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Komondor Dog Breed (Aka Hungarian Sheepdog or Mop Dog)

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Komondor, also known as ‘Hungarian Sheepdog,’ is among the most uncommon breeds seen within the USA. This breed may be a medium to large dog breed with a long, heavily matted white coat. The dog is roofed from head to tail in heavy, tassel-like white cords. That is why Komondor has placed one of the top long-haired dog breeds in the world.

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This can be a beautiful companion for the correct family. The length of the body is slightly longer than the peak. This breed likes to be to work to figure. Whether or not it’s guarding sheep or guarding your family.

This Hungarian Sheepdog is mostly reserved and serious with strangers. This breed is understood for its dignity, strength and spirit. This is independent and heroic and maybe a devoted guardian. This is often not a breed for anyone searching for low-maintenance grooming.

History of Komondar (Hungarian Sheepdog)

The name komondor derives from Koman-dor, which means “Cuman dog.” For several centuries the komondor has been the king of Hungarian flock dogs. Komondor was delivered to Hungary by Cumans.

The Turkic speaking, nomadic people that settled in Hungary throughout the 12th and 13th century. The komondor may be a fairly common breed in a European nation, its country of origin. The breed descended from Tibetan dogs and came from Asia with the Cumans.

Within the late 10th century, the Mongols began to expand their territories at the Cumans’ expense, forcing them to maneuver westward. They reached the borders of Hungary within the 12th century.

For the first time written in 1544 within the History of King Astiagis by Kákonyi Péter, the name sheepdog is found in Hungarian. Later, in 1673, Amos Comenius mentions the komondor in one of his works. Several Komondors were killed throughout world war two.

Different Names of Komondar

  • Hungarian sheepdog
  • Komondorok
  • Mop Dog
  • Hungarian Commonmop

Komondar (Hungarian Sheepdog) Appearance

hungarian sheepdog


  • Male dog weight is between 50 – 60 kg.
  • Female dog weight is between 40 – 50 kg.


  • Male dog Height is from 71 – 76 cm.
  • Female dog Height is from 64 – 69 cm.


  • Life expectancy is around 10 – 12 years.

Mop Dog Head, Neck & Body

The head of the komondor is roofed everywhere with long hair. The komondor includes a broad head with the muzzle slightly shorter than 1/2 the head’s length with a fair and complete scissor bite.

The neck is roofed with long hair, is muscular, of medium length, moderately arched.

They have sturdy bodies, powerfully muscled with long legs and a brief back. The body is roofed with a significant, matted, rough coat. The skin contains loads of pigment and is slate gray.


  • Shoulders – slope into the neck without apparent protrusion
  • Forelegs – straight, well boned and muscular
  • The upper arm –  Joins the body closely, without loose elbows.
  • Loins – It is wide
  • Chest – broad which results in wide apart, strong and free moving legs.
  • Limbs – firmly connected to the body


  • Bones – covered with highly-developed muscles.
  • Stifles – are well-bent
  • Thigh: Strongly muscled, voluminous
  • Hind feet: Longer than forefeet, supports the body with medium angulations.
  • Rump – wide, muscular, moderately sloping towards the root of the tail

Hungarian Sheepdog Coat & Color

Komondor’s (Hungarian Sheepdog) coat is white. The coat may be a long, thick, and strikingly twilled white coat, 22 – 27 cm long. The coat seems between 6 -9 months previous and develops throughout their first 2 years of life. The coat is soft and downy.

The outer coat’s hairs are ringleted and tend to Matt in conjunction with the undercoat to create cords. The cords ought to be sturdy and significant. The length of the cords will increase with time because the coat grows.

The coats can become discolored with dirt unless washed. To stop, regular grooming and separation is required. The coat takes regarding 2 and a half days to dry when a shower.

Komondor (Hungarian Sheepdog) Characteristics

The eye’s specific fidelity Blue-white eyes are disabling. The sides of the eyelids are slate-grey. The iris of the eyes is of a coffee or darker brown color. The ears are rather low-set and hang on the side of the head.

