Pitbull lab mix

Pitbull lab mix

Pitbull lab mix is a designer dog cross between Labrador Retriever and American Pit Bull Terrier. It’s also known as Lab-Pit, Pitador, Labrabull, Pit-Lab or Pitador Retriever. Pitbull lab mixes are most friendly and devoted dogs and they are great with children. Pitbull lab mix content overview History Different names Appearance and Characteristics Personality and Temperament Health […]

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Top 15 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

The term hypo-allergenic is typically used in reference to breeds such as the Havanese that appear to have a lower incidence of provoking allergic reactions. There are many people who love dogs and long for a pet but suffer from allergies. Hypoallergenic dogs are great for allergy sufferers because they either do not shed or […]

Blue Heeler

Blue Heeler

The Blue Heeler is a one of the most popular herding dog originally developed in Australia. It’s also known as Australian cattle dog or cattle dog. This is medium size dog that comes in different colors like blue, blue mottled, blue speckled, red mottled, red speckled. This dog comes in red mottled color so it’s also […]

Beagle cross breeds

Top 15 Unbelievable Beagle cross breeds

The Beagle is a most popular small dog breeds. The beagle is intelligent but single-minded. It is a popular pet due to its size, good temper, and lack of inherited health problems.  The general appearance of the Beagle resembles a miniature Foxhound, but the head is broader and the muzzle shorter, the expression completely different and […]

Welsh terrier

Welsh terrier

The Welsh Terrier was originated from the United Kingdom, Wales. It was originally bred for hunting fox, rodents and badger, but during the last century, it has mainly been bred for show. Welse terrier is also known as Black-and-Tan Wire Haired Terrier, Old English Terrier and Old Reddish-Black Wirehaired Terrier. Welsh terrier content overview History Different […]

Doberman cross breeds

Top 10 Awesome Doberman Mix breeds

Many people love hybrid dogs. Some hybrid dogs are very popular, including some of the Doberman mix breeds. They provide you with a unique animal that has some traits you simply won’t find a pure breed dog. Mixed-breed dogs can vary greatly in size, shape and color and are often difficult to classify physically. In […]


Top 10 Benefits Of Having A Pug dog

The pug is a small size, short-muzzled face, and curled tail dog breeds. The coat is fine, smooth, soft, short and glossy, neither hard nor woolly. The Pug dog breed is also known by the names Chinese Pug, Dutch Bulldog, Dutch Mastiff, Mopsi, Mops, Carlin, Doguillo etc. If you still want to purchase a puppy from […]