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Bully Kutta: Loving, Loyal & Protective Dog Breed

Bully Kutta Pakistani Mastiff

The Bully Kutta is a dog breed that originates from the erstwhile Punjab region and It is a native of India and Pakistan. It’s an extremely aggressive mastiff dog. The Bully Kutta is one of the rare dog breeds from Southern India.

This dog, also known as the Pakistani Mastiff. The Bully Kutta originated in and around the Thar Desert of Sindh. The name of bully Kutta is derived from the Sinhi and Urdu languages where it is known as a Bohli Kutta.

Table of Contents

  1. Bully Kutta History
    1. 1 Pakistani Bully Kutta
  2. Different Names
  3. Appearance Pakistani Bully
  4. Types & Variations
  5. Personality and Temperament
  6. Bully Kutta Feeding Plan
  7. Bully Kutta Health Problem
  8. How to Take Care
  9. Puppy Training
  10. Puppy Price
  11. Find Puppy
  12. Bully Kutta Pictures

Bully Kutta History

Theories suggest that, during the British invasion, the British troops were brought to India with his Mastiff dogs in the 1700s.  This breed was introduced into Greece by Xerxes the First when he marched towards this country in 486-465 B.C. The origin of the Alangu Mastiff can be traced back to parts of Rajasthan, the Bhawalpur area of Punjab, and the desert area of Kutch.

Bully Kutta Images

Photo credit:101dogbreeds.com

The actual origins of the Bully Kutta are actually fairly ambiguous. There have also been extensive disputes about the country of origin of this breed, with some claiming it to be India, while the others Pakistan. The breed was used mostly for hunting large game such as bears and wild boars during the Mughal Empire. Some experts believe that dogs were originally domesticated between 12,000 and 25,000 years ago.

Pakistani Bully Kutta

The Bully Kutta strain present in northern Pakistan is said to have been influenced by the Central Asian Mastiff, In modern times it has been used mainly as a guard dog and a home guard. It is also referred to as the Indian Alangu Mastiff. These dogs are known as the Indian Alangu Mastiff due to the fact that these dogs hail from southern India specifically from Tiruchi and Thanjavur districts.
Bully Kuttas was further developed from the local Indian Mastiffs during the British Colonial rule in India and were used primarily for sporting purposes. The Bully Kutta was dubbed as the Beast from the East as the breed has gained the reputation for being extremely aggressive. The breed is easily available in Pakistan, however rare in India as in the rest part of the world.

Origin: India, Pakistan, Panjab

Nicknames: Beast From The East

Different Names of Bully Kutta


  • Indian Alangu Mastiff
  • Bully Kutta
  • Alangu Mastiff
  • Indian Mastiff
  • Sindh Mastiff
  • Bully Cutha
  • Pakistani Bully Dog
  • South Asian Mastiff
  • Tulla Bully, Desi Bully
  • Bongay Bully
  • Pakistani Mastiff

Bully Kutta Appearance

The appearance of the Bully Kutta looks like an American bully dog. The Bully Kutta is a thick boned, muscular  and the biggest dog breed found mostly in Pakistan. The Average height of the South Asian Mastiff is 76 to 107 cm.

  • Breed Name: Bully Kutta
  • Country of Origin: India/Pakistan
  • Height:  Male: 76 to 107 cm, Female: 76 to 91 cm
  • Weight:  Male: 70 to 90 kg, Female: 70 to 90 kg
  • Lifespan: 8 to 10 years
  • Breed Type: Giant dog breed
  • Group (of Breed): Bulldog, Guard dog, Fighting dog
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Coat: The Bully Kutta has a Short, smooth coat.
  • Head: The skin around their neck and mouth is loose. The ears are set high on the skull and are pricked where allowed.
  • Bully Kutta Colors: White, White and Black, Fawn, Harlequin, White and brown, Black, Red, Brindle etc.
  • Litter size:  3 to 5 puppies
  • Space Requirements:  Needs Alot of Space

The Bully Kutta is a well built, thick boned and muscular breed of dog. The weight of male Bully Kutta will range between 150 to 170 pounds, though some exceptionally large specimens can reach upwards of 200 pounds. Height at the withers for a male is 30-44 inches and for females 28-36 inches.

Types of Bully Kutta

Some of the most common variations are:

  • Aseel Bully Kutta
  • Mastiff Type Bully Kutta
  • Modern Bully Kutta
  • Ancient Type Bully Kutta
  • Nagi Bully Kutta

Personality and Temperament of Bully Kutta

The Pakistani Bully Kutta  is a very intelligent and noble breed,  It’s a very good personality dog. Pakistani Bully Kutta can make an amenable companion for responsible and knowledgeable owners. Well raised Bully Kutta are good with kids, dogs, other animals, are very loving and playful. Bongay Bully is powerful, high energy dog and extremely dominating territorial breed.

Bully Kutta photo

bully kutta breeders @imgrum.org

Bully kutta puppies are easy to respond well to training and socialization Because they are a very intelligent dog breed. The Bully Kutta are also not recommended for apartment life since they need a huge space. It’s a very aggressive, protective dog breed. They are not recommended for timid dog owners or first time dog owner because it’s a dangerous and difficult to Train.

Bully Kutta Feeding Plan

  • Pakistani Bully Kutta puppies between 8 to 12 weeks need 4 meals daily.
  • Bully Kutta pups 3 to 6 months old should be fed 3 meals in a day.
  • Feed pups six months to one year old 2 bowls of food per day.

