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Top 12 Benefits Of Having A Dachshund

Dachshund Benefits

Dogs are special for every owner! Because he’s your best friend, companion, and a source of unconditional love. Here, we would show you some benefits of the Dachshund. The Dachshund is one of the most popular short-legged, long-bodied, a hound-type dog breed that originated in Germany.

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List of Dachshund Benefits

  • They live long
  • Great Watch Dog
  • They’re energetic and need plenty of exercise
  • Dachshunds love to jump
  • Very Cute and small size dog
  • Low Maintenance Dog breed
  • Very Good Temperament
  • They love to cuddle
  • They comes in different coats and colors
  • Dachshund have few health problems
  • This is Adorable Dog
  • Is a Comical Dog

1). They live long

dachshund live long

Dachshund is a popular dog breed, and if you are looking long a live dog, this is perfect for you. The dogs are generally live 12 to 16 years. Dachshund generally healthy, so if you will take care of and without health confusion providing many companionship years.

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2). Great Watch/Guard  Dog

dachshund watch dog

The dogs are loyal and protective and have a deep bark for their size. Their personality makes them great guard dogs. Dachshund is known to be the hyper warning and will always bark very aggressively when there is an outsider or infiltrator in the home.

3). They’re energetic and need plenty of exercise

dachshund exercise

Dachshunds are energetic dogs, but like all-breed, they need plenty of exercises every day. Dachshunds can be noisy and destructive if not kept exercised mentally and physically; they like the company of people and other dogs. Dachshunds are reliant friends and make good family pets. They are not noted for their obedience, but they can be trained with Gallantness and persistence by the owner.

4). Dachshunds love to jump

dachshund love jump

Dachshund love to jump up and put their paws on us. They are so close to the ground. But be careful of their fragile long backs. It would help if you kept an eye on your Dachshund to keep her from jumping off high places like beds, couches, porches, and so on.

5). Very Cute and small size dog

cute dachshund photo

Suppose you are looking small size cute dog breed, so Dachshund is a perfect companion for you. Dachshunds come in three sizes: standard, miniature and kaninchen. The standard dachshund averages 16 lb, miniature 12 lb and The kaninchen weighs 8 lb. This dog is a small size and very cute dog perfect for children.

6). Low Maintenance Dog breed


Dachshund is known for its size and small feet. Dachshund dogs are seen as a symbol of Germany. He is one of the best dogs for adoption, and he is a good dog for low maintenance cost. Small-sized Dachshund is best among medium-sized low-maintenance dogs. They shed, but not excessively. They generally don’t need to be bathed often and are free of doggie odor.

7). Very Good Temperament

Small dachshund hd photo

Dachshunds are playful, but hunting dogs can be stubborn and are known for their inclination for chasing small animals, birds, and tennis balls with great determination and ferocity. Dachshunds can be difficult to housebreak, and patience and consistency are often needed in this endeavor, but it’s a very good Temperament dog breed.

8). They love to cuddle

dachshund hd photo

All dogs can be very sweet and cuddly. Same as Dachshund is love to cuddle. They are brave and courageous. These dogs were bred to hunt the ferocious badger, after all. The Dachshund packs a whole lot of personality into a tiny little body. Many owners are so devoted to the breed that they refuse to adopt any dog that isn’t a Wiener-Dog.

9). They comes in different coats and colors

dachshund puppies

Dachshund coat colors can vary widely. They come in three different varieties like Smooth-haired, Long-haired and Wire-haired.

Smooth-haired: Dense, short, smooth and shiny; requiring little maintenance. The most common colors are Black and Tan, Red, Chocolate/Tan and Dapple.

Long-haired: Soft and straight with feathering on underparts, ears, behind legs and tail where it forms a flag. The coat requires regular grooming. The most common colors are Black and Tan, Red, Chocolate/Tan and Silver Dapple.

Wire-haired: A short, harsh coat with a dense undercoat covers the body. They don’t molt. The most common colors are Brindle and Red. Chocolate/Tan and Dapple also occur.

10).  Dachshund have few health problems

dachshund puppies photo

Like all pure breed, Dachshund is prone to spinal problems, especially intervertebral disk disease (IVDD), due in part to an extremely long spinal column and short rib cage. But It’s a Very healthy and playful dog and few health problems and lives a long life.

11). This is Adorable Dog

dachshund dog

Dachshund is playful and a great companion that you would love to have. This breed is known to be lovable and cuddly, often napping on its owner’s lap. If you are looking small and adorable dog so this is a good choice for you. They are so adorable, but being so small, it would be hard to have them in the yard and stuff as they could get out so easily.

12). Is a Comical Dog

Lively, charming, Curious and brave, the Dachshund is similar to a terrier in his demands to be in on everything. They can be a bit intimidated by other breeds and larger dogs, so it is important to ensure they are well socialized right from a young age, and it’s good for children. Dachshunds are wonderfully loving and comical dogs, and like most breeds, if properly socialized, will make great companions for the entire family.

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