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Sloughi Dog Breed

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Sloughi dog

The Sloughi or Arabian Greyhound is the name of an ancient domestic dog breed. It can be found in Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Morocco. The Sloughi dog is a medium to large hound breed that originated in North Africa.

It is distinguished by its long legs, slender frame, short fur and fast running abilities. The Sloughi is a breed of solitary or single-family dog. These are dogs of pure breed.

They are affable with their own people yet distant with outsiders. Like many hounds, they may be quite the bother for novice dog owners due to their headstrong attitude.


History of The Sloughi Dog

The Sloughi is an African native. These dogs are a very recent addition to the American breed landscape; the AKC only acknowledged them in 2016. Their background spans many millennia. Their exact moment of genesis is unknown.

The breed was one of the two highly esteemed sighthound breeds owned by the Berbers, an African ethnic group. The Sloughi’s long-standing popularity in its home country is due to the breed’s capacity to hunt foxes, wild boar, and rabbits in the challenging North African terrain.

When necessary, this breed is incredibly swift, agile, and intelligent. Sloughis are now mostly found in Morocco, with a few scattered throughout in North Africa. In the US, these dogs are still uncommon. In several nations of North Africa, sloughis are still employed for hunting.

They are also dependable household guard dogs. The Sloughi was admitted to the FCI in 1998 and was permitted to participate in AKC Hound Group competitions as recently as January 1, 2016.

Sloughi Dog Overview

  • Origin: North Africa
  • Nick Name: Uskay (Oska), Berber Greyhound, Sloughi Mughrabi
  • Life Span: 12-16 Years
  • Height: 24-29 Inch
  • Weight: 40-63 Pound
  • Coat: Smooth and Fine
  • Color: Brindle, Fawn, Sandy
  • Litter Size: 4-6 Puppies
  • Breed Size: Medium To Large
  • Energy Level: High
  • Exercise Need: High
  • Barking level: Low
  • Patterns: Brindle pattern or black markings
  • Breed Group: Hound Group


The Sloughi is a medium-sized, short-haired, energetic sighthound that was created by the North African Berbers to hunt wildlife including fox, jackal, and rabbit.

It is a rare species that has long been valued in North Africa for its hunting prowess, speed, agility, and stamina. It is a strong, classy, and risqué sighthound with proportionate limbs, a back, and a tail.

Sloughis are not frail dogs by nature. His whole demeanor is aristocratic and reserved, yet with a regal air of elegance; his dark eyes have a soft, mournful look.

The beautiful head of the Sloughi features long, pointed ears. Strong, lean muscles may be seen throughout the torso, as well as the legs. The skeleton framework is sturdy.


The Sloughi is an intelligent and loyal breed that is somewhat aloof. This caste has a very high level of loyalty to its member or members. The character of this breed tends to be quiet, and they lean on the side of independence rather than being engaged in every facet of household life.

They could come out as careless and aloof. Being a quiet breed, they may live fairly well in an apartment as long as they receive adequate exercise. Early socialization will aid in preventing the Sloughi from developing excessive fear or aggression toward other dogs.

They have a strong prey drive, so contact with very young animals should either be viewed with extreme caution or, in certain situations, avoided altogether. Generally they are good for small children too. The bond between these pets and their families is particularly strong.


The Sloughi breed is typically seen as being in good health. Sloughis are prone to specific hereditary illnesses, like the majority of purebred dogs. You may improve the dog’s chances of living a long, happy life by adopting from a reputable breeder.

Addison’s disease: The adrenal glands of a dog are impacted by this ailment, which prevents them from producing the regular amounts of hormones required to maintain electrolyte balance.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): The eye condition PRA can lead to blindness, which weakens the cellular structure of the retina.

Sloughi Dog Care

The Sloughis don’t need much grooming beyond the essentials, similar to other short-haired dogs. Due to their sensitive nature and frequent activity requirements, it is advisable to employ positive reinforcement techniques.

They are typically toilet trained as well. Proper food should be given in sufficient quantity for them. They do well on the best diet. Grooming is very important.


The complete diet is very important for every dog. Sloughi will thrive on a high-quality, protein-rich diet. Generally speaking, this breed is not prone to weight gain or obesity. Consult the veterinarian to establish meal sizes and appropriate dog food based on the dog’s age, weight and activity level to avoid any problems.

A dog’s stomach is not physiologically suited to fermenting and breaking down carbohydrates. Even grain-free kibble often includes starchy vegetables such as beans, peas, and lentils. Regardless of breed, maintaining a healthy weight is important for dogs.

Sloughi have a reputation for gaining weight. Their diet should consist of physiologically appropriate proteins, healthy fats, ground bones and vegetables that are good sources of vitamins and minerals. There should be a constant supply of water for them.

While the dog is adjusting to their diet, special attention should be paid to their weight and appearance. A number of factors determine how much food you feed the dog each day.


These beautiful, athletic dogs require a lot of exercise. Participating in dog sports like lure coursing and agility training will help them release their physical and mental energy, which will be extremely beneficial.

Long daily walks are encouraged. It’s even better to take them somewhere where they can run around without being restrained by a leash since they like to show off how fast they are by zipping around on their long legs.

It is necessary to provide the dog with at least two hours of daily exercise in a safe environment where it may run free. The sloughi should ideally be taken to a location where he or she may be leashed.

These dogs like displaying their speed by ambling around on their lengthy legs. Fencing is necessary because of their powerful pre-drive. Another excellent method for Sloughis to let off steam physically and psychologically is via dog sports like lure coursing and agility training.

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The Sloughi’s short, silky, and smooth coat needs relatively little upkeep. It should stay sleek and silky with a weekly brushing with a soft bristle brush or hound glove.

This breed of dog is typically regarded as being relatively clean and only has to be bathed occasionally. The Sloughi breed’s hair is extremely thin, and in certain situations, it could not offer enough protection from the sun’s rays.

Their ears should be checked regularly and cleaned if necessary. Their nails should be trimmed regularly as needed, their excessively long nails can cause discomfort to the dog. Brushing their teeth is very important.


The Sloughis dogs respond well to positive rewards during training. This shy breed needs a little encouragement to come out of its shell when it comes to strangers and other dogs.

Socialization and training classes should be joined as soon as possible. This can aid in teaching the Sloughi appropriate social behavior and assisting in the long-term maintenance of desired qualities.

This can be accomplished by being persistent and patient, rewarding good behavior with high-value food, and using fuzzy toys on a leash rather than chasing prey. Choose exercise locations that are safe and away from cattle and work hard and early to teach recall.

Advantages and Disadvantage of Sloughi Dog


  • They are family and child friendly
  • The sloughi dog doesn’t bark much
  • They are calm and gentle natured dogs.


  • Sloughi dogs have a very stubborn nature.
  • They are not good for novice owners.
  • The dog is shy around strangers.

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Sloughi dog breed

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Sloughi dog breeds

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