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German Shepherd Cross Breeds

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german shepherd mix breed

The German Shepherd mix breeds are loving, clever, and trainable. Depending on the breed they were crossed with, purebred German Shepherd dogs can be any size and weight. They are often guard dogs or watchdogs who thrive with lots of socializing.

The German Shepherd mix dog is one that has one purebred parent and one German Shepherd parent. They are second-generation Shepherd mixes, which means that none of their parents or probable grandparents were German Shepherds.

What Is German Shepherd Cross Breeds?

The German Shepherd cross breeds are typically regarded as one of the dog world’s smartest, most committed, loyal, and family-oriented pets. German shepherds, while generally healthy, can suffer from elbow and hip dysplasia as well as bloat, according to the American Kennel Club. They usually live 12-14 years. 12 Important Facts About Top German Shepherd Cross breeds.

German Shepherd cross breeds Content Overview

(1) German Shepherd + Golden Retriever = Golden Shepherd

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

The Golden Shepherd is a mix of the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever dog breeds. These puppies are large, active and devoted. They have inherited some great traits from both their parents.

German Shepherd Golden Retrievers, Golden German Shepherds, and simply German Shepherds are other names for Golden Shepherds. If you are an experienced dog parent looking for a watch dog and all-around family friend, this pup may be for you. Golden Shepherds are not an ideal choice for inexperienced pet parents.

Golden Shepherds often come in black, red, red, cream and blue. They sometimes have solid-colored coats and other times they have different hues.

  • Life Span: 10- 14 Years
  • Weight: 55- 85 Pound
  • Height: 20-26 Inch

(2) German Shepherd + Pitbull = German Sheppit 

German Sheppit 

The German Sheppit is a first-generation hybrid of a German Shepherd and a Pit Bull. German Shepherds are large herding dogs that are excellent in a variety of jobs, including home security, search and rescue, and police work.

The American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Bull Terrier are only a few of the breeds that make up the group known as the Pit Bull, which is characterized by a muscular, short-haired look.

With a large head, short nose and folded ears, this dog looks more like a pit-bull than its German Shepherd father. The German Shepherd needs 60 to 90 minutes of exercise per day due to its high level of activity.

  • Life Span: 10-12 Years
  • Weight: 30-90 Pound
  • Height: 17-26 Inch

(3) German Shepherd + Great Dane = Great Shepherd

The Great Shepherd is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Great Dane. One of the largest dog breeds in the world is this hybrid type. You will find them really cute, kind, warm, loving and friendly despite their size.

They have brilliant brown eyes and legs that are powerful and muscular. They have long, upright ears and come in a variety of hues, including black, brown, hazel, white, and merle.

Each parent also contributes to the character of the Great Shepherd. If you adore small dogs, you shouldn’t get a Great Shepherd.

  • Life Span: 08-12 Years
  • Weight: 60-110 Pound
  • Height: 24-32 Inch

(4) German Shepherd + Rottweiler = Shepweiler dog

Shepweiler dog

The Shepweilers are created when the German Shepherd and Rottweiler breeds are crossed. Shepweilers are highly intelligent dogs that will obey and skillfully follow instructions. They have been employed for generations to protect homes, herds of cattle and carry out police and rescue operations.

Most Shapeweilers have long legs, wide noses, strong jaws, blue or brown eyes, and floppy ears that sometimes pop up when the dog is very alert. A straight, thick coat of fur usually consists of a mixture of black, brown, white and tan colors.

They stand to gain a lot from a regimented training program. Many owners make the mistake of thinking that these dogs need to be handled harshly and aggressively.

  • Life span: 10-13 Years
  • Weight: 70-110 Years
  • Height: Up to 25 Inch

(5) German Shepherd + Shiba Inu = Shepherd Inu

Shepherd Inu

The Shepherd Inu is a cross between the Shiba Inu and the German Shepherd that combines the intelligence and loyalty of the German Shepherd with the stubborn potential of the Shiba Inu.

Japanese hounds were developed to chase birds and small animals and have a keen sense of prey. They need lots of exercise to maintain their activity level and prevent unwanted behavior.

The temperament and characteristics of the offspring of any hybrid can be difficult to anticipate. This combination is seen as kind and devoted. They may become fearful if their children are playing with other people and the games are too noisy or exciting.

  • Life Span: 08-12 Years
  • Weight: 40-60 Pound
  • Height: 19-22 Inch

(6) German Shepherd + Dachshund = Dachshund Shepherd

Dachshund Shepherd

The Dachshund Shepherd is a relatively new cross-breed that is a hybrid dog between a German Shepherd and a Dachshund. The Dachshund Shepherd hybrid is said to have its roots in America even though its parents are two of the most well-known German breeds.

This breed may be short-legged with the breed but is likely to be bigger than its dachshund father. Dachshund Shepherds are extremely energetic and can become very strong, making them unsuitable for even the smallest of homes.

