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German shepherd Puppies

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german shepherd puppies

Getting a pet dog is a beautiful thing to consider. These creatures can give happiness and delight to their owners, especially to children. Of course, the cuddles and sweet licks they give can undoubtedly make your day right away.

A variety of dog breeds are widely available for adoption today. These dogs vary in size, temperament, and breeding. Even if you have unique preferences, I am pretty sure that there is a dog breed out there that can meet your standards.

But for those who want a cuddly and lovable dog breed from the get-go, I will recommend that you should get German Shepherd puppies. These pups are very irresistible and heart-melting. If you can tame and train them, they will grow loyal and obedient to your every house rules.
Despite their simple appeal, there are still some considerations that you should take before bringing a German Shepherd into your home. In short, impulsive adoption is prohibited. I do believe that you should do the same to any dogs out there. But when it comes to German Shepherd, extra precautions should be heeded.

This article will serve as your guide about German Shepherd puppies. I have included all the necessary info and bits about this dog breed. If you can learn all the ropes here, then acquiring the dog would be easy for you and your family as well.

German Shepherd dog – 15 Reasons to Adopt this dog

German shepherd Puppies Primer

With their muscular frame and beautiful fur, it is undeniable that German Shepherds are gorgeous creatures. They are fascinating to watch, with the brisk and attentive attitude. They are usually playful, but their royal stature will never lessen.

Given that you want to get one of these dogs for your house, your total commitment is necessary. Otherwise, you won’t thoroughly enjoy the presence of this lovely creature in your home.

German shepherd puppies photo


On average, the maintenance of a German Shepherd dog can range around $2000 to $3000 annually. That sounds expensive, but these figures already cover the grooming amenities, veterinary visits, and of course, their food (dry dog food, jerky treats, bones, and others). If they happen to get sick, the said cost could further increase.

But if you want to adopt a GSD puppy, these expenses can be shrugged off. After all, the yearly maintenance of your car is higher than this to a very significant extent. However, it is better that you know this information beforehand. If your current finances are yet limited, then I recommend that you should postpone the adoption in the meantime.


Unlike other dog breeds, German Shepherds are extremely intelligent. They are very attentive and focused, especially in their younger days. GSD puppies have an innate talent for mastering your routine quickly. They can follow your lead and can take instructions very carefully. Their smart nature can be nurtured further if you train them properly. Prompt some basic exercises to them on a daily basis. You will realize the keenness of this dog!

Of course, their intelligence is the main reason why they a favorite when it comes to competitive circuits. You can see a lot of them at dog shows, too!

Their intelligence is also linked with their extreme enthusiasm to impress their masters. They want to please you by accomplishing all the tasks and actions that you have given to do. They have different ways of showing it. Therefore, it is up to you to make sure that they can flaunt what they can do.

Because they are smart, German Shepherds, especially the puppies, should not be thrown into boredom. It will not do good for you and the dog. If they are not doing anything, they will tend to wreak havoc on your property. As much possible, you might want to engage them in some proactive stuff such as running! You can also encourage your kids to play with them, too!


Just like I mentioned, German Shepherds likes to be active. It is their genes that tell them that they should do a lot of things! In fact, it is pretty acceptable to call these creatures are workhorses. They are physically active and buff. They can outpace other dog breeds when it comes to endurance and performance.

The activeness of German Shepherds made them the perfect candidates for some particular working tenure. Correctly, they are often used by the police and military. Other service-related offices also use GSDs, too. They just love to do anything. That’s why their dog trainers have no problems when it comes to engaging them.

German shepherd puppy playing
All German Shepherds share this unique trait. Even your newly adopted puppy will exhibit some signs of unrest, especially when it wants to play with you. If you are making a training routine for your GSD pup, make sure that you integrate a lot of walking and running time. You might want to exhaust them so that they can be fully satisfied.

If your yard is not that huge, I suggest that you take your German Shepherd to a park or any open spaces. You should let them run carefree. Alternatively, you could also enroll the dog in some courses that improve or regulate their agility. However, do not do this until your dog is one year old already.

