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Giant Schnauzer – Dog Breed Information

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Giant Schnouzer

The giant schnauzer is a breed of dog that was developed in 17th century Germany. There are 3 species of schnauzer, and the giant schnauzer is one of the largest breeds compared to the other two breeds. Originally raised to help farmers by taking livestock to market and protecting a farmer’s property, the breed eventually migrated to the city, where it worked to protect breweries, butcher shops, stockyards, and industries. During World War 1 and World War 2, it became popular as a military dog until it was unknown outside Bavaria. They have a thick course coat that helps to protect their bodies from the weather and pests. Police prefer to use this dog in their work because of his alert nature.



The first giant schnauzers originated from Swabia and Wurttember. There was a dog here to grab someone’s attention because even then it was sound, when it was showing strength in its trim line. No doubt, Bavarians liked dogs, but they were not satisfied with the size of this dog.

There is also reason to believe that the giant schnauzer had a close relationship with Bouvier des Flandres, who was the driving dog of Flanders. In the late 19th century, this dog originated in Germany, where the size of this dog is medium, compared to the local dog in Germany.

After cattle racing became obsolete by rail, the giants got jobs as European police and military k-9s. The Giants have earned a reputation as fearless protectors of every home and family member in America. Their hair is believed to help them withstand harsh German winters and insect bites. The Giant Schnauzer was originally bred as a multi-purpose farm dog to protect property and take animals to market. In 1962, the American Kennel Club registered 23 new Giant Schnauzers. The number was 386 in 1974. In 1984, the number reached around 800 and then it was about 1000 in the next three years.

In 1912, 94 new dogs were registered, up from 95 in 2011. Many European Schnauzer clubs focus on race performance, not on confirmation shows. In many nations, including Germany, dogs are required to win the title of shootzund champion.


The typical impression of the standard snout is that of a compact, sinewy, square-built dog, with a sturdy and alert wire coat and flared eyebrows and beard. They become in the medium range of sizes for dogs when they stand between 17 12 and 18 12 inches for females and 18 12 to 19 12 inches for males. Although they look scary, Giant Snooze is really playful.


Group: Working
Height: 60-65 cm ( female), 65-70 cm ( male)
Weight: 25-34 kg (female), 27-48 kg (male)
Lifespan:12-15 years
Exercise need: High
Grooming: Regular
Barking: Bark when necessary
Shedding: Rarely
Suitable for: Farm and families
Hypoallergenic Breed: Yes
Trainability: High
Preferred temperature: Hot climate
Litter size:5-8

Personality and Temperament

If you are finding different personality, then you will choose this dog, as they have a loving, caring side but their dominance and stubbornness can be frustrating. You should have time for training and exercising for the giant schnauzer. It is very easy for Giant Schnauzer to be intimidated and aggressive without appropriate guidance. Giant Schnauzer works as protector for their owner and family.
The giant Schnauzer is temperamental and loyal. They are very hard-worker because of their energy and smartness. They have an enthusiastic and independent nature.

Activity and Training requirement

In the beginning of the weeks and months, the base for a relationship between you and your little puppy is laid. During this time, you can also make good things, but there are also chances for making mistakes in the same duration. These are often the small thing that determines whether you can leave your home with a sense of comfort or if you should always be afraid that your dog will destroy everything. To prevent it, it is necessary that you start immediately and advanced training for your puppy.

This dog needs a great training and care for making strong bonding. It is not recommended for homes with children because of them forceful nature. They have playful nature, so they like to do various activities with other dogs and their owner like swimming, walking, and so on.

How to care Giant Schnauzer dog?

Food requirement

Like other dogs, Giant Schnauzer also needs balanced diet to stay healthy and happy. An adult giant schnauzer needs row meat, row chicken, lamb, sheep, dear and some parts from the different animals on regular basis. To make it delicious, it is best to feed the chicken only one meal or only hamburger and organ meat for one meal or vegetables with egg yolk for one meal only. Any giant under the age of 1 should get everything he wants to eat twice a day while still growing. They need fresh water.

Exercise requirement

This dog requires around 45 to 65 minutes of exercise and activity per day. This should include regular walk with extra purposeful activity and vigorous exercises. Because of their intelligence, they also require a lot of mental stimulation and nurturing. Failure to meet your giant snorer’s daily exercise needs can lead to behavioral problems and can be difficult to handle. Regular walking, mental stimulation, swimming, and so on activities are necessary for this dog to keep healthy.

Dental health

If you like to keep pets, then it is important to keep mind on dental health. You should try brushing your giant schnauzer daily. It is important to brush your dog teeth with dog wipes.

Health Problem

Orthopedic is the most common in this dog. Other orthopedic diseases that cause all of the pain and lameness in giant schizophrenia including osteochondritis, panosteitis, and hypertrophic osteodystrophy. As per the survey of thyroid database in the Michigan State University found that more than 20% of giant schnauzer dog suffer from thyroid disease. They have also heart and cancer problem in their body.

Puppy price

The Giant Schnauzer puppy cost is more than $ 40,000.


  • Loyal with their owner and family.
  • Good choice for those homes where family members suffer from allergies, as they are hypoallergenic.
  • Giant Schnauzer is smarter and easy to train than other breeds of dog.


  • If their owner threatens them, then they may become aggressive with their owner.
  • Giant Sniffers are not suitable for homes with small children as they can perform very impressive functions.
  • If they do not get appropriate physical or mental exercise, it can be devastating.

Giant Schnauzer Images

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If you want to keep Giant Schnauzer at home, then it is important to know about significance facts about Giant Schnauzer, which all are mentioned above in this guide.

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