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Top 12 Benefits Of Having A Chihuahua

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The Chihuahua is a great dog for the single or older person though not best with very small children. There are many benefits to this little dog with a huge personality. The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog and is named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico.

If you are dog lovers and are you looking friendly, loyal, and very cute, the smallest dog breed, here is the best place for you because we provide the top 12 benefits of Chihuahua that help to adopt this dog.

1). They Live Long life

small chihuahua photo

small chihuahua photo

Chihuahua’s lifespan varies depending on several different factors. They live an average of 15 to 20 years when properly cared for by a loving owner. This dog is generally healthy, but it requires regular check-ups to ensure that its free from diseases and infections. Chihuahuas tend to have a long lifespan and best dog breed. He is one of the most beneficial of Chihuahua.

2). Easy to groom

Chihuahuas come in two different types of cotes, smooth and long. They sometimes have hairy tails and a ruff of thick hair on the neck; however, they have thinner hair on the top and ears. Chihuahuas are simple to groom due to theirs a really little dog breed in the world. They shed lightly year-round, which, for a dog this small, amounts to almost nothing.

3). Good for apartment life

The Chihuahua is generally an indoor dog; it is not fond of the cold, preferring warmer regions.
Living in an apartment can often mean less activity for a dog each day than a dog who has access to a backyard, but Chihuahuas make a great pet if you live in an apartment. Because of their small size, an apartment provides plenty of space for a Chihuahua to run around and get exercise.

4). Low maintenance dog breed


One of the most beneficial of Chihuahuas, as with so many small or toy breeds, is that these types of dogs are generally low-maintenance physically. They must have a den and will burrow under blankets, into the clothes hamper, or anywhere dark that feels secure.

5). Very friendly dog

Most often, the Chihuahua is said to be a one-person dog which is not always true. The breed tends to be fiercely loyal to one particular person and, in some cases, may become overprotective of the person, especially around other people or animals.

6). The Chihuahua is an Excellent watchdog

If you are looking great watchdog, chihuahuas have excellent eyesight and hearing capabilities and provide security at home. They are great at sounding the alarm and letting their owners know that someone is coming or is at the door.

7). Portability

This tiny dog is ideal for traveling around due to its small size and weight. The dogs love to live with the people they believe in and enjoy traveling with them. Their portability and desire to be a lap dog make them a hit with celebrities around the world. They can be carried anywhere.

8). Good temperament

Chihuahuas turn to be nice dogs with good temperaments when they are under proper training and supervision. Chihuahuas love warm weather, and they are sensitive to cool weather.

9). Adorable and cute

They are so cute and small that they can easily get fit into your arm or lap. The dogs are adorable! And they have a “little dog bark” that isn’t menacing at all, and it’s incredibly cute.

10). Very Healthy

As tiny as it is, the benefits of a Chihuahua dog think of itself as a powerful Great Dane. Chihuahuas are generally a healthy breed. But like all breeds, there may be some health issues, like patellar luxation, cardiac and eye disease. Good attention towards the health of Chihuahua is mandatory to protect this from severe health problems.

11). They are super intelligent dogs

Chihuahuas are less likely than large dogs to be given obedience classes, socialization, or appropriate exercise and training. Because they are super intelligent dog breed in the world.

12). They are good learners

They are active, brave, entertaining and quick learners. They’re quick-witted and easy to train. However, they’re not easy to housebreak as a result of a tiny bladder and a willful personality. This breed is very active for its size. A Chihuahua is often hyper and very enthusiastic about playing.

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