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The Black Mouth Cur is valued as an all-around working dog that was bred to assist farmers and hunters. It is energetic, fearless, and strong. The Black Mouth Cur is great with children and enjoys being with people and family.

The breed is able to herd animals, guard homes, and track game; However, these dogs also have a sensitive side that doesn’t like being scolded or punished harshly.

They are outgoing, affectionate and very protective of family members. Black Mouth Curs are smart and curious canines.

Black Mouth Curs are more common in the United States than anywhere else in the world. If you want to adopt one of these energetic, loving, strong but sensitive dogs.

In this post we will include all the related information about Black Mouth Cur.

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History of  black mouth cur

Black mouth cur hd photo

Black mouth cur hd photo @wikipedia

The origin of the Black Mouth Cur is uncertain. Some writers have claimed that the breed originated in the mountains of Tennessee while others believe the breed originated in Mississippi.

The southern United States are well populated with cur-type dogs that are used by local hunters and sportsmen. It was a Black Mouth Cur that played the role of Old Yeller in the famous eponymous Disney movie.

Curs originated in the Southeastern U.S., but you can find different “Cur” types throughout the country.

The first Black Mouth Curs registered with a national kennel registry where the Ladner Black Mouth Curs through the National Kennel Club in April 1964.

The term Cur is similar to Terrier or Hound, as it implies an entire group of breeds and mixed-breed dogs. The first surviving written uses of the word Cur come from the 1200’s, and were derivations of the term Curdogge.

Origin: United States

The Florida Black Mouth Q, which was used for the flock of animals, has been depicted in old paintings hanging in local barber shops and houses, so their existence and history documents are still in Florida today.

The Southern Black Mouth Cur, is believed to have originated in Alabama, though there are Southern Black Mouth Cur in Florida and Tennessee.

The Black Mouth Cur is most famous for being the dog from the book Old Yeller, written by Fred Gipson in 1956.  Disney released a film based on Old Yeller by the same name in 1957 which has gone on to become one of cinema’s most enduring classics.

The dog used in the movie was said to be a Labrador Retriever/Mastiff-mix, but many have suspected that he may in fact have had some Black Mouth Cur blood.

Different names or Types of Black mouth cur

All names

black mouth cur adoption

black mouth cur adoption@EasyPetMD

Common Nicknames

  • American Black Mouth Cur
  • Southern Black Mouth Cur
  • East Texas Cur
  • Blackmouth Cur
  • East Texas Brindle Cur
  • Southern Cur
  • Yellow, Black Mouth Cur
  • Red,  Black Mouth Cur
  • Ladner Black Mouth Cur
  • Ladner Yellow, Black Mouth Cur

Popular Names

  • Roxy
  • Stella
  • Shiloh
  • Yeller
  • Ace
  • Rocky
  • Sadie
  • Meadow
  • Scout
  • Wyatt


  • American Black Mouth Cur Breeders Association – ABMCBA
  • Continental Kennel Club – CKC
  • American Canine Association, Inc- ACA
  • American Canine Registry- ACR
  • Dog Registry of America, Inc- DRA
  • American Pet Registry, Inc- APRI
  • National Kennel Club- NKC
  • Foundation Black Mouth Cur Breeders Organization, Inc- FBMCBO, Inc
  • National Southern Black Mouth Cur Breeders Association- NSBMCBA
  • United Kennel Club- UKC
  • Southern Black Mouth Cur Breeders Association- SBMCBA

East Texas Cur Appearance & Characteristics

In general, the Black Mouth Cur is medium to large in size.

Breed basic characteristics

Yellow, Black Mouth Cur

Yellow, Black Mouth Cur

Country of Origin: United States
Breed Group: Hound
Lifespan: About 12 to 18 years
Trainability: Moderate Effort Required
Friendliness: Good
Exercise Needs: Requires a daily brisk walk
Energy Level: Medium Energy
Grooming: Brushing Once a Week or Less
Hypoallergenic Breed: No
Space Requirements: House with Yard
Compatibility With Other Pets: Generally Good With Other Pets If Raised Together May Have Issues With Other Dogs.
Litter Size: About 5 to 10 puppies
Barking: Moderate, prolonged bays
Health Concerns: Dysplasia, eye diseases, epilepsy
Color: Red, yellow and fawn, black, brown, buckskin or brindle with or without black muzzle or mask.


