Top 10 Unreal Rottweiler cross breeds

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rottweiler cross breeds

Many people love hybrid dogs. Some hybrid dogs are very popular, including some of the Rottweiler cross breeds. They provide you with a unique animal that has some traits you simply won’t find a pure breed dog.

Rottweiler has been successfully mixed with Labrador, Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, Pit Bull, Great Dane, Newfoundland, French Bulldog, Poodle, English Bull Terrier, Dalmatian and more.

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Rottweiler cross breeds Content Overview

  • Labrottie
  • Rottsky
  • German Rottie
  • Pitweiler
  • Weiler Dane
  • New Rottland
  • French Bullweiler
  • Rottle
  • Rottbull
  • Rottmation


10). Labrottie (Labrador + Rottweiler  = Labrottie)


The Labrottie is a large cross between two purebred dogs – the Labrador Retriever and the Rottweiler. These big, talented dogs are a lot of fun, and they are also protective and make great watchdogs and guard dogs.

They are extremely defensive yet not forceful. They are known to be exceptionally faithful and love human organization.

  • Life Expectancy:  9 to 12 years.
  • Weight: 70 pounds – 115 pounds
  • Height: 24 inches – 27 inches


9). Rottsky (Siberian Husky + Rottweiler = Rottsky)


There is a rare and beautiful designer breed in town. It has a unique personality, expressive eyes, and lots of love to give. It is a cross between husky and a Rottweiler, sometimes referred to as Rottsky, or the Rottweiler-Siberian Husky mix.


  • Life Expectancy:  10 to 13 years.
  • Weight: 50 to 100 pounds
  • Height: 21 to 26 inches


8). German Rottie (German Shepherd + Rottweiler = German  Rottie)

German  Rottie

German Rottie is one of the most grounded blend breeds. Is a hybrid between the German Shepherd and the Rottweiler. The German Shepherd Rawweiler Mix is a vibrant, eager and intensely dog and has a tendency to become defensive with the family.

They are known for their effective and strong body, which some may discover marginally scary. It is, for the most part, acknowledged that Rottweilers were reproduced to be trustworthy working or protect the creatures.

  • Life Expectancy:  10 to 13 years.
  • Weight: 77 to 115 pounds
  • Height: 22 to 27 inches


7). Pitweiler (Pit Bull + Rottweiler = Pitweiler)


The Pitweiler is a fairly substantial estimated puppy, It is a combination of the Rottweiler and the Pit Bull Terrier. Pitweilers are enthusiastic, faithful, respectable, cherishing dog.

Pitweilers make an incredible family pooch gave they were appropriately associated as a puppy. They are regularly incredible with kids, yet like any canine, ought to never be left unsupervised with newborn children or little youngsters.

  • Life Expectancy:  11 to 15 years.
  • Weight: 45 to 100 pounds
  • Height: 18 to 26 inches


6). Weiler Dane (Great Dane + Rottweiler = Weiler Dane)

Weiler Dane

The Weiler Dane is not an original breed. It’s a cross between the Great Dane and the Rottweiler. Weiler Dane is a mammoth thoroughbred known for being ready, amicable, delicate, clever, adoring, peaceful, and responsive.

Weiler Dane is also known as a Great dane rottweiler mix. There is the assumption that this will be a massive, stocky dog. But size and weight can vary based on genetics.


  • Life Expectancy:  10 to 13 years.
  • Weight: 55 to 80 pounds
  • Height: 20 to 25 inches


5). New Rottland = (Newfoundland + Rottweiler = New Rottland)

New Rottland

New Rottland is a hybrid dog between Newfoundlansd and Rottweiler. The New Rottland is a sweet and loving dog. The coat of the New Rottland can be black with a little white on chest. This breed really playful and loves to run in the woods. She loves sticks and balls, but her favorite thing to chase is birds or deer and other animals in the woods.

  • Life span: 8 to 10 years
  • Height: 69 to 74 cm
  • Weight: 60 to 70 kg


4).  French Bullweiler (French Bulldog + Rottweiler = French Bullweiler)

French bullweiler

French Rottweiler is not pure breeds, It’s a cross between two pure dog breeds, French Bulldog and Rottweiler. It’s an expansive blended breed known for being cordial, adoring, steadfast, defensive, social, and sweet.

  • Life Expectancy:  9 to 11 years.
  • Weight: 22  to 28 pounds
  • Height: 11 to  13 inches


3). Rottle (Poodle + Rottweiler = Rottle)


The Rottle is not a thoroughbred canine. It is a cross between the two most mainstream and immaculate puppy breeds, Rottweiler and the Poodle. These puppies having a medium stature are well-fabricated and solid with a somewhat adjusted head.

The Rottle is an incredible family dog. The Rottle demonstrates a lot of faithfulness and responsibility towards its relatives, being exceptionally defensive about them.

  • Life Expectancy:  9 to 15 years.
  • Weight: 75 to  100 pounds
  • Height: 10 to 27 inches
  • Other Name: Rotti-Poo


2). Rottbull (English Bull Terrier + Rottweiler = Rottbull)


Rottbull is not pure dog breeds, is a cross between two pure breeds English Bull Terrier and Rottweiler dog. They make astounding pets and are extremely given and defensive towards their family. Most Rottbull is awesome with little youngsters. The breed’s normal senses lead them to assume liability over everything in their space

  • Life Expectancy:  12 to 13 years.
  • Weight: 80 to 100 pounds
  • Height: 22 to 26 inches


1). Rottmation (Dalmatian + Rottweiler = Rottmation)


Rottmation is a designer dog breed cross between Dalmatian and Rottweiler. It’s one of the popular cross breed and good for the family members. Rottmation is a Beautiful natured and loyal cross breed.

  • Life Expectancy:  11 to 15 years.
  • Weight: 45 pounds – 100 pounds
  • Height: 18 inches – 26 inches


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List of Popular Rottweiler Mixes
1 Bernweiler
2 Boxweiler
3 Brottweiler
4 English Mastweiler
5 French Bullweiler
6 Golden Rottie
7 Great Bullweiler
8 Great Rottsky
9 Jackweiller
10 Labrottie
11 Mastweiler
12 Miniature Rottweiler
13 New Rottland
14 Pinweiler
15 Pitweiler
16 Rottaf
17 Rottbull
18 Rotterman
19 Rotticorso
20 Rottle
21 Rottmation
22 Rottpeake
23 Rottsky
24 Saint Weiler
25 Schnottie
26 Staffweiler
27 Weiler Dane
28 Weimarrott

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