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Tips & Tools To Potty Train Your Corgi Yorkie Mix

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A Welsh corgi and a Yorkshire terrier mix is known as a Corgi-Yorkie mix. The Welsh corgi parent is also a small, lively dog. The Yorkshire terrier parent is a toy dog with a high amount of energy, intelligence, and devotion. So cross between the two will most likely be small and energetic.

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A Corgi-Yorkie mix will brighten your life and love you unconditionally. Having a dog is not only about feeding him and playing with him. It is important that you train your dog. Potty training is one of the most important training tips in all training.

Corgi Yorkies are intelligent dogs, so you need a little patience and work to train them. As a pet parent or lover, you must ensure that you are doing everything correctly.

During the potty training of your puppy, stay positive, do not lose your calm, be consistent and train your puppy using the provided methods and advice.

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When to Begin Potty Training Puppy?

Experts recommend that you begin potty training to your Corgi-Yorkie mix puppy when they are between 3 months and 4 months old. After 3 month, they have enough control of their bladder and bowel movements to learn to hold it. Improper way takes much time to fully trained, but if you train them with proper Tips & Tools it makes easy.

Tools To Potty Train Your Corgi Yorkie Mix

1. Puppy Pads

If you want to train your puppy to use the toilet inside, you’ll need to use puppy pads as a bathroom area. Pads are soft, absorbent pads that you urge your puppy to eliminate on so that everything is captured and easy to clean up, as well as keeping your floors and carpets clean.

If you must leave your puppy home alone for a longer length of time and expect them to hold their bladder, train them to use puppy pads placed inside the room you restrict them to.

2. Pad Holder 

Puppy pads can also be placed in the holders. It is shaped like a tray. These contain raised edges to help catch all of the mess and prevent it from spilling onto the floor.

3. Pad bags

Obviously, when your puppy has pooped, you must clean up the mess. Cleaning or just rolling up and throwing away the puppy pad they eliminated is simple for indoor trainers. Throw the puppy pad in the bag.

When used properly, bags are easy to use. It will keep the environment clean and allow you to pick up messes without having contact with your hands. With everything safely inside, you can now tie it up and dispose of it.

*Try to use this pad, pad holder, and pad bag when your Corgi Yorkie Mix puppy alone at home. When you are around them than always go outside for pee and poop.

4. Gloves

During your Corgi-Yorkie Mix puppy’s pee or poop training, cover your hands with gloves. Use gloves to pick up your dog’s waste. After using them, you can throw gloves into bags.

5. Crate

You’ll need a suitable crate, the size of which will be determined by the size of your puppy. Your Corgi-Yorkie Mix can easily adjust to it. It will also teach him to control his urge to pee or poop so that he can keep his home clean. Even if you are not watching him, it will keep him secure.

6. Treat

When you are potty training your Corgi-Yorkie Mix puppy, always keep treats in your hand. Whether your dog does anything well, lavishly rewarding them is an important element of effective toilet training. Treat him directly after he eliminates, so he understands that he will be rewarded for pottying in the proper location.

This implies rewarding them when they use the toilet in the proper location. If a puppy is lavishly praised for whatever they do, they will want to repeat the behavior in order to get the same praise.

7. Cleaning Supplies

In the clean up process and particularly for accidents in your home, you should utilise an effective cleaner. Use only high-quality cleaning products. Do not use low-quality cleaning products. 

It may leave behind some of the original smell. You’ll need to purchase a special cleaner specifically designed for dog owners with the goal of fully eliminating the smell.

8. Pooper Scoopers

If your dog uses the back yard as a bathroom, a pooper scooper will save you a lot of time bending over. The Pooper Scooper is a device that collects animal faeces in gardens and yards.

You may store your pooper scooper in a hidden part of your yard and use it whenever you need it. It is quite beneficial.

9. Plastic Sheet

This will keep spills off your floors and carpets, making clean-up a snap when the inevitable happens. Plastic sheets are available in a range of shapes and sizes.

10. Baby Gates

Baby gates are an excellent way to keep your dog safe and prevent it from wandering around the house unsupervised. Baby gates are used to confine your puppy or dog to a single room or to restrict entry from a single room.

Signs that your doggie does when they feels uncomfortable

When your Corgi Yorkie Mix puppy is uncomfortable or needs to relieve themselves, they will circle, whine, and sniff. they will bark or scratch at the door. When you notice this sign, immediately take the puppy out.

Tips To Potty Train Your Corgi Yorkie Mix

Maintain constant positive reinforcement. You must have a joyful and cheerful attitude throughout the proceedings. Praise your puppy frequently and never punish them. Stick to a routine and be punctual and dedicated. Show a great deal of patience and understanding.

Punishing your dog for peeing or pooping in the home will not teach him that it’s a bad habit. It may also scare him, causing him to avoid you and other family members. Remember that your puppy is learning a new skill and that it will take some time.


  • Take the Corgi Yorkie puppy out for a potty break first thing in the morning and then every half hour to an hour after that.
  • After meals or after they wake up from a nap, always take them outside.
  • Make sure they go out last at light and before they are left alone.
  • Take the puppy to the same area or location every time they want to go potty.
  • Keep an eye on them outside, at least until they’ve learned to use the toilet.
  • Reward or Praise your Corgi Yorkie puppy when he or she eliminates outside.

Using Crate Training

  • If your Corgi-Yorkie Mix dog does not eliminate well in housetraining, crate training may be used. It’s an excellent idea to use a crate.
  • The crate is large enough for the puppy to be able to stand, turn around, and lie down. Make sure the crate is not too big. Otherwise, your puppy will poop in one corner and sleep in the opposite corner of the crate.
  • Keep the puppy in the crate when you are unable to offer him attention or when he is sleeping.
  • Keep him inside the crate for a few hours or sometimes. The Corgi-Yorkie Mix dog will regard it as his home and will resist the urge to pee or poop inside.

Using Potty Pads

  • Use potty pads for dog potty training if you want to train your pup to poop inside the house. 
  • This is a fantastic solution for those who live in high-rise buildings or people who live in cold climates.
  • Allow the Corgi-Yorkie Mix to discharge every 3-4 hours on the potty pad.
  • Keep your Corgi-Yorkie Mix on the pads. Puppy pads can also be placed in the holders. It is shaped like a tray. These contain raised edges to help catch all of the mess and prevent it from spilling onto the floor.
  • Throw the pads into pad bags.

Using Litter Box

  • Using Litter Box is a fantastic solution for those who live in high-rise buildings or people who live in cold climates.
  • This is another choice available to you. Choose one with a slant on one side so that your dog can easily get in and out.
  • Place a towel soaked in your puppy’s pee inside the small box and take your puppy to it every 3-4 hours.

Keep in mind some important facts

  • Puppies thrive when they have a good schedule. The regular schedule teaches puppies that there are fix time for eating, playing, and going to the bathroom.
  • After they’ve gone potty, take them for a longer walk or some fun.
  • Every time your puppy eliminates outside, praise or reward them.
  • Depending on their age, Corgi-Yorkie mix need proper amount of food.
  • Provide them enough amount of water.
  • The majority of Corgi-Yorkie mix puppies can sleep for up to seven hours without needing to go to the potty. If your puppy wakes you up in the middle of the night, don’t make a big deal out of it; otherwise, they’ll believe it’s time to play and won’t want to sleep again. Turn off as many lights as possible, don’t talk or play with your puppy, take them out to relieve themselves, and then put them back to bed.

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