Males: 40 to 95 lbs, 18 to 25 inches
Females: 35 to 80 lbs, 16 to 23 inches

Sound Behavior

Mouth cur as can be well with children of any age, although supervision is recommended for very young children. This breed is usually not aggressive with humans, although they may be some regional. Due to its hunting trend and high prey drive, it is not recommended that you leave this dog with dog pets alone.

Size, Proportion, Substance

Size: Male Black Mouth Cur stands between 18 and 25 inches tall at the shoulder, and the average Female stands between 16 and 23 inches.  Weight is largely determined by height and condition, but males usually weigh between 40 and 95 pounds, and females usually weigh between 35 and 80 pounds.


Head: The head of the Black Mouth Cur is large, but still proportional to the size of the dog’s body.
Skull: This dog skull is flat, broad, and tapers slightly towards the muzzle.
Muzzle: The undeniably powerful muzzle is black, tan or the same color as the coat. Black muzzles are usually preferred any other color is considered a fault. The muzzle itself is slightly shorter than the skull and quite broad, providing the dog with both the greatest area for scent receptors and the largest and most powerful possible jaws.
Eyes: The eyes of the Black Mouth Cur are medium to large in size, and may be green, brown, or yellow in color.
Body: Deep, solid, and of high quality substance. The body is capable of stamina, agility, and power, but it is never racy or refined. The width of the forequarters and hindquarters are roughly equal.
Ears: Medium in size, with a drop and a high skull position. The base of the ears is wide. The inner edge of the preferred ear carriage is close to the head. Ears that are either semi-erect or fully erect should never be excessively long or pendulous.
Nose: The nose is black or self-colored, depending on the coat, and well pigmented. The nostrils have a good opening.
Muzzle: The muzzle is broad, full, and deep. The muzzle’s plane, or bridge, is straight. Both the upper and lower jaws are fully developed, roughly equal in length, and have strong bones that never appear snarly or weak.
Chest: Wide and deep, but never deeper than deep. The brisket reaches the elbow’s point. The forechest has developed well.
Teeth: It has white teeth meeting in a scissors bite

Tail: Set as a natural extension of the topline, either low or neither high nor low on the croup. At the base, it is thick, and at the tip, it becomes thinner. The dog’s mood and level of energy dictate how the tail is carried, but it is never tucked.

Although they may be naturally long or bobbed, tails are never docked short surgically. When held down, the tip of the last vertebrae of a full-length tail extends to the hock joints, making them naturally moderately long.

Tails that are medium or bobbed can fall at any length shorter than the hock joints. The tail can be straight, sabered, sickled, pump-handled, slightly curved, or sickled.

Neck, Topline, Body

black mouth pup photo

black mouth pup photo@The Dog Forum

Neck: It is powerfully muscled and has a good arch, and its moderate length allows for good head carriage. From the deeper and wider body to the head, the neck gently tapers. There is no excess skin, throatiness, or dewlap on the clean-cut neck.
Topline: Firm and level
Body: Deep, solid, and of high quality substance. The body is capable of stamina, agility, and power, but it is never racy or refined. The width of the forequarters and hindquarters are roughly equal.

Coat and color

The Black Mouth Cur includes a short coat that comes in a very wide range of colors including red, yellow, fawn, white, and colorful. The UKC breed standard states that up to 10 percent of the coat could also be white which white on the toes, tail, nose, and chest are suitable.

As a result of the coat if this breed is thus short, it’s comparatively simple to groom – the Black Mouth Cur simply requires occasional brushing to remove loose hairs.

This breed comes in a variety of acceptable colors including: red, yellow, fawn, tan, black, brown, buckskin, and brindle.

Personality and Temperament of Blackmouth cur

black mouth adult

black mouth adult @Wide Open Spaces

Personality of black mouth cur

The Black Mouth Cur is known for its strong work drive, protective nature, and natural herding and hunting abilities. The Black Mouth Cur is one of the most populous and well-known breeds of Cur.

They are very smart, they’re reasonably easy to train for experienced owners, and they can learn a variety of skills, commands, and tasks.

Generally, this dog is medium to medium-large in size, drop-eared, very athletic, energetic, intelligent, protective, basic in body design, and have strong hunting and herding instincts.

The Black Mouth Cur does whatever it takes to ensure that its master is happy with him. It’s a breed that is wonderful with children no matter their age, and very kind to those it loves.


This dog is famous for its loyalty, and Black Mouth Curs tend to form very strong bonds with their families.