The color of the nose is black. The nostrils are wide. Komondors with flesh-colored noses. The lips cowl the teeth closely and are black. The jaws are powerful, and also the teeth are level and shut along equally.

The muzzle is wide, coarse and not pointed. The muzzle is generally lined by long hair. The edges of the muzzle are black or steel blue-grey. The muzzle’s top line is straight and concerning parallel with the line of the top of the bone.

The tail is carried with a small curl. Their coats protect them during the winter season. But the coat required routine grooming, brushing and cleaning.

Komondor (Hungarian Sheepdog) Personality

This Hungarian Sheepdog is wary of strangers and maybe aggressive to different dogs. These traits and their massive size create them a foul match for first-time or timid house owners. The Breed is a superb watchdog for each home and farm animal and was originally developed for this role.

Komondor are not high-energy and are happy simply looking and following you around the house. They are ideal for guarding a farm animal; however, any job can provide them the mental exercise they have. Komondor (Hungarian Sheepdog) will become aggressive, fearful, or reserved once empty human company.

It’s extremely counseled that obedience coaching is started early and systematically. The dog is also protecting its own family’s pets, whereas sharply offensive others. This is often a heavy dog with tremendous strength; few people will offer the house or lifestyle that keeps this Breed glad.

The Breed is remarkably agile and reacts very, very quickly.

Komondor (Hungarian Sheepdog) Temperament

Komondor is an intelligent, freelance, tender, Fearless, ferociously protecting, Steady, Gentle, and Calm dog breed. Komondor are barkers and suspicious of most things they see or hear. The Breed is often aggressive to different dogs.

This Hungarian Sheepdog could be a brave dog, and for this reason, they create wonderful guard dogs. They still want the daily exercise of a minimum of a few walks per day to stay healthy and at their correct weight. The Breed is the happiest once they are operating.

This long-haired dog wants an assured owner who will offer leadership the Komodor can respect. It has nice strength and temperament. However, the Breed is patient, and his own family’s kids are often protective once neighborhood kids join in.

The Breed is decidedly not suited to an apartment and needs a massive home with a spacious and firmly enclosed yard. Early and in-progress socialization are essential if his territorial instincts are to stay controlled instead of indiscriminate.


Komondar (Hungarian Sheepdog) Puppy Information

komondor playing with child

Hungarian komondor puppies are dignified, brave, protective, and firmly loyal. Their energy state is extremely high. They’re smart with different kids and dog’s. Komondor puppies would like regular grooming.

They are also intelligent, freelance, and ferociously protecting, willing to rise to defensive home and family challenges. Komondor puppies take an extended time to achieve maturity, generally 3 years or so, but they need a peaceful, devoted temperament once they do.

Komondor puppy coat is comparatively soft; however, it shows a tendency to represent cord-like curls.

Puppy Feeding

Komondor puppy needs excellent-quality dry pet foods. They might like cheese, fruits and vegetables, and overdone eggs. Komondor pups need to be the best, brand-name puppy food. Give clean freshwater solely, and make sure to scrub food and water bowls frequently.

  • If your Komondor puppies are between eight and twelve weeks old so that they would like four bowls of food per day.
  • If your Komondor puppies are three to six months old ought to be fed 3 meals within 24 hours.
  • If your Komondor puppies are between six to twelve months old, they would like two times of food per day.

Puppy Training

Training to Komondor puppy could be very little tough due to their freelance temperament. Therefore you would like to start out training them on their favorite behaviors. Produce a positive atmosphere by rewarding them for each minor success. You can use dog training equipment such as a dog shock collar to train your Komondor puppy.

Once they understand that training could be a smart factor, then begin taking creating a modification. Constant correction of behavior and positive reinforcement is commonly needed as komondor puppies will quickly acquire undesirable or aggressive activity traits.

The breed wants an owner who is assured and assertive, however positive and delicate.

A few of the fundamental training steps are…..

