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German Shepherd Wolf Mix Dog Breed Information

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A German Shepherd Wolf Mix is a cross between a German Shepherd and a wild wolf. They are normally known as wolfdogs.

A wolfdog is just any dog that has one parent that is a wolf and the other that is any variety of domesticated dog.

If you want to own German Shepherd Wolf Mix Dog then in this post we have included all the information about this breed.

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Content Overview

German Shepherd Wolf Mix History

The Wolfshepherd is created when a German Shepherd and a Wolf breed together. It’s hard to understand this blend completely without first taking a gander at the guardians’ experience since it is difficult to foresee how a crossover will look or go as it develops.

While there are many kinds of German Shepherd-wolf mix, the Saarloos Wolfhund is the most famous. Other common types are the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, the Kunming Wolfdog (Chinese), and the Lupo Italiano (Italy).

They were made by Leendert Saarloos back in 1935, when he crossbred a German Shepherd with an Eurasian wolf. The aim of this cross-reproduction was to bring back the normal qualities the GSD had lost when trained.

This breed is recognized by the UK Kennel Club but not the American Kennel Club.

You ought to likewise remember that they are unlawful or illegal in a few regions across the US, so research before adopting.

Appearance and Characteristics


There is no question that the German Shepherd-Wolf mix is totally dazzling; they are certainly a head-turner.

The German Shepherd looks similar to a wolf, so this crossover doesn’t look hugely different.

Because of the hereditary variety, it is basically impossible to determine what a particular little guy will resemble when he matures. However, there could be a little guy that will seem to be their German Shepherd parent instead of their Wolf parent, as well as the other way around.

Wolfdogs will generally have more modest skulls than normal wolves. This is a huge variety with a gloomy look, a thick coat, and pointed ears. They have pointed ears and earthy-colored almond-molded eyes.

A long, rugged tail that twists upwards. Strong form with solid legs and broad chest. A wolf-like gait that is more liquid than a normal German Shepherd’s

The coat of the Wolfshepherd can be gray, sable, white, dark, or a combination of these varieties. It will in all likelihood acquire the thick fur that is standard for the two guardians or parents and is known to heavily shed.


Height 20-30 inches
Weight 70-100 lbs
Coat Thick double coat, medium in length
Color Gray and brown
Shedding Twice yearly shed
Temperament Protective, intelligent and shy
Family Friendly No
Barks Yes, howling
Training Need firm and consistent training
Lifespan 12-14 years
Price $800



The temperament of a this German Shepherd mix will depend by and large on which parent’s qualities win out. A portion of these creatures take after their canine guardians, while others favor their wolf heredity.

Generally, you can expect your German Shepherd-Wolf mix to be wildly steadfast and defensive of their families yet careful about strangers. They like to make tracks when inconvenience emerges, so they’re really not the most ideal guard dogs on earth.

Because of the wolf in them, these canines will generally be more pack-driven than other little guys. Subsequently, they might be inclined to fear abandonment, and they truly do best in families where they’ll have a lot of organization. You might try and need to give them a canine friend, although this can have its own set of difficulties.

They’re smart creatures, as German Shepherds are probably the most insightful canines on earth, and wolves are also referred to as being cunning. They can get on orders rapidly, in spite of the fact that they’re not exactly as anxious to please as a normal German Shepherd would be.

That insight makes them proficient, slick people. They are inclined to hunger for new experiences, so if you don’t have an unbelievably protected patio, they might have the option to figure out how to get out. You’ll need an enormous wall with a lot of safeguards.

Are These Dogs Really great for Families?

German Shepherd Wolf mix will safeguard their families in with their own lives, yet that doesn’t be guaranteed to make them extraordinary family pets.

They’re just excessively unusual — both wolf blends and little youngsters. Little ones will frequently drive a pet excessively far, and no one can really tell when the wolf will emerge.

On the off chance that you really do bring one of these creatures into a home with small children, never leave them alone. You ought to likewise show your children how to manage the canine, ensuring they know not to play with their food or toys or misuse them in any capacity.

More seasoned children might have the option to coexist with them, however, so in the event that your kids are somewhat more experienced, you could possibly bring one of these canines home without issue. You’ll in any case have to mingle the canine completely, however, and be particularly cautious when they have companions over.

All of this accepts that you know how to deal with one of these creatures, obviously. On the off chance that you’re an unpracticed proprietor, you ought to get something simpler to possess, similar to a Labrador.

Does This breed get along With Different Pets?