Black Mouth Curs have large, muscular frames covered in short coats that are usually yellow, reddish brown or brindle.

This is not generally a dog that understands that it must play more gently with young children, however, and this breed might not be the best choice for a family with very young children.

They are also very sensitive dogs that are very attuned to their master’s voice and should never be yelled at in anger or spanked.

They are very social dogs and need a human companion and daily routines where they are allowed to sprint.

Activity Requirements

The Black Mouth Cur is a hunting dog and they require a great deal of regular exercise. They need plenty of room to run and do best when given a long, brisk daily walk.

However, note that even just one long run once a day is not enough to keep them occupied. They make great jogging companions and is not suitable for apartment living.


Moderately Easy Training: Striking or spanking a Black Mouth Cur is not encouraged and is very counterproductive. This breed is very voice sensitive and a sparingly used stern voice is the best tool.

They are intelligent and predictable. Training sessions should be short but frequent in order to keep them from becoming bored.

Black mouth cur health & problems

East Texas Cur Health

This breed is known to have a very long lifespan.  Most owners and breeders expect their dogs to live between 12 to 16 years.

The Black Mouth Cur, which makes it impossible to make any definitive statements about their health.  However, this breed is generally considered to be in excellent health.

This dog has also benefitted from not being purebred in the modern sense, as it has a very wide gene pool.

Black Mouth Cur dogs are usually very healthy and are considered to be quite resistant to various health issues due to their massive diet and active routine.

Health Problems

East Texas Brindle Cur

East Texas Brindle Cur@Pinterest

Like all biggest dog breeds the Black mouth cur is generally healthy, but some of these conditions include ear infections, eye problems, skeletal problems, epilepsy, and mange.

Black Mouth Curs which regularly work or play in the water are especially susceptible to ear infections.

Although the Black Mouth Cur is regarded as a healthy breed, some conditions have been identified in the breed. These conditions include: Ear infections, Elbow Dysplasia, Ectropion, Cataracts, Epilepsy, Demodex Mange, Hip Dysplasia etc

Feeding Plan

The diet chart and the quantity of everyday food for the black mouth curs is the same like other cars of the same size.

However, a good quality dry dog food is also recommended. Divide the meal into two equal halves for two main meals.

Feeding plan is very important for any dog. So you need to give ¾ to 1½ cups of dry dog food, divided into halves, is enough for a day.

Choosing a high-quality dog food product for your Black mouth cur puppy. Like other breeds of Black mouth cur, insist on a raw diet for your mouth cur.

However, a meat-only diet is not recommended since bones, stomachs, intestines were also a part of their primitive dietary habits.

Click here to find Best healthy food 

Black mouth cur living conditions

The Black Mouth Cur is not the best choice for apartment life. They’re inactive indoors and need  a minimum of a yard for moving around.

This breed is an indoor loving beast and temperate climates are ideal for its health. The breed will chill, simply in cold weather and have a problem cooling off in hot weather.

These dogs have to run their energy of they are not destructive indoors but will simply sleep forever if not taken outside.

They are gorgeous dogs and the color of their fur is highlighted in the latter day sunshine when tied up outside.

How to take care black mouth cur

American Black Mouth Cur

American Black Mouth Cur @101 Dog Breeds

Caring for every dog breed is most important, similarly, it is also important for the Black Mouth Curs. If you are interested in adopting the Black Mouth Curs so this is very useful information for you.

So read the article carefully and enjoy with your lovely Black Mouth Cur puppy because in this article we will provide different thing on how to take care of your dog.

Black mouth cur exercise needed

First of all we will discuss about exercise because exercise is most important part of the taking care. This dog needs daily exercise, and running at least 60 minutes per day is beneficial for health.

Lots of exercise and a play and runtime with its family members in a wide yard every day should meet with both their instincts of herding and hunting.

The Black Mouth Cur is considered a medium energy breed – it requires a daily brisk walk as well as plenty of outdoor space to run and play.

This breed does particularly well when trained for hunting, herding, or another sport that keeps it active and engaged.

Lack of exercise for this breed can lead to the development of behavioral problems.

Grooming & Bruising

Black Mouth Cur has very low grooming requirements. Grooming and brushing is a best part to take care of the Black Mouth Cur.

The smooth, fine, short-haired coat of the Black Mouth Cur is very easy to maintain.  This dog never needs professional grooming, only very occasional brushing.