If you don’t employ these exercises to your GSD, you will be sorry. Remember, they can always avert their energy into something else. Your house furnishings might be their next victim!

German shepherd puppies temperament

As I mentioned earlier, German Shepherds are energetic and playful. They will always want to run and roll around, especially if they are on their turf. But don’t you know that German Shepherds are aloof when out in public? That is among the unique traits of this dog breed. They may cuddle you a lot in your home, but they will remain silent and observant when they are outside. It is their instinctive nature to be keen on their surroundings.

Of course, there is nothing that should make you worry about this. It is entirely rational for these dogs to behave when they are outside with other people or dogs. Moreover, if you have trained the dog fully, the chance of it committing mischiefs is unlikely.


Many want to adopt German Shepherd puppies because these dogs are natural guardians. I mean, all dogs exhibit this nature. But GSDs can take it to the next level. That is the reason why you should socialize your German Shepherds correctly, especially if they are still puppies. Their territorial instinct can always result in unwanted aggressiveness. Strangers and other neighboring dogs can’t escape their wrath.

German Shepherds are also very close to children. Therefore, you should be careful if your young ones are playing with other kids. The dog may misinterpret this and may launch a stance that would scare your children’s playmates. Exposing the dog to other people and settings would lessen these unlikely tendencies.

Active socialization is always emphasized by dog trainers to ensure that your dog will remain polite even in the presence of visitors and guests. At this point, it is essential that you have started training your German Shepherd when it is still young. Doing this guarantees that your dog won’t be astray even they are adults already.

Apparently, it is better to socialize a puppy than a full-grown dog. Because of that, I always recommend that you should only adopt German Shepherd puppies. Taking over of an adult GSD is quite troublesome. You have no bright idea to the extent of training that the dog was able to go through. If they were not socialized properly, they might get aggressive to everyone, including you! Fortunately, you can avoid this by re-orienting the dog again.


German shepherd cute puppy

They can quickly read your mood, which is very amusing. One unique nature of a German Shepherd is their attentiveness. They can quickly pick-up what’s happening to you.  They will always listen to your voice, especially if you want to voice out some problems regarding your work, school, or anything else.  Always watch out the moments they seemingly nod their head to you. I am pretty sure that they can make you smile and wash all of your problems temporarily.

Serious Loyalty

When it comes to loyalty, nothing can beat German Shepherds, especially if they grow with you. In fact, they can be more loyal than your partner (but I think that comparison is too much). Whether that statement is true or not, you can only guarantee one thing here: your German Shepherd will not leave you. They will stick with you even through the tough times. Even in simple activities like taking a bath, washing the plates, or studying, the dog will always be with you. It is a type of clinginess that you will never want to end!

Can Anyone Adopt German shepherd Puppies

How I wish that I could answer yes to this question. Sadly, that is not the case. On the surface, it seems that adopting a German Shepherd can be done by anyone. After all, they are trainable and approachable. But you should inspect the details more closely.

Unlike other dogs, German Shepherd requires excessive training. It is essential that the interested individual has knowledge and experience in handling dogs. If not, you might not be able to inculcate the necessary skills and behavior that your dog should exhibit. In short, this dog breed is not the ideal choice for first-timers.

Active german puppy

But if you are persistent, then you should hire a professional trainer. Aside from choosing the right dry dog food, the trainer can also provide extensive exercises for the dog to follow. They will also be able to coach you on how to potty-train a GSD and some other essential sets of training.

Also, if you are just renting, I advise that you don’t get this dog yet. Hold your impatience until you have your abode already. Just remember that not all people (including your landlord) do not appreciate the presence of dogs at all. They might accept other dogs but not GSDs. Unfortunately; some folks have a negative perception of this dog breed. It would be difficult for you to explain your way out to them.

Therefore, it is necessary that you have to talk to property owners first if they allow a friendly paw in their yard. If ever they say yes, then you are fortunate! Just make sure that you train the dog properly. In this way, you won’t bother them or your neighbors.