Decrease the number of meals with age. Top quality dry dog foods mixed with canned food, water or broth are recommended. For a balanced diet, make sure you follow the formula: 40% of meat, 30% of vegetables and 30% of starch. Organ meat (like kidney, liver, etc.) is mostly what your dog needs.  The diet includes, lean meat, eggs, fruits, boiled vegetables, etc., To keep your dog healthy.You can also feed a healthy dog food  for your lovely Sindh Mastiff.

Bully Kutta Health Problem

The Bully Kutta is considered to be a very healthy breed of dog with a low propensity for congenital health defects. The average lifespan of 8 to 12 years,  It’s a generally healthy, but some of the problems are concerned like Hip dysplasia, both Hypothyroid and autoimmune thyroiditis, skin problems, eye problems etc. Bully Kuttas should visit the vet for a thorough examination, shots and a heartworm blood screening annually, and as soon as possible when he is sick or hurt.

Bully Kutta Caring: How to Take Care

bully kutta photo

bully kutta photo @pinterest.com

Caring is most important for every dog. Similarly, it must take care of Bully Kutta. In this topic, we will discuss some useful points of the Bully Kutta take care. So read carefully and enjoy with your lovely Kutta and puppies.

Exercise Needed

Exercise is important for their overall confidence and it must be used for a healthy lifestyle. It’s very useful for puppy care. There are many physical, health benefits as well. When Bully Kutta receives regular exercise, it helps to prevent Heart disease, Some types of cancer, Stroke, Arthritis, Hip dysplasia etc. Bully Kuttas need some daily exercise in order to stay in shape, stimulate their brains, and stay healthy.

Grooming & Bruising

Grooming is also required for every dog. This breed has short, smooth coats so don’t require a much grooming. The Bully Kutta is a moderate shedder and needs only occasional brushing with a firm bristle brush in order to keep him looking neat. This signifies that the dog would not require extensive coat maintenance. Occasional coat brushing will be adequate to maintain the good condition of the coat. The dual coat of the Bully Kutta usually allows for a gentle layering of colors. You can help reduce shedding and keep your bully Kutta clean with regular brushing.

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Dental Health

A dental checkup is also require for every dog breed because it stays healthy for your dog. Give special food to stay healthy life your dog and regularly needs to focus on dental cleaning. You should clean the Bully Kutta’s teeth using a doggie paste or a paste made of baking soda and water a couple of times a week.

Love & Affection

Love and affection are useful for every dog care. Bully Kutta puppy will be a member of your family, So Give lots of love and affection for your Puppies. Most importantly, spend time with your dog because that your dog needs love and warmth.

Feed Healthy Food

Give high quality dog food and snacks specifically for bully Kuttas and similarly sized dogs because healthy and dry dog food is required for dog health care.  Top quality dry dog food provides a balanced diet for full-grown bully Kutta.

Foods To Avoid:

  • Alcoholic beverage
  • Coffee, tea
  •  Chocolate
  • Onions
  • Chives & garlic
  • Salt and salty foods
  • Dough
  • Tomato leaves
  • Unripe fruit & stem

Bully Kutta Puppies

Puppy Training

Training is important in every dog’s life. This breed is pretty effortless to train. The Bully Kutta is eager, amazing working breed, and very intelligent. In this day there are many ways to train your dog. Like Crate training, Socialization etc. The general belief is that puppies are easier to train because they have a clean slate to work with. Training a dog breed can be a bit difficult. But it is very important to train any dog So today we will tell you different ways of training from which you can easily train your cute bully kutta puppy.

Crate Training 

Bully Kutta puppy need a comfortable, peaceful place to relax and stay away from the floor, then the crate training is useful for frustration puppy. Crate training keeps the dog healthy and healthy for every dog.

Behavioral Training

Probably the most basic of the four, behavioral training involved some commands, but most issues such as inappropriate chewing, housebreaking or excessive barking. Behavioral training is a very helpful for taking care of the dog. First of all, if you want to train your puppy to Behavioral training so find out some common behavioral issues like briking, aggression, food guarding, howling, mouthing and chewing, separation anxiety, etc and stop this behavioral issues and train your dog easily.

Obedience Training

This type of training involves basic commands like sit, stay, come, down, and quiet. So give a proper training for your cute puppy because it’s important to take care.

Bully Kutta Price

The price of Pakistani Bully in India may vary. Normally vaccinated Pakistani Bully Puppies are available between ₹6000 to ₹50000. Average bully kutta price is 500 US$

Find Bully Kutta Puppy

There are the several platforms from where you can find bully kutta puppies for sale. If you are interested to adopt Bully Kutta, OLX  is a good place that provides bully Kutta for sale for the lowest price. Click here to find Pakistani Bully puppies

Bully Kutta Pictures

Bull Arab x mastiff

Photo By: Aksana

bully kutta america

american bully kutta @gumtree.com

bully kutta fight

bully kutta fight@ youtube.com

bully kutta mastiff

bully kutta mastiff @suggest-keywords.com

Pakistani Mastiff

Pakistani Mastiff @dogbreedslist.info

bully kutta puppies

bully kutta puppies @pintrest.com

bully kutta akc

bully kutta akc @petfinder.com

That’s all. I tried to include maximum information about Bully Kutta (Alangu Mastiff). Let me know if I missed any useful information. You can suggest me via comment below.

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