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7 Important Things to Know Before getting a Moyen Poodle

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The word Moyen means “medium” in French. A Moyen poodle is a poodle that is medium in size. It is the fourth size of the poodle. The Moyen Poodle is a cross between a miniature and a standard poodle. Klein is another name for it. 

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They’re small enough to cuddle on your lap and big enough to go on adventures outside. Moyen poodles make wonderful family dogs, especially for families with little children. These breeds do not shed on a regular basis, making them an excellent alternative for allergy sufferers.

You’re an dog lover who wants to make the compassionate decision to adopt a furry Moyen Poodle buddy then you need to take care him just like mom and dad.

Here are “7 Important Things to Know Before getting a Moyen Poodle” you need to think about before you and your family welcome a pup into your home.

1. Find A Right Breeder For Adopting Moyen Poodles

Adopting Moyen poodles is big responsibility. Finding the right breeder is the best way to find the right dog. Ask your veterinarian which breeder is best for adopting a puppy.

You should also be able to find the right breeder via the website. Moyen poodle is fourth size of the poodle and mix breed so in some cities it may hard to find a breeder who is popular in developing mixed breeds.

A reputable breeder will match you with the ideal puppy. A good breeder will reply to your questions. Choose a breeder who is not just willing but eager to assist you in training and caring for your new dog.

Avoid breeders who just seem interested in selling puppies as rapidly as possible. Breeders who sell puppies “with papers” for one price and “without papers” for a lesser price. If you buy one, make sure it comes with all of the necessary paperwork.

2. Will Your Wallet Can Handle It?

Moyen poodles are demands a lot of attention, which can quickly add up to a large expense. When you have a dog, you must spend money on their routine and emergency vet appointments.

You’ll have to spend money on his food, treats, toys, bedding, collar, and vet checkups, among other things. This dog needs a high-nutrient food diet to maintain their body health. For this reason, make sure you’re prepared for the expenses.

3. Knows About Moyen poodle History

The term “Moyen poodle” refers to the fourth size of the Poodle dog. It is the poodle’s fourth size. The Moyen Poodle is a cross between a miniature and a standard poodle. Western Europe was the birthplace of the breed 400 years ago. The Moyen is recognised by FCI registries worldwide, although the American, Canadian, and United Kingdom Kennel Clubs do not.


The standard poodle was developed in Germany for use in hunting waterfowl. Their goal was to bring ducks and other birds to their owners. Small Poodles were bred together to generate the toy and miniature variants, not by breeding Poodles to smaller breeds.

Poodles are a collection of formal dog breeds with three primary types: Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodle. Poodles are also known as Klein Poodles, and their names derive from the German word Pfudel, which means puddle or splash. In 1874, the Kennel Club of England registered the first poodle.

4. Moyen Poodle Dog Appearance & Characteristic

It has a large amount of energy and has a very playful attitude. The skull has a moderately rounded shape with a distinct stop. Its muzzle is long and straight. The eyes should be black, oval-shaped, alert and intelligent in expression.

The ears should be folded over tight to the head and set at eye level or slightly below. It has a square shape, a long, graceful neck, and a straight back. The tail is docked but not clipped, allowing it to wave freely.

The Moyen poodle’s coat should be tight and curly. Coat colors are silver, black, white, apricot, and chocolate. Because their hair does not shed on a regular basis, Moyen poodles are recognised to be beneficial pets for allergy sufferers.

Moyen Poodle Characteristics:

Height: 35 to 45 cm

Weight: 9 to 13 kg

Life span: 12 to 15 Years

Litter Size: 4 – 5 puppies

Puppy price: Around $900

Trainability: Moderate Effort Required

Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris

Friendliness: Kids friendly

Exercise required: 45 minutes to 60 minutes

Affection Level: Medium to High

Purpose: Companion Dog

Suitable For: People, Children, and Families

Energy Level: Varies From One Dog To The Next

Grooming: Medium grooming

Brushing: Brushing Everyday

Protective Ability: No

Hypoallergenic Breed: Yes

Space Requirements: Adjust in small house

Compatibility With Other Pets: good

5. Knows About Personality

It is alert, faithful, active, instinctual, trainable dog breed. The Moyen Poodle is one of the most obedient and intelligent dogs, with both a lively and adventurous character. It’s a loyal and intelligent dog breed that’s ideal for adoption. This dog has provided a very good personality for any other French dog.

They are natural-born clowns with a great sense of humour. Moyens’ puppies are low-maintenance but may be quite a handful. Moyens make excellent family dogs since they are gentle with children while still having enough activity to keep up with them.

Poodles can be incredibly protective of their owners and their homes. They are great travel companions because they like a lot of outdoor activities and water play. They need to be trained and exercised on a regular basis.

6. Moyen poodle Caring Tips

For healthy life of Moyen poodle it is important give them proper care. Regular feeding, Grooming, Exercising, Training is very important.

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Food Important:

Make sure to feed him a high-quality food on a regular basis. Long-term health and well-being require a well-balanced diet. You must start by feeding your poodle the right food if you want him to grow into a healthy adult. According to a general rule, they need “1 ounce of food for every 1 pound of body weight.”


Exercise is essential to a dog’s general health and can possibly extend their lifespan. Your dog’s level of activity is determined by his age, breed, and overall health. Give them plenty of exercise; without it, they can be a difficult dog to own. Increase 5 minutes of exercise per month of age is a good rule of thumb. Excessive exercise can also be harmful to one’s health.


Puppy training is extremely useful and essential for all dog owners. The training of your Moyen Poodle puppy begins the moment you bring him home. They are extremely intelligent dogs. As long as they are kept calm and attentive, they can be easily trained to behave. You will need to give them housebreaking training, crate training, behavioural training, and obedience training.

Grooming Needs:

  • An Adult Moyen poodle needs brushing to it’s coat at least twice a week.
  • Bathe your Moyen poodle Dog every two to three weeks.
  • Clean their ears once a week.
  • Brush your poodle teeth 2 – 3 times per week.
  • Cut their nails every 3-4 weeks.

7. Keep Your Buddy Free from Health-problems

Moyen poodle dog is generally healthy, but they are prone to some health problems. They may be prone to minor problems like entropion, distichiasis, cataract, glaucoma, lacrimal duct atresia and major concerns such as progressive retinal atrophy, trichiasis, epilepsy, Legg Perthes disease, and patellar luxation etc.

Make an appointment with your veterinarian to avoid any health issues. Like all dogs, Moyen poodles require a full physical examination at least once a year. The age and overall health of your dog will decide how often you take him to the veterinarian.

For example, puppies and older poodle dogs, require more frequent checkups, although healthy adult poodle dogs need annual checkups. Make sure you make changes to their diet, exercise, and training after consulting your vet.


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