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