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Hokkaido dog

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Hokkaido dog is a dog breed that also known as Katana the Hokkaido Ken. It’s a Japanese import. The first name of Hokkaido dog is Ainu. The Hokkaido is a great hunter as well as the loveable and loyal pet.

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Other names

Other names for the Hokkaido dog breed include Ainu-Ken, Seta, Ainu dog, Dō-ken, Seta.
Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris



Hokkaido dog or Ainu is a Spitz type hunting dog that hardly found outside of Japan. Some dog specialist believes that this is probably oldest, more than 3,000 years and most primitive dog breed of all Japanese breeds. Real origination of this dog is still unacquainted.

The Ainu called their dogs ‘seta’ or ‘shita’ and used them to hunt bear and cervid. The Ezo Ken is thought to possess crossed over to Hokkaido dog with the Ainu as they were pushed north by the arrival of the Yayoi from the peninsula.

This Dog was accepted by the FCI on a decisive basis in 1964 and belongs to the cluster 5: Asian dog and connected dog Breeds in the category of primitive dogs.

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The Hokkaido ken dog is a medium size dog with small and  triangular upright ears. It has a small eyes with rising outline. The has a long, stiff fur coat and shorter coat of soft fur.  The expressions of these dog breeds are fearsome.

They have a broad head and a pointed muzzle. Males are generally fifty cm (20 in) tall at the withers, females slightly shorter, with body masses in the twenty weight unit (44 lb) vary. Dogs bred on continents outside of their native Japan may be smaller.


Hokkaido dog colors

Black, White, Red, Brindle, Black & Tan, Sesame

Height, Weight

Height between 18 and 22 inches (46-56 cm)
Weight between 45 and 66 pounds (20-30 kg)


Height between 18 and 20,5 inches (45-52 cm)
Weight between 44 and 57 pounds (20-26 kg)

Characteristics of Hokkaido dog breed

Adaptability : Good
Dog Friendly : Friendly
Exercise Needs : Average
Trainability : Moderate Maintenance: Grooming should be performed regularly to keep its fur in good shape.
Playfulness : Good
Watchdog Ability : Very good
Child Friendly : Very Good

  • These are the glorious observance dogs.
  • They are are high intelligence, strong loyalty, boldness, alertness, independence.
  • Hokkaido have a friendly attitude with cats.
  • These dogs breeds are conjointly friendly with different dogs.
  • It is not difficult to coach this breed.
  • This is truly an investigator dog that likes to roam and explore his surroundings.
  • This breed of dog is very smart with the kids.
  • These are the intelligent and sensible dogs.
  • These dogs require low and regular grooming.
  • These are not therefore standard outside the Japan.



These dogs do not have any dangerous health problems. Collie eye anomaly is very common in this breed of dog. About 65% of the Hokkaido dogs are the carrier of Collie eye anomaly (CEA).  before you think wrong and flip your back on this dog, you have to know that this can be only a gentle illness that may seldom cause vision defect.

Hokkaido dog Personality and Temperament


The Hokkaido dog breed is very brave and has a suspicious and an alert nature. It’s a very good hunting dog. The dogs are terribly active in searching. For many different indoor activities, these dogs also show a higher level of activity.

These dogs are very faithful, sturdy looking, powerful and have strong hunting nature. They also look same like Kai Ken, Kishu or Shiba Inu.


It’s easy to train a Hokkaido ken dog because they are smart and intelligent dogs.

Behavioral Traits:

These dogs are daring and dignified. These have a friendly nature. These are conjointly terribly devoted dogs and guard their families with no worry. This breed of dog shows affection towards youngsters, cats, and other dogs.

The Japanese Hokkaido dog is conjointly terribly devoted dogs and guard their families with no worry. They show affection towards youngsters, cats, and other dogs. They are daring and dignified dog breeds.


The Hokkaido ken dog has many desirable qualities including fidelity to its owner, bravery, and the ability to face to resist the cold, among other traits. It has a very good sense of direction and smell, and can thus come back to its master despite however nice the gap. Temperament will vary relying on the lineage and region of upbringing.

Hokkaido dogs have also been used as sled dogs and scenting hounds and might be trained for defense. They are very intelligent and quickly trained dogs. Yet mix Hokkaido dogs are still light, obedient and domestic, the game hunter is extraordinarily game for its size, willing to attack a 650-pound bear!

Hokkaido is very friendly with children and other animals if they are raised with them from puppyhood. They need moderate but regular exercise to stay in shape. It should be taken for long daily walks


Training of Hokkaido dogs

Japanese Hokkaido dog breeds require regularly to keep its fur in good shape. It’s easy to train these dogs as long as you are ready to get them endowed into the complete method. Hokkaido dogs are the faster learner and freelance thinkers. This can be a retardant considering, however freelance and self-willed this dog truly is.

Hokkaido is so intelligent dog that can learn and bear in mind, even most complex commands. The key to success is to start coaching a puppy at the associate age of 7-9 weeks. If you want to motivate Hokkaido dog puppies for training,  prepare some tasty treats beforehand and attempt to hold back and calm the maximum amount as doable.


How to take care of Hokkaido dog

Hokkaido breeds are low maintenance dogs that maintain a good health. But you have to take care of them to stay your dog protected. For the good health of the Hokkaido dog, you are needed to possess current and regular vaccinations of the dogs. You need to keep some visit of veterinary doctor to permanently care of those active dogs.

Hokkaido Breeders

There are 3 Hokkaido dog breeders are available in North America.

Hokusei Kashinoki 北西樫ノ木 in Washington

Kaiju Kennels in California

Apricity Hokkaido in Virginia


Hokkaido dog puppy

Hokkaido dog Puppy

Hokkaido puppies are available in Black, White, Red, Brindle, Black & Tan, Sesame colors. They are generally very good looking puppies. There are lots of people looking for Hokkaido puppies nowadays.

Find the best food for your Hokkaido puppies


Hokkaido dog price

Average Puppy price for Hokkaido Inu is $300 – $400 USD


Hokkaido puppy photo
Hokkaido puppy photo @dogbreedslist.info
White hokkaido
White hokkaido
hokkaido dog australia
hokkaido dog australia @Tofugu

japanese hokkaido dog
japanese hokkaido dog@Animals Breeds

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