Considering how pack-situated these canines are, numerous German Shepherd Wolf blends flourish with different canines in the house. They get desolate effectively and may become discouraged whenever abandoned for significant stretches of time.

Be that as it may, they might be inclined to animosity with different canines too. Pack culture is a lot greater arrangement for wolves than for canines, so your blend might be inclined to strength. You’ll need to mingle your blend however much as could reasonably be expected prior to acquainting them with another little guy.

Different pets, nonetheless, are probable a poorly conceived notion. Felines and more modest creatures will in all likelihood be viewed as food as opposed to companions, so you ought to keep your German Shepherd Wolf blend as distant from them as could really be expected.

This isn’t to imply that that it’s difficult to have a German Shepherd Wolf blend and a feline, yet it’s incredibly dangerous. We feel that it’s not worth taking the risk.

All of this likewise implies that you should be sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that your blend is kept on a safe rope and collar (or saddle) during strolls. Assuming they get free, they might go after different creatures, including your neighbors’ pets.

Health & problems

German Shepherd Wolf mixes aren’t inclined to numerous medical issues, and in fact, they will generally be more grounded than thoroughbred German Shepherds.

A central justification behind this is that mixes don’t have an incredibly descending, inclining rear end like thoroughbred German Shepherds do.

This lessens the risk of spinal issues further down the road. These canines aren’t inclined toward those numerous infections. In any case, there are a couple of things to know about.

Hip dysplasia: This is a hereditary condition that influences the hip joint and can cause torment and portability issues. To assist with preventing hip dysplasia, ensure your canine keeps a solid weight and gets ordinary activity.

Stomach-related issues: Some GSD-Wolf mixes are inclined to stomach-related issues like swelling, gas, and looseness of the bowels. To assist with forestalling these issues, feed your canine a top-notch diet and keep away from table scraps and other human food varieties.

Joint issues: Due to their size and movement level, GSD-Wolf Blends are additionally inclined to joint issues like joint pain. To assist with supporting your canine’s joint wellbeing, consider adding supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin to their eating routine.

How to Train Wolfshepherd Puppy?

Training isn’t optional with a German Shepherd-Wolf mix. These dogs are strong and can be unusual, so if you don’t have a decent handle on their way of behaving, you could be putting yourself in a position for calamity.

Their regular insight permits them to get orders decently fast; however, they’re normally more independent than German Shepherds. Thus, they may not be especially anxious to please, and you’ll need a confident hand to obtain the outcomes that you want.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that “having a confident hand” doesn’t mean being oppressive to the creature. They respond best to uplifting feedback, so attempt to persuade them to coordinate by offering them treats or friendship.

In the event that you rebuff these canines, they’ll probably grovel and pull out. Not in the least does this diminish the probability that you’ll get the ideal way of behaving out of them, yet it could likewise prompt them to quell their feelings. The issue with this is that ultimately, those feelings will bubble over. That could have disagreeable ramifications for you.

If you’re not sure about your training capacities, you shouldn’t get any sort of wolf mix. You could continuously enroll in the administration of an expert dogowner, but these dogs will regard you more if you’re the one giving orders.

How to take care Shih chi dog?


Your German Shepherd-Wolf mix has a thick, thick coat that requires ordinary preparation to keep it shiny and healthy.

One thing that both German Shepherds and wolves can agree on is shedding as much as could be expected. If you own a mix, you’ll need to manage a lot of dog hair.

The shedding becomes outrageous two times every year when the dogs blow their jackets. You’ll need to take them to an expert custodian at these times just to monitor the issue fairly.

You’ll likewise have to brush them consistently to guarantee that their jacket stays matte and without tangles. That is particularly pivotal assuming they invest a lot of energy outside, as their fur resembles a magnet for briers and other flotsam and jetsam.

You ought to possibly have to wash them, assuming that they get apparently messy; however, you should clean their teeth and trim their paws consistently. You ought to adjust them to both of these cycles while they’re pups since you don’t need a completely mature wolf to conclude that they’ve had an adequate number of teeth cleaned while you have them in a wrestling hold.

Make certain to keep their ears perfect too, as they can be prone to disease. Take a clammy fabric and wipe within their ears one time per week, and dry them completely when you’re finished.

Here are some grooming tips to remember:

  • Brush their coat no less than once every week to eliminate free fur and forestall matting.
  • Wash or bathe them depending on the situation, but not over and over again, as it can strip their jacket of its regular oils.
  • Trim their nails consistently to keep them from getting excessively long and causing distress.
  • Clean their ears consistently to forestall contamination.

