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Top 10 Most Stolen dog breeds

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Stolen dog breeds

Why are people stealing dogs anyway? There are several reasons. Some dogs are stolen to be used in illegal fighting rings and coaching ways. However, most others are re-sold as pets for plenty of money or perhaps bred so that puppies can be sold for even more cash.

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Some breeds are determined to be higher targets than others. However, all dog house owners ought to remember. It is vital to keep in mind this list of breeds, and, however, you’ll be able to save your pet safe from these terrible thieves.

Pet theft is on the rise. According to the AKC, in 2013, the AKC tracked more than 590 pet thefts from news and customer reports, a 31% increase over 2012.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Stolen dog breeds

1). Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terrier

It is not a surprise Yorkies are a popular choice for dog thieves. The adorable Yorkshire terrier is the most stolen breed of dog. These little guys are attractive and can be sold to unsuspecting buyers for up to $1500 to $2,500.

They’re a popular breed, which means many people want them and are willing to pay for them and pay a lot. Purebred Yorkshire Terriers can sell for thousands of dollars. Plus, these tiny dogs are easy to steal physically.

Owners of Yorkies are extremely dedicated and attached, and their abduction can be difficult to recover. However, with careful supervision, microchipping, and registration, the chances of loss can markedly reduce.

2). Pomeranian

beautiful dogs

The Pomeranian highly treasures for its small size, portability, and desire to please. These fluffy little pups are another hot target for dognappers. Unfortunately, their compact stature makes it easy for thieves to abduct this pricey breed as they can be sold for up to $1500 to $3,500.

A popular breed that’s often thought-about trendy, Pomeranians will sell for a fair penny, and their tiny stature builds them a specific target for a fast snatch-and-run. That is sensible as small dogs are easier to select up and whisk off, still in style among buyers.

3). Maltese

maltese puppy pictures

The Maltese are a small, adorable breed, fluffy white dog, one of the most popular lap dog breeds. The Pomeranians are small, portable, and easy to take, and generally amenable to handling by strangers.

the Maltese shares many similar qualities in its tiny size, desirability, and high price, usual commerce for around $1500 – $2500. Their friendly demeanors build them a specific target for nasty thieves.

4). Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier training

Bostons are great little dogs that also are a common target for dog thieves. the Boston terrier has a playful nature and high resale value that makes it engaging to thieves. They’re particularly good dogs for older people and belong to the tallest family dog breeds. They’ll not appear as fancy because of the Yorkies or Maltese. However, terrier puppies square measure usually sold for $2,100.

5). French Bulldog


The French bulldog is one small breed of dog. This small dog is especially susceptible to theft due to its size, popularity, and resale value. Dogs are also very playful and friendly, which increases the percentages of their falling into the hands of an innocuous unknown. French Bulldogs are another usually taken breed, as they will resell for a ridiculous $3500 – $4000!

6). Chihuahuas

small chihuahua photo

Chihuahuas are one of the most popular, loyal breeds and one of the smallest dog breeds. the tiny Chihuahua always ranks highly in the listings of the most commonly stolen breeds. These tiny dogs are easy to steal, especially in cities. These very little guys will sell for plenty of cash, as your average teacup Chihuahua is $2,000- $2,500.

7). Labradoodles

adults labradoodle photo

Generally, purebred dogs are more frequently stolen than mixed breeds because they fetch higher payouts when thieves flip them. Labradoodles tend to be very personable and friendly and will often be happy to walk off with a stranger that offers them a treat.

Considered a designer breed, this one is highly valuable, often fetching upwards of $1000 – $2000, and are easily sold to either unsuspecting individuals or those willing to turn a blind eye.

8). Pit Bull Terrier

Pit Bull

Pitbull is one of the most popular breeds of dogs involved in dogfighting. Pitbulls are known to be loving and loyal to all members of the household. Not all frequently purloined dog breeds are targeted for being little, friendly, and transportable. Pit Bulls also are usually dognapped.

These dogs are usually stolen to be used in illegal dog baiting and dogfighting. Many people believe that small dogs are stolen to be bait dogs. However, this is often not the case. Pitbulls will still sold on average at $2000.

9). German Shepherd

German shepherd cute puppy

The large German shepherd dogs are an extremely popular dog, intelligent, and a very versatile dog. Many have been known to end up being used as bait dogs in fighting rings, along with Rottweilers and Dobermans.

Adult German shepherds are often speculative about strangers and won’t be willing to go with someone they don’t know, but puppies and younger dogs of the breed are often targeted.

A pure breed German shepherd puppy will cost around $2000 – $2500.

10). Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever is the most popular breed of dog. Labradors are always in demand, and the breed’s open, friendly personalities make them a target for theft. Labs are common targets for dog thieves. Labs are stolen mostly due to their ease of resale to an unsuspecting public. An uneducated buyer will gladly pay $2,000 for a new Labrador.

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