  • Socialize: Socializing Hungarian komondor can prepare them for unknown things. Socialize will produce a stable, friendly and fearless adult. The puppy can get to learn basic dog commands, like “sit,” “stay,” “down,” or “heel.” It could facilitate cut back their shyness and forestall developed aggression towards strangers, other’s dog, and fellow animals.
  • Barking: Barking might be a dangerous habit. If your Hungarian Sheepdog pup bark at the unknown, then never instantly attend to them. Permit them to recognize you’re not rewarding them for barking. Once they have calmed down, then you’ll be able to move to them.
  • Potty training: Potty training is extremely important. You furthermore might get to take komondor puppies resolute to go potty constantly. Permit them to move into a toilet once a meal, drink, a nap, playtime.

Komondor Puppy Price

  • Komondor puppy price is average $800 – $1200.

Things to consider adopting a komondor (Mop)puppy

  1. Adopting a dog may be a huge responsibility. It’s a choice you want to create carefully. It would help if you noticed a puppy.
  2. Finding an honest breeder is that the key to finding the correct puppy. An honest breeder will match you with the foremost effective dog.
  3. An honest breeder can tell you relating to the breed’s history, justify why one puppy is taken into consideration pet quality. In contrast, another isn’t, and discuss what health problems impact the breed and conjointly the steps she takes to travel to avoid those problems.
  4. You may notice a komondor out there from a Dog Rescue group. Komondors could also be Rescue due to the coat care they need or dominance problems, or aggression toward different animals.
  5. Homeowners may surrender their komondor once it becomes apparent that the dog is too abundant for them to handle. You’d offer these dogs the exercise, training, and socialization that they’re lacking.
  6. Ask veterinary or various dog householders where to find smart breeders in your location. Analyze whether or not the breeder has taken correct care regarding the area’s cleanliness within that he has kept the dogs.
  7. Observe the health of the puppies and their condition. Examine the knowledge of the breeder by asking them some questions about the breed.
  8. Lack of exercise can cause negative behaviors like biting, jumping and change of state. You’ll get to spend time walking and playing with your komondor.
  9. Komondor wants to learn new things and intelligent because you get this breed if you’re very curious and intelligent.
  10. They need regular exercise and grooming; thus, if you’re first-time dog owners, this dog breed isn’t for you.

Komondor Dog Health & Problems

  1. Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is abnormal development or growth of the hip joint, generally moving either facet. Hip dysplasia is that of the most common reason for inflammatory disease of the hip in dogs. It’s caused by varying degrees of play of encompassing tissues. This problem can develop to be very painful, and the way to result from the dog grows older. Maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine way to stop this illness.


  • Decreased activity.
  • Decreased vary of motion.
  • Difficulty or reluctance rising, jumping, running, or ascension stairs.
  • Lameness within the hind end.
  • Grating within the joint throughout movement.
  1. Heart problem

Mitral valve ill health is one altogether the inherent heart issues komondor may need. The high is created once the heart ventricle of the middle radiates blood to the body. This contraction may cause the sporting out of the valve, which over time can tend to leak.


  • Dry cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Fainting
  1. Gastric torsion

Gastric torsion typically happens in dogs with deep, slender chests. This suggests your Komodor is additional in danger than different breeds. The stomach twists on itself and fills with gas. The twisting cuts off blood provide to the stomach and generally the spleen.


  • Drooling and diarrhea constipation
  • Vomiting or regurgitation
  • Loss of appetency
  • Bleeding


  1. Eye disease

Eye disease happens once the flap becomes inflamed and is visible as a result of it distends outward. It’s ugly but merely corrected through surgical removal of the affected organ.


  • Red eyes
  • Pain or irritation around the eyes
  1. Entropion

Entropion could be a congenital disease affecting the conformation of the eyelids. It’s a painful condition that always affects each eye. This constant friction will injury the membrane and cause ulcers that are liable to become infected.

In affected dogs, the eyelid is sunray inwards, inflicting the lid’s hair to rub against the eye. Luckily, there’s a surgery that corrects the entropion for good. Affected people mustn’t be used for breeding.


