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Chinese Crested Dog Breed

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chinese crested dog

Chinese Crested Dog is a hairless dog breed. The Chinese Crested Dog, like some other hairless dog breeds, comes in three variants, with hair, without hair, and a combination of the two which can be born in the same Powder-puff, Hairless, and Woolly.

The Canis lupus dog is a good and thin breed it is among the most beautiful and attractive. These dogs are happy and alert, and they make amazing partners. He’s a well-known lap dog, He is happiest when he is curl up among his family.



The Chinese Crested is a rarity breed, occurring in Africa and being introduced to China as recently as the thirteenth century. The AKC recognized this breed in 1991, completing a century of research. Although hairless dogs have been identified all over the world, this seems probable that the current Chinese Crested Dog originated in China.

This Crested dog is claimed to have joined Chinese ships on the seas as soon as 1530, pursuing vermin during and between plague outbreaks. Crested first appeared in various European artworks and prints all around middle of the nineteenth century.


Chinese Crested is an energetic and active toy breed that is 11 to 13 inches tall and can be hairless or coated. The hairless variant has silky, silky skin with hair puffs on the head, tail, and legs. The coated type, known as the ‘powder-puff’, has a smooth, silky coated.

The Canis lupus is a toy dog that is perfectly alright, attractive, and graceful. These dogs are happy and alert, and they make amazing friends.


These little canines are famous for being smart, happy, and friendly. Their active turn helps them receive enough exercise. Chinese crested dog will generally be content with a good walk and a few play sessions

Each day because this breed is very clever, it thrives at training and likes being a part of daily home life. The Chinese crested is a wonderful option for apartment living due to its small dimensions and moderate exercise requirements.

Affection level High
Friendliness High
Kid-friendly Medium
Pet-friendly Medium
Exercise need Medium
Energy level Medium
Trainability High
intelligence High
Tendency to bank High
Amount of shedding Low


Chinese crested focused to its owners. They usually create a very close relationship with one or two of the family and this bond is often for the whole of the dog’s life. Even if these people leave the house, the dog will continue to watch for them and get gloomy if they do not return.

The Canis lupus is a playful pixie, gentle attack dog, and loving friend all combined all into a. He is faithful to his family and eager to please; he also plays along well with other dogs, pets, and people. The Chinese Crested is a good family dog.

Certain undesirable characteristics may develop. In this situation, Chinese crested may become destructive, it chewing and tearing up anything in sight.

Training and Activity


The Chinese crested dog is a very intelligent and easy to train breed. The simplicity with which it obeys orders and its devotion for its master will make training a joy, especially if started at a young age.

Canis lupus dogs are clever and simple to train. You give the Exercise your Chinese crested dog every day one hour, but keep walks short. Agility and obedience are two hobbies that Chinese crested like that demand both physical and mental work.


The most of the dogs are content to spend their time wrapped next to their owners. They do not require a lot of action. However, these puppies are always happy to satisfy their owners. Take Chinese crested for walk to introduce them to more other dogs and people. Another commended to promote social is school. School is venue for socialization.

Most Chinese Crested dogs are completely hairless, while others have a smooth, silky coat. The breed forms close relationships with its family but is not very friendly to strangers. Adequate training is required to protect the dog from becoming angry with people.

How To Care

Speak with veterinarian about the proper cleaning solution and timing for Chinese crested’ ears. Cut hair from the ear canal with hands or have the vet do it. Arrange for your dog’s nails to be clipped by a grooming or veterinarian.

However, never leave your Chinese Crested in a kennel all day. There’s not a jail, and he shouldn’t stay in it for more than a few days at a time if he’s a sleep at night. And he’s not supposed to live his life in a box or kennel.

Avoid drawing attention crested pet to direct sunlight. If you’re hairless Chinese crested are outside for a long amount of time, use a protection recommended for young children on his skin. When you go home, wash the sunscreen off your skin to avoid skin problems.


The food that yours Chinese crusted adult dog consumes is influenced by his size, age, shape, metabolism, and exercise levels. Chinese people seem to believe that their diet should include physically suitable proteins, fats, broken bones, and vegetables that are high in needed vitamins and nutrients.


Begin grooming Chinese Crested dog as soon as possible. Hairless Chinese Crested requires frequent skin care, such as bathing with a gentle soap on a daily basis, to keep closed cells to a minimum. regular lotion and sunscreen can uses .

Because their skin is constantly exposed to harmful elements, it is critical that they protect it. To avoid mats and tangles, wash the hair brush and hairless variations every day or two. It’s worth noting that the hairless variations feature tangled tufts of hair.


Canis lupus dogs are usually healthy, they are sensitive to some health issues, like other breeds. The Chinese Crested Dog, which lives an average of 13 to 15 years, is prone to minor physical illnesses such as deafness, patellar luxation, and seizures, as well as major health issues such as advanced retinal atrophy lens luxation, and glaucoma. A veterinarian may advise eye, hearing, and knee tests for the dog to identify each of these concerns.

Dental Disease: The most typical chronic condition in pets is dental disease, which affects 80 percent of all dogs by the age of two. Unfortunately, your Chinese Crested is more prone than other dogs to have dental issues. It begins with caries accumulation on the teeth and progresses to gum and tooth root infection. 

Infections: Chinese Crested Dogs are vulnerable to the same infectious and bacterial illnesses that some dogs are, such as parvo, rabies, and distemper.

Parasites: Parasites Worms and bugs of all kinds can infect Hairless body’s, inside and outside. Insects and ticks, as well as ear mites, can infect humans her skin and ears.

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Puppy price

The average price for a Chinese Crested will be between $1,200 and $2,200.but A Chinese Crested puppy will also most probably cost between $600 and $2,500, with $1,100 being the average price.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Friendly and devoted Somewhat fragile
Easy to train Gains weight easily
Minimal shedding Built for shorter spurts of activity


Chinese crested dog Chinese crested dog Chinese crested dog

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