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Azawakh Dog Breed

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The Azawakh is a medium-sized, tall, and ancient dog breed from West Africa’s Sahara Desert. It is known by its beautiful, thin physique and expressive almond-shaped eyes. The dog is usually fiercely devoted and quiet around the house, but can be wary of strangers and has a high hunting drive.

Azawakh dogs attitude toward outsiders might range from cordial to disinterested, wary to hostile. Despite its protective nature, it is not the greatest dog for little children. Because the Azawakh dog was not raised to be a companion, it may be distant even with family children.


History of the Azawakh Dog

Azawakhs are native to the Sahara desert in West Africa. The proud and majestic Azawakh, who hail from the Sahel region of the Sahara desert, have long served as protectors, hunters and companions of tribes in the region. They get their name from the Azawakh Valley in the Sahara.

French public officials and military personnel stationed in the region later exported more dogs. Then he was seen in various countries of Europe and America. It was originally developed to protect the cattle of nomadic pastoralists. The breed was particularly noted for its friendliness and hunting abilities.

When it was first exported, the dog was known as the Sloggi-Azavkh. The breed was first introduced to the United States in the 1980s. These dogs are Recognized as an official breed by the American Kennel Club in 2011.

Azawakh Breed Overview

  • Origin: Mali, Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Africa
  • Other Name: Hanshee, Oska, Rawondu, Bareeru, Wulo, Tuareg Sloghi
  • Life span: 10-12 years
  • Height: 23-29 inches
  • Weight: 15-25kg
  • Colors: black, Brindle, blue fawn, clear sand, dark fawn, grizzle
  • Coat Length: short
  • Breed Group: Hound
  • Patterns: Brindle bicolor
  • Speed: 64km/h
  • Temperament: Aloof, Attentive, Affectionate, Fierce, Rugged, refined
  • Size: Medium
  • Litter size: 4-6 puppies
  • Puppy price: $2000-$2500 USD Per puppy
  • Intelligence: High
  • Energy level: Active


The Azawakh canine is a tall, medium-sized dog with a slender frame and exceptionally long legs. They look like greyhounds at first glance. Azawakh Dog is usually 23-29 inches in height and 15-25 kilograms in weight.

The eyes of the Azhvakh Dog are large and almond-shaped. The ears are trapezoidal and set high on the head, with slightly rounded tips. The Azhvakh Dog has a deep chest and large hip bones, as well as visible bones and muscles beneath their thin skin.

Red, brown, black, gray and white are common Azawakh colors. The Azawakh is a beautiful race with leggy, slender physique. Azhavakh has very little hair on the belly. Azawakhs love sun and heat because of their African ancestry. It is highly heat resistant.


The Azhavakh has a deep bond with a person or family, and is affectionate, gentle and playful with them. Unlike many other sighthound breeds, the Azawakh cares for and defends its family and belongings.

Azawakh will bark at strangers and his voice is definitely terrifying. Non-family members who visit the house will be greeted with an attitude ranging from indifference to moderate kindness. He will never befriend anyone.

Azhavakh has a lot of strength and endurance. They make great training partners for runners. Rainy and cold weather is not liked by many people.  All day they will run, jump and play. Low energy breeds are like couch potatoes because they are content to just lay around and snooze.


The Azawakh is typically recognized as a healthy and strong breed. However, due of the rarity of this breed, there is a tiny gene pool. To reduce the odds of your puppy acquiring an inheritable ailment, look for a breeder who does health checks on parents. The Azawakh is a healthy dog ​​breed that can live between 10 and 13 years of age with proper care.

Hypothyroidism: This occurs when a dog’s thyroid becomes underactive and its metabolic rate slows down. This can result in weight gain, deterioration in overall health, fatigue and behavioral abnormalities.

Idiopathic Epilepsy: Azawakh is prone to sudden, mostly spontaneous seizures. This may be due to their severity and recurrence rate. Seizures, depending on their nature, can often be successfully managed with medication as well as lifestyle and dietary changes. If your dog has a seizure, you should always consult your veterinarian.

Auto-Immune Mediated Diseases: The breed is prone to various diseases caused by an abnormal immune response. These can also include the skin condition demodectic mange, muscle wasting, and hypothyroidism.

The Azawakh is one of the breeds known for cystinuria. Cystinuria is an inherited kidney condition that causes bladder stones that are difficult to treat with diet or medication and often requires surgery to remove stones from the bladder and repair urinary obstructions.

Azawakh dog Care

Azawakh are regarded for being clever, loving, and devoted to their families. They are generally autonomous in spirit. They are most likely not the greatest dog for novice owners. Because of their unique personalities, they may require much further training.

Because of their hunting instincts, they might have a strong prey drive. Although they get along well with cats, careful introductions should be made to avoid triggering their chasing impulses.


The Azawakh Dogs are known to gain weight, so their diet should include physically adequate protein, healthy fats, pulverized bones, and vegetables rich in important vitamins and minerals for optimal health and performance.

It is best for veterinarians to weigh Azawakhs due to their size. An adult Azhavakh needs about 18% of the daily protein intake, while a puppy needs 22%. Fats are essential for the Azawakh to maintain its energy levels and body. Because he is a naturally thin dog,

The recommended amount of fat in an adult’s diet is 5% and 8% in a puppy’s diet. Use only high-quality dog ​​food made with natural ingredients. Choose foods low in carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. You can give your Azawakh a diet like glucosamine, probiotics, meat, bananas, apples, shrimp and salmon.


They will often be content to lay around on the sofa if they get enough daily exercise and the opportunity to vent some of their energy. A decent run in a fenced-in yard and a brisk stroll, totaling about an hour every day, will be plenty to exhaust Azawakh.The Azawakh dislikes the cold due to its thin coat, low body fat, and desert heritage. You will need to keep dog warm on walks throughout the cold months. This breed’s endurance makes it a great jogging companion. They are known as swift couch potatoes.


Some Azawakhs prefer to stay at home. These dogs want to live in a vacuum with their family. Native West African puppies tolerate heat well, but are sensitive to wet and cold conditions, which should be taken into account when adjusting their activity routine. There is no need to take a regular bath as the amount of smell in it is negligible.

The Azawakh’s short, silky coat requires little maintenance. Weekly brushing with a soft bristle brush, rubber grooming mitt or tool, or hound glove is usually sufficient to keep the coat in good condition.

Brush your puppy’s coat regularly with a vet-approved pet toothpaste for good overall health and fresh breath. Trim your puppy’s coat before bathing vigorously if necessary to remove tangles, knots and mats. Be careful. Trim their hair if you feel it necessary. Trim their nails weekly.


This Azawakh breed needs diligent training from infancy, ideally from a competent trainer who uses positive, reward-based tactics. They do not react well to harsh or punitive training methods since they are a bright and independent breed. If your pet is driven to chase, you may have to work extra hard to acquire a strong recall.

They can be more difficult to train than other breeds, but with the right owner, their energy and intellect can be used effectively. Early and proper socialization, and regular positive reinforcement training with new people, will be critical in preventing Azawakh dog from developing an extreme reaction to strangers.

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Advantages and Disadvantage of Azawakh dog


  • They do not need to be groomed.
  • It is a rare and exotic species.
  • They are intelligent and dignified.


  • Need careful training.
  • Require a lot of exercise
  • Territorial and prone to barking

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