  • Watery eyes
  • Sensitivity to light-weight and wind.
  • Mucous discharge and lid crusting.


Komondor Care: How to Keep Your Komondor Healthy

Regular Grooming, exercise and feeding make this Hungarian Sheepdog (Mop Dog) healthy.

Komondor Grooming

Make grooming a positive experience stuffed with praise and rewards, and you may lay the groundwork for simple veterinary exams and different handling once you are an adult. Their coat wants in-depth care to stay its white color and to remain free from dirt.

Before giving him a shower, comb or cut out all mats from the komondor’s hair; you can bathe this breed once a month. This Hungarian Sheepdog wants an exact quantity of oil to keep up a healthy coat and skin. Make certain to avoid over-bathing.

Dry skin is caused by over-bating. Before bathing, gently pull the strands far away from one another to stay as a separate strand. Mist the cords with water or a lightweight hydrating spray to help the cords separately.

The goal is to induce the dog to clean and fully dry. Once shampooing, squeeze the shampoo through every wire. No scrub during a circular motion. Hungarian Sheepdog coat will take anyplace between 12-24 hours to fully dry. Then Gently separate the cords actuation them apart from down to the skin.

You should check your ears often. Clean ears by pattern dog with cleansing solutions and cotton balls. Cut nail if they get too long. Clean their eyes gently with water. Komondor’s teeth are employing a dog paste or a home-cured paste manufactured from baking soda and water sometimes per week.

If you are new at dog grooming, here is the best guide that will help you.

All You Need To Know About Grooming and Bathing Your Dog


Food depends on their size, age, build, metabolism, and activity level. Feed your Komondor 2 or 3 little meals daily instead of one massive meal. You want to consult your veterinarian before selecting a diet for your dog.

To stay a Komondor’s weight at a traditional level, feed them at specific times daily instead of deed food out all the time. If they are buried below rolls of fat, your dog has to maintain a diet. Excellent-quality dry pet food provides balanced nutrition.

Give clean water only, and make certain to wash food and water bowls often. Some homeowners note that too high a supermolecule content will cause scratching, hotspots, or different skin reactions.


Moderate exercise with 2 or 3 short walks daily or Playday within the yard. If they’re not actively working as a flock guardian, they have to be taken on a daily, long brisk walk. This Hungarian Sheepdog may be very lazy and can sleep and rest for hours upon hours.

  1.  Fetch: You’ll be able to create and fetch a great deal of additional pleasant and fascinating. Shake it up, switch amongst Frisbees, balls and sticks. Create your komondor add hill or into water.
  2.  Hiking: Komondors fully love the wilderness. Take your komondor with you next time you’re out on a journey and hiking routes.
  3.  Swimming: A good deal of Komondors, just like the water. Swimming may be a terrific low-impact exercise that assists with joint problems and endurance.

Komondor Rescue

A rescue komondor could also be a dog placed throughout a new home once abused, neglected, or abandoned by its previous owner. Komondors are also Rescue due to the coat care they need or dominance problems or aggression toward different animals.

Sometimes they are nonheritable with no clear understanding of what goes into owning one, and these dogs might find themselves within the care of rescue teams, in want of adoption or fostering. The dog can be a rare breed; it should be laborious to find a breed-specific rescue.

You choose to adopt a rescue dog, you get to appear out relating to his or her quirks before you manufacture a commitment. Selecting a dog that’s in foster implies that you’ll be ready to see. However, they act throughout a home setting.

Komondor Advantages & Disadvantages


  • This breed may be a terribly brave dog, and for this reason they create wonderful guard dogs.
  • This breed is sweet for families with kids.
  • This breed is quick and powerful.
  • This breed is a protecting of their owner and family.
  • This breed defends your horses, llamas, sheep, goats, and chickens.


  • This breed wants an experienced dog family.
  • It is not smart for first time dog owner.
  • They need regular grooming and exercise.
  • This breed is aggressive, so they can fight with different dogs.
  • Komondor can bark against a stranger.

Komondor Pictures

long haired commonmop

hungarian komondor

Komondor puppy

mop dog

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