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Top 10 Awesome & Friendly Great Dane Mixes

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Great dane dog breed

The Great Dane is a friendly, reserved, devoted, loving, confident, gentle dog breed. It can be such a popular family pet. This is a wonderfully sociable and affectionate companion who would make an excellent addition to any family.

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The Great Dane has been mixed with various dog breeds, resulting in some fairly awesome and loving combinations. This practise is known as “Designer Dog Breeding” and results in a mix of two different purebreds.

If you’re thinking about adding one of these lively and energetic Great Dane Mix pups to your home, In this post we describe the “Top 10 Awesome & Friendly Great Dane Mixes”. Let’s see…..

10. Doberdane = Great Dane x Doberman

They are a dog breed that is protective, calm, loyal, clever, gentle, loving, and friendly. Doberdane is an exceptional dog who protects and adores his family. They get along well with other dogs and pets in the house.

It could be a medium-to-large breed. Doberdane dogs can be cautious around outsiders due to their guarding nature. They have a great bond with their owner, but it is not a good choice for a first-time dog owner.

Weight: 43 kg to 63 kg

Height: 71 cm to 76 cm

Life span: 8 to 12 years

Puppy Price: $1200 to $2000

Coat color: Brindle, Red, Black, Fawn, Brown

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9. Daniff = English Mastiff x Great Dane

A Daniff is a breed of dog that is intelligent, loyal, protective, loving, gentle, and active. They’re also extremely loyal to their owners and their families. They are good security dogs because of their loyalty and frightening size.

Daniff is suitable for singles as well as families with children and pets. They get along with other dogs and cats. Daniffs are never overly aggressive to the point of becoming dangerous. Daniffs are simple to groom, but they shed a lot.

Weight: 115-150 lbs

Height: 30-35 inches

Life span:  8-12 years

Puppy Price: $800 to $1500

Coat color: Fawn, Black, White, Brindle

8. Great Danebull = Great Dane x Pit Bull

The Great Danebull is a large to extra-large dog. They are strong dogs. This dog breed is sociable, loving, affectionate, goofy, protective, and intelligent. This breed is well-suited to a range of locations.

It gets along well with other animals and thrives in multi-pet households. This dog would be an excellent family pet. The Great Dane is a dog that is extremely territorial and can attack without warning. They enjoy playing with children and are gentle with them.

Weight: 60 and 90 pounds

Height: 24 and 28 inches

Life span: 14 years

Puppy Price: $1000 to $1500

Coat color: Black, White, Blue, Fawn, Bronze, Liver, Red, White, and Brown

7. Great Dasenji = Great Dane x Basenji

The Great Dasenji is a dog breed that is sociable, faithful, reserved, confident, affectionate, and gentle. This breed is a lot of fun to train and has a great personality. They’re excellent watchdogs. They can become attentive and protective with the right training.

They are ideal family dogs since they get along with other pets and are gentle with children, especially if they are socialised at a young age. Great Dasenji are devoted to their owners and enjoy taking part in physical activity.

Weight: 60 to 85 pounds

Height: 22 to 24 inches

Life span:  6 to 14 years

Puppy Price: $1200 to $1500

Coat color: Blue, Fawn, Black, White, Tan, Red

6. Great Pyredane = Great Dane x Great Pyrenees

Great Pyredane are gentle, confident, strong-willed, fearless, affectionate, patient dog breeds. It is a designer dog. They are suitable for families, children, and couples. It is one of the best guard dogs to protect their family and their territory.

Weight: 80 to 105 lbs

Height:  60 cm

Life span: 10 years

Puppy Price: $1000 to $2000

Coat color:  Brindle. Fawn

5. Great Shepherd = Great Dane x German Shepherd

The Great Shepherd is a clever, protective, loving, highly energetic, intelligent, strong, alert, friendly, and very affectionate dog breed. It can be very gentle companions and family protectors with proper training and socialization.

Great Shepherd is a good choice for families with children as long as the dog. It can be suitable for active families with plenty of extra time. Great Shepherd dogs will not get along well with cats, they will chase them. They can make great exercise partners.

Weight: 65 – 110 pounds

Height: 28 – 30 inches

Life span: 7 to 10 years

Puppy Price: $1500 to $2500

Coat color: Black, Tan

4. Great Wolfhound = Great Dane x Irish Wolfhound

The Great Wolfhound is a dog that is intelligent, gentle, and loving. With his family, he will be dependable and loving. Early obedience training and socialisation with other dogs and strangers are important for him.

It’s possible that the Great Wolfhound is overly protective. They enjoy spending time with their owners. It can be stubborn, so patience, a firm but encouraging hand, and daily continuous training are important.

Their energy levels will be low to moderate. He will enjoy daily walks and playtime in the backyard.

Weight: 120 to 150 lbs

Height: 27 to 32 inches

Life span: 6 to 10 years

Puppy Price: $1500 to $2000

Coat color: White, Fawn, Gray, Black, Brindle, Red

3. Labradane = Great Dane x Labrador Retriever

Labradane is a gentle giant who is always ready to help. They’d be better suited to large families with big homes than single-person apartment housing. It’s a strong runner.

This breed gets along well with children, despite their tendency to lose sight of their own size. They are also fiercely protective of their human relatives. These Great Dane mixes adore people and require a lot of space.

Weight: 100 to 180 pounds

Height: 24 to 30 inches

Life span: 10 to 12 years

Puppy Price: $500 to $1500

Coat color: Black, Yellow, Chocolate

2. American Bull Dane = Great Dane x American Bulldog

The American Bull Dane is a patient, sweet, friendly, sociable, easygoing, affectionate, alert, fearless, and loving dog breed. They are natural security dogs due to their large size and continual attentiveness. They are ideal for families looking for a low-maintenance security dog.

It makes an excellent household pet. If you have small children, you should teach them how to behave around dogs if you have them at home. Regular training and socialising are required for these Great Dane Mixes.

Weight: 100-190 pounds

Height: 27-37 inches

Life span: 10-13 years

Puppy Price: Around $1000

Coat color: Black, White

1. Great Retriever = Great Dane x Golden Retriever

The Great Retriever is a large, intelligent, friendly, affectionate, smart, and loyal animal. It is better suited as a companion animal because of its loving and social attitude. In general, these Great Dane mixes get along well with children.

This breed still needs a lot of activity. The Great Retriever is suitable for families with children, active owners, homes with multiple pets, and people with yards.

Weight: 70-95 lbs

Height: 27-29 inches

Life span: 10-12 years

Puppy Price: $1,000 to $3,500

Coat color: Black, White, Blue, Brindle

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