The Mouth Cur has a short, sleek coat and only requires a weekly brushing and a rare bath. They also need their faces wiped regularly to keep their wrinkles clean and free of debris.

Like all dogs, the Mouth Cur dog needs basic grooming. Brush their teeth, clean their ears and trim their nails on a regular basis.

Regular cleaning of the face and ears will keep the Mouth Cur dog healthy and looking good. And it is very important for your dog health

Dental Health check up

Dental health checkup is a most important for every pet similarly it very important for Black Mouth Cur.

If you want to adopt this dog, then it is very important to take care of his teeth. Brush your dog’s teeth at the same time every day, making their daily routine training very easy.

Don’t force your Black Mouth Cur dog’s mouth open like you would give them a bell. Instead, gently place the brush between their lips and teeth.

Love & affection

Love and affection for every dogs are important, if you give love and affection to your Black Mouth Cur, dogs will love you too, and your Black Mouth Cur dog is a member of your family, so give your dear puppy a lot of love and affection. Most importantly, spend time with your dog because your dog needs love and affection.

Feed Healthy food

Feeding healthy meals is the most important in a dog’s life. Feeding your Black Mouth Cur milk as well as a good diet will be so necessary, so feed best and healthy food for your dog.

In this day there are many healthy foods are available in the market so you can choose any healthy food for your lovely dog. Because healthy food is the most important for dog health.

Avoid toxic foods

Toxic foods are detrimental to every life, so if you have taken a Black Mouth Cur puppy or dog, it is important to know that the foods from which are harmful to your animals.

Currently, many foods are useful for humans, but they are toxic to Black mouth cur. There are many toxic foods are like grapes, Alcohol, Nuts, beer, raw bread dough, chocolate, garlic, and onions any other foods are included in a toxic food to avoid this type of toxic food for your Black Mouth Cur.


Like the people, Black Mouth Cur needs a vaccine. Because vaccination for your pet helps to live a healthy life for a long time. And it is considered to be one of the easiest ways to stay healthy.

Puppies are usually vaccinated for 8 and 10 weeks, your young Black Mouth Cur should be given booster for 12 hours after the first vaccination because it is very useful for caring for any pet.

Puppy information

Black mouth cur puppies for sale

Finding the right Black Mouth Cur puppy can be dog gone hard work. PuppyFind provides a convenient and efficient means of selecting and purchasing the perfect Black Mouth Cur puppy (or Black Mouth Cur puppies) from the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

black mouth cur puppeis

black mouth cur puppeis @Squirrel Dog Central

The average litter size for the Black Mouth Cur is between 3 and 9, though litters of up to 10 have been reported. Training and socialization are incredibly important for puppies and should be started as early as possible. In this topic we will provide the best information about black mouth cur puppy training and how to train your dog.

Puppy Training

Puppy training is a most important part of the any pet or any dog breed. Usually the Southern Cur is very easy to train because it’s very intelligent and loyal dog breed.

The Southern Cur dogs are usually very smart dogs that are able to please their owners, and do not prove too much trouble during training, except that if you are training for the first time, Training a dog breed can be a bit difficult. But it is very important to train any dog So today we will tell you different ways of training from which you can easily train your cute black mouth cur puppy.

Training crate

First of all, understand that crate training is not cruel. Some veterinarians recommend using a crate for your dog from a young age.

The crate should be very comfortable, and good air flow and good amount of light should also be there. So give your dog a crate training and keep it healthy.

Crate Training is a great way to train your puppy. The Crate is the best place for your puppy. As your black mouth cur puppy grows older, it is highly advisable for you to introduce the crate.

Behavioral training

Behavioral training is a very important for any dog. At some point in time all of us dog owners need to administer some dog behavior training.

Behavioral training is a very helpful for taking care of the dog. First of all, if you want to train your puppy to Behavioral training so find out some common behavioral issues like briking, aggression, food guarding, howling, mouthing and chewing, separation anxiety, etc and stop this behavioral issues and train your dog easily.

Obedience training

This is a one of the basic and most important training for any dog. There are 3 methods of training that we use with our black mouth cur, all beginning with a strong foundation in the core 5 obedience commands: come, sit, stay, heel, down. Every dog should know these 5 basic obedience commands Because it is very necessary for obedience training

Puppy price

Black mouth cir average puppy price:  $300 – $500 USD

Find a dog or puppy

adoptapet.com is a best way to find black mouth cur puppy for adoption.