They consequently need a yard. Dachshund Shepherd not friendly with other animals.  They tend to be a bit possessive, jealous and hostile towards other animals at times. There are three different coat types for the Dachshund Shepherd: smooth, wirehaired, and long haired.

  • Life Span: 7-14 Years
  • Weight: 20-60 Pound
  • Height: 10-20 Inch

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(7) German Shepherd + Husky = Shepsky

Shepsky dog breed

The Shepsky dog breed is a hybrid of the German Shepherd and Siberian Husky dog breeds. These pups are medium-sized, active and loyal, and have inherited some of the best traits from both of their parents.

Shepsky mainly uses brown, black, cream, white, red and blue colors. Their coats are often a mixture of two or more colors and are rarely ever solid. These are working dogs too.

They have a history of performing security tasks, police work, search and rescue missions as well as military operations due to their superior intelligence and vigilant nature. Shepsky need spacious homes with yards and the ability to handle challenging responsibilities.

  • Life Span: 10-14 Years
  • Weight: 45-88 Pound
  • Height: 20-25 Inch

(8) German Shepherd + Labrador = Sheprador

Sheprador dog breed

The Sheprador is a hybrid of the German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever dog breeds. It has a light shade and requires minimal maintenance. These puppies are big, active and devoted, and they have inherited some great traits from both their parents.

Sheprador are not an ideal choice for new pet owners. As long as they exercise, large homes with yards are preferable but not required. Sheprador don’t bark much, but they sound the alarm when a stranger approaches.

They are friendly with humans, children and other dogs and are fiercely devoted to their family members. Black, white, red, cream, blue and gray are the Sheprador primary colors. It can sometimes be solid color coats or multi-hued coats.

  • Life Span: 10-12 Years
  • Weight: 60-95 Pound
  • Height: 20-27 inch

(9) German Shepherd + Border Collie = Shollie


The Shollie is a cross of the incredibly popular German Shepherd and Border Collie breeds. The Shollie is a relatively unknown breed, despite the popularity of both parents.

This mixed breed often has a thick, long coat that needs a lot of routine care.  They will be happiest when they have work to accomplish because they are a very clever combination. They are prone to easily being bored, which can result in negative conduct.

These dogs are loyal, devoted, and diligent. They are a big dog breed that doesn’t shed much and needs a lot of activity. They will also make wonderful companions and are a wonderful choice for families with kids.

  • Life Span: 13-15 Years
  • Weight: 70-80 Pound
  • Height: 21-29 Inch

(10) German Shepherd + Beagle = Beagle Shepherd

Beagle Shepherd

The Beagle Shepherd breed is produced by mating Beagles with German Shepherds. The bright and energetic Beagle Shepherd can be trained to perform the most exciting circus stunts. Finding this in a large dog is often unexpected

It has a very distinct German Shepherd body with a beagle head and floppy ears on top giving it a paper doll appearance.  The dog is often black or brown with red, white, liver, tan or blue spots. They come in solid, bicolor and tricolor varieties.

  • Life Span: 12-14 Years
  • Weight: 20-90 Pound
  • Height: 24-26 Inch

(11) German Shepherd + Chihuahua = Chihuahua Shepherd

Chihuahua Shepherd

The Chihuahua Shepherd is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Chihuahua. This dog breed is characterized by broad, erect ears, an apple-shaped skull, and tiny eyes. Chihuahua Shepherds come in a range of hues, primarily dark hues like black or brown. Their medium-sized tails are paired with lengthy legs.

The Chihuahua Shepherd is known for being loyal, lively, vigilant, brave, and aggressive. The Chihuahua Shepherd needs a lot of exercise regardless of size. These dogs adore spending time with their owners, especially on excursions and protracted walks. If you want to get a Chihuahua Shepherd, you need to start socialization training for you dog at an early age.

  • Life Span: 10-14 Years
  • Weight: 8-60 Pound
  • Height: 6-9 Inch

(12) German Shepherd + Doberman Pinscher = Doberman Shepherd

Doberman Shepherd

The Doberman Shepherd is not a purebred dog. He is a hybrid of German Shepherd and Doberman Pinscher. This dog is believed to have originated in Germany. The huge dog will be a hybrid breed.

This dog needs a home that can provide him with a lot of daily activities because he is highly clever and energetic. Due to the obstinate nature of the Doberman shepherd dog breed it is crucial that his guardians make it clear that he is not a dog.

This beautiful dog has a silky, short coat. Doberman shepherds, which come in black, brown, and tan colors, sometimes have large ears that stand up on their own. His eyes will display his wisdom, and his trunk will be long and magnificent. They all have full, straight tails with a slight curve.

  • Life Span: 10-16 Years
  • Weight: 90-110 Pound
  • Height: 22-26 Inch

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