What Food to Give to Your German Shepherd Puppies

Cute german puppy

German Shepherd has high food maintenance. If you want them to be healthy, robust, and active, you should nourish them adequately. Once you can meet the nutritional requirement of the dog, you can ensure that they will never grow weak and sickly.

Nutritional Requirements of a GSD


Take note that GSDs are carnivorous creatures, just like humans. Therefore, they deserve protein-packed diet, too. Protein is a vital source of energy for these dogs. The said nutrient also fosters the optimal growth of the dog. Specifically, their diet should contain at least 20% of protein.

Some dry dog food is rich in protein. But if you can get real protein meals for them, then do so. Do not settle for cheap dog food brands because they use corn syrups as a flavor filler. This particular ingredient can cause harm to the dog when consumed.


Aside from protein, you should also provide the dog with fat as well. Similar to humans, there should be a balance of fat in the diet of the GSD. Too much fat can affect the health of the dog. On the other hand, the inadequacy of such also will also create health problems. Insufficiency in fat could lead to some skin problems to your beloved pet.

A growing German Shepherd puppy constantly shed fur when it is growing. Therefore, it is crucial that you keep a constant stream of fat on their food. The Association of American Feed Control Officials suggests that German Shepherds should get around 5% to 10% in their diet.

Of course, these figures are not flat lines. German Shepherds have varying needs, too, which largely depends on their age, lifestyle, and some other things. Moreover, the food requirement of a growing GSD is higher than an adult GSD. That should not surprise you. After all, the pups are curious beings. They want to explore around all day long. Because of these, they need to have an adequate source of energy.


Most of the energy requirement of a growing German Shepherd puppy will only be possible through calories. This particular nutrient ensures that the energy level of the dog is always at the maximum at an optimum level. If their energy is high, their spirit and mood will also uplift!

But how do you know if you are feeding your puppy too much? Well, many dog trainers have one indicator for this. Try touching the rib part of the puppy. Can you feel it? If yes, then you are just on the right track. But if not, you might want to slow down first.

Many of us are worried whenever we can feel or see the ribs of our dogs. We always see them as an indicator of malnutrition. Fortunately, that is not the case.

Best Food for German shepherd puppies

How Often Should You Feed a German Shepherd Puppy

My New german shepherd puppy

GSD puppies should eat three to four small meals per day. If you want an alternative regimen, you should try two large meals on a daily basis. If you have remembered what I have said earlier, then you may know that adopting a GSD is quite expensive. The food alone can incur significant expenses already. But don’t worry. Having a lovable companion should make you forget all the hassle.

Don’t feed the puppy too much to the extent that they will vomit. Puppies will eat whatever you place in their bowl. They can’t regulate or control themselves. As a result, you should do this task for them by yourself

Moreover, do not give the same food to your dog once they grow up. The nutritional requirements of puppies change when they become adults. Experts also recommend food for adults and pups. Therefore, you should not mix them up thoroughly

When the German Shepherd puppy reaches six months of age, you can already reduce the frequency of its meals by one to two times only.

German shepherd Puppies for Sale

small puppy german

Finding the right German Shepherd Dog puppy can be dog gone hard work. PuppyFind provides a convenient and efficient means of selecting and purchasing the perfect German Shepherd Dog puppy (or German Shepherd Dog puppies) from the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


As you can see, there are a lot of things that you should mind whenever you decide that you want to get a German Shepherd. From the food down to the exercises, it is undeniable that housing this dog is a challenge. But if you are dedicated enough, handling and training the dog are very achievable. If you are still not confident of your taming skills, have a professional dog trainer help you. They can certainly make the difference.

Amidst these technicalities, do not forget to have fun with your dog. Always bond with one another. In this way, your dog can feel that he/ she is welcome to your home!

Got some questions? Or some suggestions? That’s why we’ve got a comments section on this blog! You can feel free to leave a comment or two down below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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