Find a breeder

If you are looking perfect breeder for your puppy or black mouth cur so akc.org provide a list of breeders.

Things to consider adopting a Black Mouth Cur

  1. Before you adopt a Black Mouth Cur, consider how much time your new family member will spend alone. Remember, a puppy requires constant attention.
  2.  Black Mouth Cur puppies are super-cute, but simply put, puppies can be adorable, relentless machines of destruction.
  3. Before you adopt a Black Mouth Cur puppy, ask yourself if you are available to walk your dog several times throughout the day.
  4. You also have the advantage of knowing that your dog is physically able to “hold it” for several hours at a stretch.
  5. Ask anybody who has adopted an adult dog then after adopts an adult dog.
  6. Usually Black Mouth Cur breeders pay little attention to the specific health and genetic diseases due to inbreeding, reluctantly they don’t inform whoever is looking for a Black Mouth Cur dog for sale about this problem.

Advantages of black mouth cur

  • An ideal companion for a sport-minded person
  • Ferocious guardian and vigilant watcher
  • Needs very basic grooming
  • Unshakably faithful to its masters
  • Tolerant of kids and their rough games

Disadvantages of black mouth cur

  • Requires a great deal of daily physical activity
  • Mixed reputation with other canines
  • Challenging to train

People also ask about Black Mouth Cur

1. Is black mouth cur uncommon?

While there is a good populace of Black Mouth Curs in the US, they are moderately uncommon in different regions of the planet.

2. Are black-mouth curs aggressive?

Black Mouth Curs need special training because they can sometimes be territorial and aggressive around things they think are “theirs,” like people, food, or property. Therefore, despite the fact that they are not naturally aggressive, they may occasionally exhibit aggressive tendencies.

3. Is Black Mouth Curse dogs good pets?

Black Mouth Curse dogs are affectionate and playful, making them suitable for families. However, they will require a lot of physical activity and training, which may not always be possible with young children in the household.

4. Is a pit bull the same as a black-mouth cur?

Despite the fact that they have been bred together as a popular mix, the pit bull and black mouth cur are distinct breeds. The cur has a slightly lighter frame than the pit bull, despite their similar sizes.

5. What is the purpose of a black mouth cur?

In the American South, settlers bred black-mouth curs as all-purpose working dogs. They have the ability to herd, hunt, and bring large game to bay while treeing smaller game.

6. Do black mouth cur frequently bark?

Black mouth curs have a reputation for being vocal and possessive, so they frequently bark. They perform better on a farm than in a city or suburban residence for this additional reason.

7. Are black mouth curs simple to prepare or groom?

The black mouth cur is known to be difficult to train due to their intelligence, independence, prey drive, and capacity to work large properties.

8. Why is the Black Mouth Cur not recognized by the AKC?

For AKC evaluation, the black mouth cur’s ancestry is too uncertain. The physical characteristics of the breed vary greatly due to its uncertain lineage, making it difficult to determine whether or not it adheres to a set of standards.

Popular Black mouth cur mix breed

  • Black Mouth Cur + Basset Hound mix = Cursset
  • Siberian Husky + Black Mouth Cur  = Siberian Black Mouth Cur
  • Black Mouth Cur x Pomeranian mix = Black Mouth Pom Cur
  • Black Mouth Cur + Pitbull = Pitbull Cur

Black mouth cur photo gallery

Black Mouth Cur puppies

Black Mouth Cur puppies@Dog Breeds List

black mouth

black mouth@Pinterest

If you have a black mouth cur, then we want to share your photos, so upload your lovely dog or  puppy photo and we will show your dog photos in our Dog Gallery.

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  1. This is very accurate information about black mouth curs. My dog is totally inactive indoors but is very fired up once he leaves my house. These dogs have to run their energy off they are not destructive indoors but will simply sleep forever if not taken outside.They are gorgeous dogs and the color of their fur is highlighted in the latter day sunshine when tied up outside. My dog does bark too much though. He was completely silent the first 2 months I had him though. My dog never tore up anything inside my house and never scratched a door that was closed. Very well behaved dogs while inside but they have to be exercised outdoors.

  2. I have a BMC mix and she is great! High energy, affectionate, very trainable, obedient. Plus sit, stay, come and lay dawn are all trained by signing. She is 18 months old and I’ve been working with her closely, I could easily see how this breed could get out of hand/depressed if left to its own devices. They are smart and need to run!

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