Sheepadoodle is a Slightly Active, Easy Trainable and Kids friendly dog breed. The Sheepadoodle is not a pure dog breed. It’s a cross between the Old English Sheepdog and the Poodle. Content overview of Sheepadoodle  Sheepapoo Facts History of Sheepdoodle Appearance and characteristics Personality and Temperament Health problem How to take care? Training a puppy Rescue Group Pictures […]

bully kutta dog breed


Bully Kutta dog breed

List of  points we will discuss History Different names of Bully Kutta Appearance Pakistani Bully Types of Indian Mastiff Personality and Temperament Bully Kutta Feeding Plan Bully Kutta Health problem How to take care Bully Kutta puppy Training Puppy prices Find puppy Pictures of Bully Kutta   The Bully Kutta is a dog breed that originates from the […]

Unseen boxer photos



Boxers can be fine family dogs, they are animated, playful (often cuckoo!) dogs who love to romp and jump. we compile list of 50 unseen boxer photos which includes funny boxer dog photos, White boxer dog photos, Playful Boxer dog photos, Sleeping boxer pictures, Boxer dog with costumes, Submissive boxer photos, Exited photos, Boxer puppy […]

doberman facts


Top 10 amazing facts about Doberman

The Doberman is often seen as a fierce, protective, intimidating breed. While they are excellent guard dogs, the Doberman also makes an excellent pet. The Doberman Pinscher or Doberman is a powerful and muscular member of the Working Group developed for police and military work, and to be a protector and companion in the home. If […]

Moyen poodle


Moyen poodle

Are you searching for poodle dog? Stop your searching and read this article about Moyen poodle. Here is a some information about red moyen poodle, moyen poodle puppies, moyen poodle breeders and History of moyen poodle, Temperament of moyen poodle, moyen poodle images etc. Content overview History of moyen poodle Appearance of moyen poodle Personality and Temperament Characteristics of moyen poodle Moyen […]