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Corgi German shepherd mix

corgi german shepherd mix

Corgi Shepherd is a mix breed of welsh corgi and German shepherd.  The Corgi shepherd mix is a hybrid or designer dog breed he is a very intelligent and loyal dog breed. A corgi mixed with German shepherd is seen as a loyal, friendly family pet that is great with children.

List of points we will discuss about the corgi german shepherd mix

  • History of corgi german shepherd mix
  • Corgi shepherd mix appearance
  • Temperament of corgi German shepherd mix
  • Characteristics of corgi GSD mix
  • Health of Corgi german shepherd mix
  • How to take care corgi
  • Puppy Information
  • Corgi German mix puppy price
  • Corgi german mix rescues
  • Find Corgi german shepherd mix puppy
  • Upload your dog photo

Let’s start….

1). Corgi german shepherd mix history

Corgi shepherds are the result of a breeding between a german shepherd and a Corgi. It’s also known as a comman shepherd mix. The corgi shepherd mix is a one of the designer dog breed. And last 10 to 20 years designer dog is very popular in all over the world. The original breed originated around 1200 BC. The breed began cross breeding with others as they became good cattle drivers. It was a working dog seen in the police and military, with a Welsh Corgi, a breed that is now most commonly associated with the British Royal family.

Country of origin – USA

Other name: Corgi shepherd

The Corgi dog breed

pembroke welsh corgi
Image credit:

The welsh corgi is a small type of herding dog that originated in Wales. There are main two types of corgi wales like Pembroke welsh corgi and the cardigan welsh corgi. The Pembroke is the most popular breed of dog, with the cardigan welsh corgi appearing on The Kennel Club’s list of vulnerable native breeds. Welsh Corgis have historically been used as herding dogs, specifically for cattle. The Pembroke welsh corgi is an intelligent and devoted dog. An excellent watchdog. This is a one of the cutest dog breed. Corgis are probably best known as the palace pals of Queen Elizabeth II.


The German Shepherd dog breed

German Shepherd Dogs
German Shepherd Dogs


The German shepherd is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated in Germany. It’s one of America’s most popular dog breeds. It’s also known as the Alsatian in Great Britain and parts of Europe. The German shepherd is a one of the best guard dogs and good to have the power of  sniffing so they called the police dog. You can see here 15 Reasons to Adopt German Shepherd dog.




2). The appearance of corgi german shepherd mix

The average height of corgi mix is 12 to 15 inches this means they can be a medium sized dog or a large dog breed. This is a beautiful dog breed. He is a strong dog with a slightly flat head, almond shaped black eyes, and long erect ears. The appearance of the Corgi Shepherd mix is close to the parent breeds.

The Corgi Shepherd Mix is a one of the lowest maintenance dog breed.  The coat color is golden with markings of black and white. They have a broad skull with a dark-tipped muzzle, while the ears are erect and the eyes are dark. Corgi Shepherds are active and energetic with an overall sweet temperament, which also makes them good with kids, other pets, and humans.

corman shepherd mix cute puppy
Image credit:
  • Height: 12 to 15 inches
  • Weight: 20 to 70 pounds
  • Adult weight: 40 to 70 pounds
  • Life Span: 12 to 15 years
  • Color: golden with markings of black and white
  • Coat type: Dense, short to medium
  • Grooming Needs: Moderate
  • Brushing: Brush once a day
  • Shedding: Moderate to high
  • Barking: Low
  • Trainability: Very easy to train
  • Major Health problem: Bloat
  • Group of Breed: Crossbred
  • Good with other Pets
  • Space Requirements: House with Yard



3). Corgi German Temperament

corgi shepherd mix size
Image credit:

The Corgi German Mix is particularly known to be highly intelligent and being a herding dog. This is a very popular dog breed. The Corgi Shepherd is a very intelligent, so you can easily train. It has a good temperament and is very loyal to the children and families. Corgi German Shepherd is a combination of  Welsh Corgi  and German Shepherd.

They are generally loving, good natured and a joy to be around, but that doesn’t mean that behavioral issues don’t occur. Corgi german shepherd mix behavioral issues are minimal in number, but can be an issue if they are not dealt with in early puppyhood. This is a very good personality dog breed. Overall, this dog breed has a great temperament and it will be a perfect for adoption

They are incredibly protective of their family and do well, keeping their families safe. They are wary of strangers and will alert homeowners by barking.


4). Characteristics of corgi GSD mix

There are a number of physical traits of this breed. These include the flatter head, long erect ears, size, color, head and the quality of the coat.

corgi shepherd mix puppy photo
Image credit:

Corgi german shepherd mix cost: – This breed’s coat is similar to that of the German shepherd. Which color like golden and black, white etc. The corgi shepherd mix cots are short mediums and dense. This is a very low maintenance dog breed perfect for adoption.

Coat color: – The color of the corgi shepherd coat can come in many different colors such as gold, white, black and brown.  The most common colors you will see are the gold and browns. This is a one of the best colors to Corgi mix.