Food Requirements

Depending on the size of the wolf engaged in making your mix, you might have a normal-sized dog or a larger one on your hands. Adult German shepherd Wolf dog mix needs 2-3 cups of foods per day.

That will affect the amount they eat; however, you can anticipate that they should have a solid hunger in any case.

You ought to give them kibble that is high in protein, as this will give them a lot of lean meat as fuel. These are playful puppies, so they need as much durable energy as they can get. Likewise, search for a food that is high in fat to keep them feeling full for longer and high in fiber for routineness.

Keep away from tricky foods like soy, wheat, corn, or creature side effects, as these can make your canine fat without giving them much in the way of nourishment. Many dogs experience difficulty handling these ingredients as well.

These dogs can be prone to joint and spinal issues further down the road, particularly assuming they’re on the bigger side, so monitoring their weight is fundamental. As well as taking care of them with a legitimate eating regimen.

You might need to give your canine a glucosamine supplement (or something different for joint help) beginning when they’re puppies. This will assist with fighting off a couple of those issues, but the main thing is guaranteeing that they don’t become overweight.

Ideal Diet

Your GSD-Wolf mix needs an eating regimen that is high in protein and fat to support its dynamic way of life. Search for great canine food that contains genuine meat as the main fixing, and keep away from fillers like corn, wheat, and soy. A few choices include:

Dry kibble: This is the most widely recognized kind of canine food and is advantageous and simple to store. Search for brands that offer great protein sources like chicken, meat, or fish.

Wet food: This kind of dog food is more satisfactory than dry kibble and can be a decent choice for fussy eaters. Search for brands that utilize genuine meat and stay away from fillers.

Raw food: Some dog owners like to give their GSD-Wolf mix a raw food diet, which comprises uncooked meat, bones, and organs. This can be a decent choice for dogs with sensitivities, yet it’s vital to talk with your vet and do all necessary investigations prior to making the switch.

Exercise Requirements

This is a variety need high exercise requirements. Leaving on them to exclusively practice on their own in a terrace isn’t a choice. They require very much organized exercise schedules to assist with consuming off the entirety of their energy. Wolves are known to walk up eight hours each day.

The German Shepherd-Wolf mix is a strong canine variety, so they need 1 to 2 hours of exercise each day to remain intellectually and truly solid.

Allocate a little time for a long walk, contingent upon your dog’s age and hereditary qualities. It is additionally prescribed that you permit your pet to wander around the fenced yard to investigate and play.

Running or long climbs are best ways of practicing a German shepherd wolf mix.

Wolfshepherd Puppy Price

This puppy ordinarily costs $800 to $1,000.

Since this breed is exceptionally rare, its cost is totally reliant on the reproducer and not the purchaser’s interest, for what it’s worth with most canine varieties.

Experienced breeders that have reared different ages of German shepherd-wolf blend dogs are probably going to charge $1,000.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How Long Does a German Shepherd-Wolf Mix Live?

A healthy German Shepherd-Wolf mix can live more than 14 years.

  1. What might you feed a German Shepherd-wolf mix?

These breeds ought to benefit from an even crude feed diet with nutrient and mineral enhancements.

  1. Is there any wolf in a German Shepherd?

The German Shepherd was inherited from the wolf. In any case, they are not any more connected with the wolf than a Frenchie or a Spaniel, considering that the precursors of all homegrown canines developed a long time ago from the wolf.

  1. How big do German Shepherd-wolf mixes get?

They can weigh up to 120 pounds and measure more than 30 inches tall. Nonetheless, on average, they are near 100 pounds and 25 inches tall.

  1. Are Wolfdogs safe?

Wolf canines, as a rule, are not nice pets, and they have the ability to be very forceful. This implies that they are presumably not a decent decision for a family with little kids or relatives who can’t handle a forceful pet.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Long lifespan
  • Protective and Loyal
  • Intelligent and active dog breed
  • Less amount o health issues


  • Not good for kids
  • Unsafe for stranger
  • Very dangerous
  • Need high amount of exercise
  • Need early training
  • Required Experienced owner


The German Shepherd-wolf mix ordinarily takes after their wolf parent in both looks and demeanor. In spite of the fact that they are defensive and steadfast, they are for the most part timid and apprehensive canines, particularly when confronted with outsiders or new circumstances.

Simply remember that they are a half-wild creature and are capricious. They need a great deal of open air space to do every one of the ordinary exercises their wolf parents would have done in the wild, including wandering, digging, hunting, wailing, and playing.

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