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The Best Foods for Diabetic Dogs

Best Foods for Diabetic Dogs

Diabetes is an illness no one wanted, even in the worst-case scenarios. It is difficult to tackle and also requires a lot of care. Just like humans, even animals can get diabetes. Improper pancreas function characterizes canine diabetes. The healthy pancreas can regulate blood sugar, but there could be many complications if it is not healthy. So, it would help if you visited the vet doctors from time to time for your pet’s overall checkup.

If your small little furry companion is detected with diabetes, first of all, convince yourself that it is okay and you are going to handle it well. The improved technology and advanced medication will help you in this matter. Just like us, overweight and uncontrolled diet can be the primary reasons for uncontrollable diabetes. So, staying slim and trim is the key to a healthy life for any diabetic patient.

Losing some kgs can help the body cells to use that hormone which can maintain the blood sugar levels. It is known as insulin. It supports converting food into energy. If you want to make your dog healthy and happy, it is essential to keep its glucose level regular. And the best possible solution is to take care of dogs’ diet in the daily routine. This article will give information about some delicious dishes a diabetic dog can have without risking dogs’ health.

The Best Foods for Diabetic Dogs

Before making any diet chart for your dog, go to the veterinarian as he/she can guide you on how many calories your puppy will need every day. You should consult the doctor because he can give the exact diet plan for your dog as per the weight and activity level of the puppy. It is essential to take care of how many calories he takes every day to keep his diabetes under control.

Food Contain High Fiber and Low Fat

All veterinary doctors suggest that food containing high fiber and lower fat is considered the ideal food for diabetic dogs. So, try to add canned pumpkins, green beans, and sweet potatoes. Such food items taste excellent and rich in fibers. You can also serve bran flakes and spoonful cooked oats for a change. If you and your dog both are vegetarian, then green beans can surely be a healthy treat.

Avoid Carbohydrates and Starch Foods

Undoubtedly, carbohydrates are an excellent energy source but not preferable to any dogs having diabetes. Try to avoid carbs like rice, wheat, corn, barley, etc., in dog food. Also, items including starch must be avoided as such things do not digest easily.

Being overweight is not acceptable, and carbohydrates can’t help in reducing weight. So, cut those sources.

Foods Containing Less Salt and No Sugar

The diabetic dog should not get any food that includes high sodium or high sugar. We all know the fact that sugar has the direct connection with diabetes. But do you know that sodium also has adverse effects on the health of diabetic dogs? It is preferable to have less salt and less sugar, like chicken broth or scrambled eggs. You can also scatter shredded chicken as an option.

Include Vegetables and Fruits

We have heard that leafy vegetables (like spinach) are preferable for diabetic patients. Just like humans, dogs can also have such vegetables as carrots, snap peas, etc., and fruits containing low natural sugar like pumpkins. A carrot is a low-calorie option for the overweight dog, and also, it is full of fiber and vitamin A. Canned or fresh, cooked pumpkin with no added sugar are best for the sensitive stomach of your dog.

Low Glycemic Index Food Items

Food items like oatmeal, muesli, barley, bulgur, lime/butter beans, legumes, lentils, the bread which is 100% stone ground, etc., can come under the category of low glycemic index food items and which are supremely healthy options for the diabetic dogs. You must avoid giving it foods like russet potato, melons, popcorn, and pineapple. Such items come under high glycemic index food items, which is not at all preferable for any dogs with diabetes.

Homemade Dehydrated Meats

This food option is one of the best items you can give to a diabetic dog. Meat is full of protein, and so, significant being an energy source. Cut the meat into strips and combine it with the pinch of salt, pepper, and garlic. Cover it with plastic wrap and refrigerate it for 2 hours. After that, boil the meat slices for 5 minutes and drain them on paper towels. You can also use the oven to dehydrate the meat. As I mentioned, meat is a healthy option, but you should avoid giving unidentified meat meals or any byproducts for your puppy’s better health.

High Nutrients Supplements and Plenty of Water

If you don’t have much time or canine is just bored by all the homemade items, you can shift his meals with some readymade healthy food packs like Nutrisca chickpea, wellness core grain-free dry dog food, or Orijen regional red, etc. All these food packs include taste, energy, and all the nutrition a diabetic dog needs! So try them and give some treats to him. Also, it would help if you took care of his water intake. A diabetic dog must have plenty of water throughout the day for better digestive systems and reducing weights.

So, these are the few options you can consider for your favorite companion having severe diabetes. Remember that you must take him to his doctor from time to time, do regular checkups, take care of insulin, and a big NO to artificial additives. Add protein-based and gluten-free dog diet but avoid or control it if the dog is overweight. Don’t forget (or don’t be lazy) to take him for half an hour of walk. Exercises are essential for any diabetic patient. I wish you and your pup a very healthy and happy life. Don’t worry, take some deep breaths, and enjoy the fullest!

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  1. I found your article very helpful and informative. My dog was just diagnosed with diabetes and it’s been a scary time. My only concern with what you list was with the meat dehydration portion. You said:

    Cut the meat into strips and combine it with the pinch of salt, pepper, and garlic. Cover it with the plastic wrap and refrigerate it for 2 hours. After that, boil the meat slices for 5 minutes and drain them on paper towels.

    I thought I was supposed to limit salt. Also garlic is poisonous to dogs. You also talked about boiling the meat which when you boil something takes a lot of the nutrients out of it. Could you please explain why you could suggest this method versus others?

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