Corgi german shepherd mix size: – The size of the corgi shepherd mix can vary depending on what traits they get from the corgi and the German Shepherd. Corgi german shepherd mix dog is a medium to large sized dog that will weigh around 30 to 70 lbs and will stand at around 12 to 15 inches tall. The corgi shepherd mix is the same look like a german shepherd.

Neck, Body, Topline

Neck: – Fairly long. Of sufficient length to provide over-all balance of the dog. Slightly arched, clean and blending well into the shoulders. A very short neck, giving a stuffy appearance and a long, thin or ewe neck is faulty.

Body: – Rib cage should be well sprung, slightly egg-shaped and moderately long. The body should taper slightly to end of loin. Loin short. Round or flat rib cage, lack of brisket, extreme length or cobbiness, are undesirable.

Topline Firm and level, neither riding up to nor falling away at the croup. A small depression behind the shoulders caused by heavier neck coat meeting the shorter body coat is permissible.


Head, Muzzle, and skull

Head: –  The head should be foxy in shape and appearance.
Muzzle: – It should be neither dish-faced nor Roman-nosed.
Skull: – It should be fairly wide and flat between the ears. Occiput distance greater than the distance from the nose to the top of the stop center

Forequarters: –  The moderately broad chest tapers to a deep brisket, well let down between the forelegs. Overall, the bone should be heavy for a dog of this size, but not so heavy as to appear coarse or reduce agility.

Hindquarters: – There should be moderate angulation at stifle and hock. Overall, the hindquarters must denote sufficient power to propel this low, relatively heavy, herding dog efficiently over rough terrain.  Feet- point straight ahead and are slightly smaller and more oval than front.


5). Corgi German mix health issue

corgi german shepherd mix uk
Image credit:

Corgi German mix generally healthy, but some of the health problems have included like Bloat, Back pain, Allergies, Eye problems, joint dysplasia, allergies and eye problems, joint pains and increased risk of cancer etc.

Joint Dysplasia: This is a condition where the animals elbow will pop in and out of place causing severe pain for the dog. Mostly this problem is found in the Corgi shepherd puppy.

Slipped Disc Syndrome: This is a condition where the disks in the spine start to pop put in place and can cause severe pain to the back of the legs and back.

Dental disease: –  Dental disease in dogs and cats is very common, and very dangerous. Left untreated, it can lead to major problems like heart disease and kidney failure.  Regular dental care is critical to your pet’s health, but they can’t do it alone. Banfield is here to help you brush up on your pet’s dental needs.

Find best dental care service on


6). How to take care

Taking care is most important of every dog breed similarly it’s also important for the corgi shepherd mix. If you are interested in adopting the corgi GSD mix so this is very useful information for you. Read carefully and that you enjoy with your Corgi German mix. In this day there are many ways available you can take care of your dog like exercise, feeding healthy food, grooming, training etc. See How to take care of pets?

Exercise needed

Exercise is an important part of the take care of any dog. A German shepherd corgi mix is an active breed, they need regular exercise schedules. This breed does require more exercise and play time, then other breeds. So give a lot of exercise of your dog.

Feeding Healthy food

Feeding is an important part of the every dog life. So give a healthy and best dry dog food for your corgi shepherd mix. Feeding amounts for dogs will always vary on the breed type and the size of the dog. Typically an average Corgi Shepherd mix will need to eat two servings of 2 to 3 cups of higher quality dry food a day.

Feeding plan for a german corgi mix

Feeding plan is also important for dog health care so you need to give ¾ to 1½ cups of dry dog food, divided into halves, is enough for a day. Choosing a high-quality dog food product for your Corgi german shepherd mix puppy.

Click here to find Best Healthy  food for german corgi mix

corgi shepherd mix puppy
Image Credit:

Give a toy for your dog

Toy is an important for dog exercise. In this day there are many different types of toy available in the market so give a good toy for your dog and stay healthy for your dog.

Give Love & affection

Love and affection are useful for every dog. If you give a love and affection to your dog than the dog will love you back. Your corgi shepherd mix will be a member of your family, So Give lots of love and affection for your cute puppy. Most importantly, spend time with your dog because that your dog needs love and warmth.

Grooming required

Grooming of corgi shepherd mix is very low maintenance. It is a also important for taking care of the dog. The Corgi Shepherd mix has a dense coat, and they shed. So, a regular brushing, at least five days a week, is required to discard dead hair, as well as for keeping the coat in good shape and maintaining its majestic look. Grooming is necessary for corgi german shepherd mix puppies. Other grooming will be clipping his nails, cleaning his teeth and ears and giving him a check over on a weekly basis to check his health.


Like people, german corgi mix need vaccines. Vaccinating your pet has long been considered one of the easiest ways to help him live a long, healthy life. Puppies are typically vaccinated at 8 and 10 weeks, Your young Corgi german mix should then be given a booster 12 months after their first vaccination because it’s very useful to take care of any pets.


