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American Bulldog Puppy Care Important Tips

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american bulldog puppy care

The American Bulldog is stocky and muscular and agile and built to chase down stray cattle and assist with farm work. Some Bulldogs are known to jump six feet or higher into the air.

American Bulldogs are intelligent and affectionate, delivering them great, protective family dogs; although, they have high exercise needs and want an experienced, active pet parent.

American Bulldogs can make loving family companions. Bulldog does require particular care needs to keep him healthy and ensure longevity in his life. So if you’re looking for a loving, caring, energetic, most loyal buddy, then this may be the dog for you!

Complete Guide to Care American bulldog Breed

Basic care of your puppy includes regular Diet, Grooming, Socialization and Exercise.

1. Diet

A proper diet is more important to care for your bulldog puppy. Unfortunately, many cheap versions of dog foods are available today, and many do not put meat first as the first or main ingredient. American bulldog puppy needs a well-rounded diet of proteins, fats, carbs and vitamins, and minerals.

Nutrition: While your American Bulldog is a puppy, you should feed him twice as much as an adult. American Bulldog puppies under 4 months should eat four times a day, as usual, three cups of food, puppies between 4 and 6 months three times a day, and a total of two cups of food.

What should you give pup? Start with a portion of high-grade dog food, with meat as the first ingredient. Unprocessed protein should be no fewer than 30 percent and crude fat no less than 20 percent. As well, the fiber content needs to be 4 percent or less.

2. Grooming

Bulldogs enjoy being groomed except for nail trimming, and their greatest love is taking a bath. The Bulldog has a smooth, short coat and is naturally a reasonably clean dog. Keep a Bulldogs coat shiny and beautiful, and it must be groomed about 4 times a week.

  • How to clean American bulldog Pup Ears and Teeth?

They do, however, need to be brushed regularly to help keep the shedding fur from building up and the natural oils in their skin from causing skin issues.

In addition, your bulldog pup should get proper dental care. Brush your bulldog pup’s teeth frequently, or provide them dental hygiene bones to clean their teeth.

Cleaning your American Bulldog’s ears assists you in preventing future health problems. Ear infections are the second leading reason for dogs’ vet visits, and cleaning their ears is a simple way to prevent these trips.

Maintain normal vet visits, check their ears weekly, and keep up with monthly nail clipping and normal dental care.

  • Bathing & Brushing

A Bulldog pup needs frequent bathing and grooming. This kind yet courageous dog can be bathed regularly every week up to no longer than every six weeks depending on its lifestyle. In this smooth-coated breed, frequent bathing is necessary to keep your pup’s skin healthy and coat.

Brushing your bulldog pups with smooth fur is low maintenance, but they still require a nice brush down to the dog’s skin every week with a bristle brush.

American Bulldogs frequently have dangerous problems with their teeth, so you’ll need to brush them at least three times a week!

  • How to trim American bulldog Pup coat and toenails?

Examine your dog’s toenails once weekly. Nails that are left to develop too long can cause damages to you and your dog. Take one paw of your bulldog pup into your hand. Gently squeeze the paw until you see the nails. Then, clip the nail in short sections using the nail clippers. 

Cut the nails to just under the arch of each nail. Hold your dog’s hand up and shine a little flashlight on the nail. Check the nail closely.

File down each trimmed nail with a nail file. This assists in preventing snagging of the nails by filing away the points. Filing the nails also makes the nails shorter length without hitting the quick.

3. Exercise for American bulldog’s puppies

Because bulldogs are medium-sized dogs, they can be comfortable living in a house and even an apartment, with a small room to roam inside. They need exercise outside of the home regularly. In addition, they require the exercise of any sort regularly to retain their heart and bones healthy.

The American Bulldog is a powerful and high-energy dog that needs between 1 to 2 hours of exercise a day. This should include an everyday walk at a medium pace or off-leash for at least 30 to 45 minutes. In addition, they require purposeful high-intensity activities and play to tone their muscles and tire them further.

4. Vaccination

Dog vaccinations are a necessary part of a pet care regimen to guarantee your bulldog puppy’s good health and prevent potentially deadly diseases.

Dog vaccinations include the injection of antigens alternatively of the actual viruses. This is because they are injecting a part of the virus into an individual trigger an immune response. This immune response is more useful in preserving the individual against the virus injected into the body.

5. Give them lots of love and attraction

Bulldog puppies are considerable family dogs that are more than willing to love all family members and love attention back. They can be quite the cut-up and keep their owners on their toes with their funny dispositions.

Bulldogs tend to love children particularly, so by socializing and giving them lots of love and attraction to your puppy to kids of all ages starting from puppyhood. You will be nourishing that natural, sweet nature in them that they have for children.   

6. American Bulldog Puppy Training

The American Bulldog was the first bred as a strong and athletic all-purpose effective dog to catch hogs and cattle. These dogs are adorable, and as adults, they are great, stocky, and intelligent. Puppyhood is the most suitable time to train your American bulldog, as the personalities of the greatest bulldogs are developed and structured at a young age.

You can give the below training to your American bulldog Puppy.

  • Potty training:

To avoid undesired accidents within the home, you must potty train your puppy. Take your pup out every hour on the hour to the spot you require the dog to eliminate throughout the day for several days. You’ll also need to take away food and water three to four hours before bedtime and provide your pup a potty break just before you go to sleep and first thing in the morning.

  •  Obedience training:

American Bulldogs are a highly intelligent, strong-willed, and generally stubborn puppies breed. Unfortunately, these qualities of a puppy can make them more challenging to train, particularly for first-time dog owners. They will require knowing that you are the dominant one in the connection, and training them will need a lot of devotion and patience.

  •   Socialization:

Bring them with you to a range of places. This can help your dog learn how to act with different people and animals further as to how to act in numerous things. Socialize will end up your dog familiar stable, pleasant, and fearless adult.

Keep your American Bulldog on a leash when including it to new people, such as neighbors. Learn the basic commands like return, sit, stay, heel, down. The only way to discipline is by leading them with confidence and quality.

  •   Barking:

American Bulldogs ordinarily don’t bark unless there’s something to bark. But, like any dog, this pup can be destructive if left with nothing to do. As a result, American Bulldogs are generally excellent watchdogs. The most basic cause of a bulldog’s bark is out of fear, sadness, or excitement. These pups generally bark when a stranger approaches the door, or a new animal is in the vicinity.

  •   Biting:

All dogs, including Bulldog pups, will bite when they are young. Bulldogs can bite, and they bite very hard. Then, they go through a phase called teething, during which time they will put anything and everything they can in their mouths.

Bulldogs are not aggressive by nature, but like any dog, they can become aggressive when provoked. But regardless of the bulldog breed, all bulldogs have a flatter face with a more defined jaw.

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