7). Puppy Information

How to train Corgi German shepherd mix puppy

Training is a most important part of the any pet or any  dog breed. Usually the Corgi Shepherd is very easy to train because it’s very intelligent and loyal dog breed. Most corgi mixes will do well with other animals and will not show aggressiveness with other dogs and animals when trained properly.


Socialization early on in life is also a key to this dog’s proper behavior with other pets, as some of these dogs are known to not get along, especially well with cats and other dogs if they haven’t been properly socialized from a young age.

Image credit:

Training crate

The crate is the best place for your puppy when you cannot watch him. As your Corgi german mix puppy grows older, it is highly advisable for you to introduce the crate. The puppy crate is a secure place for them and where they can also get a much needed rest with minimal disruption.  The crate needs to be very comfortable, with sufficient beddings, good air flow and good amount of light getting through. So Give a crate training for your dog and stay healthy. If you want to get complete details on crate training, visit this  article on Paws How To Crate Train Your Dog


Housebreaking training

Housebreaking training is absolutely important for your Corgi german mix. When housebreaking your puppy, you need to have him in the same room with you at all times, and you need to keep an eye on him.

Above all the training is very helpful for your dog health and training so you can try this and you can see here best product for your dog training.


8). Corgi German mix puppy price

The average price of new corgi german shepherd mix puppy is $250 – $750.

corgi german shepherd mix training
Image credit:


They’re square measure initial prices stay in mind after you commit to get a dog, health checks, deworming, microchip, vaccinations, neutering, collar and leash, crate to call the essential ones. These are going to be around $450 – $550. Then there square measure in progress prices of being an accountable owner like paying for normal vet check ups, keeping vaccinations up so far, epizoan bar, having a license, training, pet insurance, food, treats, toys. These returns to between $900 and $1000 a year.





9). Find Corgi german shepherd mix puppy

In this day there are many online websites available to find corgi german shepherd mix puppy online. If you are interested to adopt a corgi german shepherd mix so pet finder is a good place to adopt a puppy.

Find a German shepherd corgi mix for sale


10). Corgi german mix rescues

In this topic we will discuss about best rescue organizations for corgi german shepherd mix dog

List of rescue group


11). Types of other corgi mix

There are many beautiful Corgi mixes available like

Corgi husky Mix, Corgi Australian Cattle Mix,  Corgi English Bulldog Mix,  Corgi English Bulldog Mix,  Corgi Golden Retriever Mix, Corgi Australian Shepherd Mix, Corgi Jack Russell Mix, Corgi Malamute Mix, Corgi Pomeranian Mix, Corgi Papillon Mix, Corgi Pug Mix, Corgi Pitbull Mix, Corgi Dachshund Mix etc.


12). Things to consider adopting a corgi german mix

If you are interested in adopting german shepherd corgi mix puppy so this is a good thing for you.

Good watchdog

These dogs are very protective and they are very alert, which makes them good dogs to keep watch out for things and people you don’t see coming. So this is a very good watch dog and perfect for adoption.

Easy to Groom

This is a dog with a very simple to groom coat, which makes the process very easy on owners. Corgi shepherd mix coat is very Dense and short to medium so you can easy to groom.

Very Territorial

Your dog is going to become very territorial around other animals if it does not know them. This is why it’s thus necessary to socialize the dog with the animals it’ll pay an excellent deal of your time with. This is often attending to forestall some serious problems therein, you may not need to worry regarding the animals fighting or affect problems that you simply can’t handle etc.

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13). Advantages of corgi german shepherd mix

  • Is steady and dependable
  • Has a short easy-care coat in a variety of colors
  • Good with Children
  • Very easy to train

14). Disadvantages of corgi german shepherd mix

  • Destructiveness when bored or left alone too much
  • Potential for excessive barking
  • Major Health Concerns: Bloat


Done. I tried to include maximum information in this post. Please like and share if you like this post. If you have any information about this dog, then send me via the contact form or comment below.

If you love to read information about various dog breeds, keep reading more posts here and take a look at most popular dog breeds 2016


15). Corgi german shepherd mix dog photos


Corgi german shepherd mix photo

Image credit:


corgi shepherd mix puppy
German corgi mx

Corgi german shepherd mix puppy

corgi shepherd mix puppy photo
Photo credit:


Crogi shepherd mix puppy
photo credit:


German shepherd corgi mix puppies for sale UK

corgi german shepherd mix uk
corgi shepherd mix size
Image credit:


welsh corgi german shepherd mix puppy photo

pembroke welsh corgi
Image credit:


corgi german shepherd mix breeder
Photo credit:

Pictures of german shepherd corgi mix

corgi german shepherd mix for sale uk
Image credit:
Corgi and German Shepherd Mix hd photo
Photo credit:


Corgi german shepherd mix hd photo

corgi german mix drive
Photo credit:
corgi german shepherd mix dog
Image credit:

Corgi german shepherd mix with toy photo

Corgi german shepherd mix with toy
Photo credit:
Corgi in the car
image credit:


Corgi german shepherd mix puppies for sale

Corman German Shepherd Mix
Photo credit:
German Shepherd Corgi mix Image
Image credit:

See hare dog gallery

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